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Volkswagen / Skoda air conditioning refrigeration air conditioning series additive mass enhancer wonderful accessories

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Shanghai Volkswagen / Skoda air conditioning refrigeration air conditioning enhancer additives series

Accessories source: Volkswagen wonderful accessories

Applicable models: Shanghai Volkswagen / Skoda, FAW Volkswagen, Volkswagen, FAW Audi, Audi imported cars

Applicable to all types of 134A models, Shanghai Volkswagen original products.

Working principle:

coldThe gas system enhancer contains an exclusive formulation of the U. S. DOD product additives, which can enhance the toughness of the metal surface of the automotive air conditioning compressor and form a protective film on the inner wall of the pipeline.

1, increase the lubrication of the surface of compressor parts of automobile air conditioner, reduce the wear of automobile air conditioning compressor.

The 2, dissolution of automobile air-conditioning pipe parts surface, so that all parts work more smoothly.

3, increase the sealing of automotive air conditioning compressor, improve the efficiency of the compressor.

Two, the efficacy of cold air fortifier.

When the air conditioning system is working properly, the air conditioner is added:

1. Reduce the outlet air temperature immediately. After I measured (Octavia models: 2.0MT, mileage: 65000 km, service life: four years. The outdoor temperature: 38.5 degrees) without adding supplements before: outlet temperature of 14 degrees out of air conditioning (air conditioning for about 20 minutes, the wind speed of 4 stalls, in the low temperature regulation), add after the air outlet temperature of 10 degrees (open air for about 20 minutes, the wind speed of 4 stalls, in the low temperature regulation), for a 4 degree drop.

The measured temperature reached 12 degrees (when the car has been turned off, and the temperature agent placed on the saddle, so the temperature has increased, the actual outlet temperature is 10 degrees)

2, reduce the compressor load on the engine, enhance engine power.

If the engine sounds larger, you can add this, not tested.

3 to protect the compressor and prolong the service life of the compressor, it can make the noise of the compressor become lighter.

4 under the same conditions, air conditioning can save fuel, easy to operate and valid for more than one year.

Without adding, open air conditioning idle 1.1-1.0, after adding, idle fuel consumption can appear 0.91 stalls air volume.

Three, air conditioning fortifier filling method:

1 check the full set of tool threaded connections are locked, to prevent the use of tools in the use of gas and liquid leakage. And check the can opener (B) and thimble knob (E) in a relaxed state.

2 start the engine and turn on the cooling system.

3 find the air conditioning system low-pressure pipe filler (with L signs), open the cap.

Fix 4 bottle neck fixing nut (A) on the screw button of the aluminum pot of the cold strengthening machine.

5 quick Union (D) sleeve in low-pressure pipe filler mouth. And clockwise turn the thimble knob (E), open the low-pressure pipe filling mouth.

6 easy open gas nut (C), see the transparent tube (F) with a small amount of liquid medicine Chang, and hear the sound that is hissing, deflation nut, the main purpose is to put the transparent tube (F) in the air.

7 clockwise (B), can break the top air supplement aluminum cans, gently shaking, counterclockwise loose open tank (B). It can be seen that the water in the aluminum tank slowly enters the low-pressure pipe of the compressor. Until there is no medicine in the transparent tube (F).

8 counterclockwise release the thimble knob (E), remove the fast connector (D), detect leak free rear cover, low pressure pipe injection cap, all filling work completed.

Recently, there is always work to me when the compressor riders reflect too much sound, this is a precursor to compressor bearing bad, after two years due to the air-conditioning compressor in the lubrication system with the original car in the air conditioning failure, in this case to the general decoration shop just filling fluorine in the air, and did not pay attention to the maintenance of compressor so, the compressor often work in the lubrication state, accelerate it is damaged, the working performance of the compressor to reduce the lead car feel cold year after year, in the chemical composition of the fluoride in the air conditioning hose corrosion caused leakage and other conditions, it is recommended annually filling a jar of cold air can not only strengthen the enhancer. Strength, each component can also protect pole compressor air conditioning system, delay the damage rate.