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Special offer sale Chelic of magnetic adjustable fixture cylinder JDAD63*30507590115140-S

Special offer sales of original Taiwan Chelic CHELIC full range of products, low price, short delivery, complete varieties, chilic cylinder, chilic control valve, chilic gas source processor, chilic vacuum generator, a large number of spot price sales!

discount 70% in 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-18
price: USD$ 1037.40
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Hello dear buyer! We are a professionalManagement of hydraulic and pneumatic components of the business, the store owner, specializing in hydraulic and pneumatic sales and maintenance for nearly ten years, has a wealth of experience, with you to create brilliant!The advantages of products are: Rexroth, oil research, Yokota, kangbaishi, THK, silver, chilic, FESTO, SMC, and other well-known brands.We promiseAbsolutelyGenuine goods at a fair priceAs the products of various types, ranging in weight to set price and freight (freight freight for Taobao the default template), according to the actual type of buyers to buy the product and the weight and location changesPlease modify the freight, before buying or photographed before please contact us, please understand!

Express mainly through courier! A large amount of hair Jiaji logistics or logistics!

Thank you for your patronage! Finally, I wish you a happy life! Happy shopping


Please before determining the purchase of this baby read baby descriptionAccept, the parameters of products, then contact customer service, to confirm whether the spot, does not recommend direct payment photographed, so as to avoid out of stock and delay your emergency.

You are welcome to bid in the premise of doubt, let us know the product itself or other matters agreed, to avoid causing unnecessary trouble. Please inform the customer service staff to see the pro product type and parameters when in doubt, because there are some small differences in each of the company's products,To communicate clearly,In case of error!

All our products are supported by Alipay, one price for the final price, purchase single items generally do not accept the bargain, large amount of discussion. Strongly recommend the use of Alipay, can also play money to the card under special circumstances, determine the payment for your shipment (rear24Within the hour, if not complete the tally, we will be in48Within hours of delivery to you), please pro who knows.

[note] freight
The Chinese region is vast, customers are widely distributed, it is difficult to transport freight fee system, so the parameter is a reference value for the baby, please close the correct understanding of the actual freight is by the first weight and the added weight of the first weight refers to1Kg, added weight is more than1Kg, we are according to the actual weight of the freight charge, please rest assured that we will not earn a penny in the freight, it is charged by the courier company.

Thank you for your patronage! Finally, I wish you a happy life! Happy shopping

[a] evaluation
If you are in the process of transaction problems has not been solved, please find customer service together to discuss solutions, not busy evaluation and complaints, it is impossible to solve any problem, but also on both sides is a kind of invisible damage.As long as we understand each other, you can complete the transaction! This shop will make every buyers satisfied! The owner of every transaction, every praise, if the problem can be timely communication with the customer service, I will give you a satisfactory answer, your satisfaction is our goal! The majority of Amoy friends support. Thank you

A transaction is completed and will solve all the problems of all, it is both to evaluate the moment. If you are satisfied with our services, please give a high praise, even for the shopkeeper's encouragement, we work together to build a harmonious shopping environment. Thank you for your support, I wish you a happy shopping!

About the goods

All goods in this store are in stock, please contact the seller after the auction, if the buyer has no contact directly photographed payment caused by the seller to deliver goods, please contact the seller after the refund request after the refund.

On the return service

For in the shop to buy goods,7Days to return. Apply for return service, please contact our customer service hotline service center.
Hello, can you change to buy ideal goods, please take the desired goods and payment, we arrange delivery to you as soon as possible. Please apply for the return of returned goods, upon receipt of your return, we will refund you.
Matters needing attention:
This shop to buy a variety of goods when customers into the shopping cart settlement, no need to modify the postage postage buyers sellers payment.
In the shop to buy goods in the store can not return. At the same time, this shop does not accept the store of goods sold for return.

Apply for return

The application method about return, please operate according to Taobao return process.
Please complete the return of the application, in accordance with the procedures, otherwise it may not return.
Be careful:
In order to ensure the safe return of your goods and can receive a refund as soon as possible, by courier send back goods.
2.The returned merchandise must use the express delivery service to the recipient, door-to-door logistics goods shall be rejected
And not for retirement
/Apply for a replacement.
We do not accept express to pay, such as wrong, quality problems caused by the return of goods required by client in advance,
Confirm the refund for shipment after the corresponding freight accident

The shop's return policy

First, this shop the following goods does not provide return service:
1.Has been modified after processing goods
2.There are defects or damage to the goods.
3.Receive the goods more than7Day of goods.
4.This shop regular merchandise, no purchase record commodity, there are a large number of malicious return goods phenomenon.
5.The commodity label, packing defect

6Non standard, customized products, orders are not returnable.

7.After the buyer receives the goods, products can not be installed or wrong specifications, this shop can provide a refund or replacement service, return or replacement of buyers please ensure in good condition, and bear the freight (i.e., buyers will be sent back to the store when the product is shipping by the buyer in return, replacement. When the store two times the cost of shipping goods is borne by the buyer. If the buyer should be returned in the store after the receipt of the goods, the amount paid back: the total amount of the transaction - store delivery when the freight back = gold).

After the buyer receives the goods, if the product quality problems, please contact the owner within seven days after receipt of the goods, the quality issues related to provide a picture, the owner will give you the first time to return or replacement, because the owner has been carefully examined before shipment, so expired will not offer this service, please understand.
This shop all products before the issue are rigorously tested, the absolute guarantee that the goods in good condition. After the buyer receives the goods should be in the express/The freight company clerk before check the goods, if there is damage, let the staff issuedDamaged goods proofThen, return the goods by freight company, I shop for replacement. If the sign shop does not accept the appearance of a loss statement. Thank You for Your Cooperation!!!
Take as agreed to the return clause, if return disputes, this article will serve as an important basis, make a statement.