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DSM firming moisturizing mask Moisturizing Firming shrink pores

discount 70% in 2018-11-12 to 2018-11-14
price: USD$ 61.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
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It assumes cosmetics processing OEM/ODM assumes.




One, OEM cooperation mode:
1, OEM processing, 2, sample processing, 3, new product development, 4, old product transformation, 5, canning and other cooperation methods. (temporarily not receiving material processing)


Two, ODM cooperation mode:
Brand processing one dragon service, offering trademark registration, product structure combination, packaging design, accessories selection
Suitable: the company develops the new brand, the agent or the dealer own the brand.


Three, OEM/ODM service object:
A. sales of high-end cosmetics brands in the daily chemical line (terminal monopoly stores and regional small circulation);
B. cosmetology professional line sales customer;
C. beauty and cosmetics school, studio, cosmetics studio hours customers;
D. all kinds of good color makeup artists;
E. customers of all kinds of high-end color make-up export trade;
F. semi-finished product processing service in the same industry color make-up factory;
G. has customers who want to create their own brands, dealers, large stores, and so on.


Four. Service positioning:
Because each customer has different requirements for semi-finished products (quality, price, skin feel, fragrance, color and effect), the specific quotation is based on the actual sample delivery products. The company has a low, medium and high quality products (from 2 yuan to more than 20000 yuan). It is suitable for all levels of consumption. Say your ideas until you are satisfied.




OEM process
1. [material processing]
1, contact the business, communicate with each other to determine the product needs;
2, provide sample or trial installation according to customer's request;
3, sample confirmation;
4, under order, prepaid processing deposit 60%;
5. The factory is produced according to the single plan.
6, settlement of the balance, arrange delivery;

1, contact the business, communicate with each other to determine the product needs;
2, provide sample or trial installation according to customer's request;
3, sample confirmation;
4. Pre paid work order 60%;
5, packing material into the factory;
6. The factory is produced according to the single plan.
7, the production of semi-finished products, micro inspection, and the production of cleaning, disinfection, code and so on.
8, semi-finished goods box, warehousing;
9, settlement of the balance, arrange delivery;




ODM process
1, to contact the business, to communicate with each other to establish the product needs;
2. Make the investment plan according to the customer's demand and design the brand.
3. Arrange the sample according to the planned product category, determine the package material and the cooperation matter.
4, package material customization;
5, the packing materials are checked and checked into the warehouse, and the production is planned.
6, semi-finished production, testing and filling;
7. The finished product is stored.
8. After the completion of the processing, the settlement of the whole project;
9. After the settlement is completed, the delivery of the warehouse is arranged.




First, provide product line planning, product efficiency design, product combination design and product packaging design and clothing services.
Two, provide the service of the product composition, the function description, the use description and the attentions.
Three, carry out the product inspection service.

Five, provide products (finished filling in the factory only three completed).
Six, provide package and purchase, label printing and other supporting services.
Seven, provide packaging materials storage and related services.








One pair of samples
According to customer requirements for product quality sampling, such as color, consistency, flavor, skin, state (cream, cream, gel agent) product performance, or price requirements. After the customer receives the sample, the trial confirmation is satisfied, and the order is produced. Proofing and machine production are two kinds of technology. Some products may have a slight deviation with the color of the sample. This is a common color difference problem in the industry. Please don't embarrass us.
General product MOQ is 50 kg. Water, essence, lotion, gel products may not be the amount limit.
Three OEM package
The material can be divided into glass bottle, plastic bottle, acrylic bottle, aluminum bottle, tube, paper box / box, etc. General order 3000 bottles, screen printing, spraying plastic bottles; general minimum of 5000, do 10000 colored; hose 5000 only, do 10000 colored. General glass bottle spot selectivity is bigger, other selectivity is smaller, the hose is not in stock basically. In processing, the material can be provided by the customer or we can buy it. The general bottle tube, general order 200 single paragraph.