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The palace of cold warm house belt charging heating hot compress warm warm moxibustion abdominal waist shoulder belt electric belt adjustment

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Warm moxibustion health care belt (letter) _ boxed:

With the original charge of a packet, is equal to two.

Please look for the letter of original authentic, Xinhe belt can be unlimited use, 118 cm long, self adhesive and adjust the size of cartridge can be used for 1-2 months, the factory wholesale, cash supply.


Family necessity! Waist protector for beauty parlor!

Specification: length 118 cm. Width: 20 cm

Warm moxibustion health belt for 11 sets of boxes.

Use of people: men and women, general



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2017 update
Manufacturer's special license special promotions. The total weight of boxed set is 0.9 kg; both men and women can use it. You can rest assured to buy. A comparison of figure second and third generation of Xinhe belt

Hot selling in recent two years

Personal advice: warm moxibustion before drinking a bottle of water, herbal tea can also prevent warm moxibustion after the fire.

Attention: don't take a bath immediately after moxibustion, and wash it after 30 minutes.

Contrast chart:          




Method of use: the temperature controller can adjust the temperature of the belt + encircles the waist and abdomen or need to compress parts, and then insert the power plug into the power socket safety switch on the power, press the touch button switch to adjust the tone can be from small to large, 45-75 C.

Matters needing attention:
1. can not be used in damp or contact with water.
2. when skin, waterproof PVC is scratched, not to use.
3.. Is not available during sleep.
4. non folding use.


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 Usage: temperature control by temperature controller+Adjustable temperature control belt waist tight abdomen or need hot compress parts!


Note: This product is equipped with instructions for use in addition to a package bag pack is wormwood (two pieces), please look in the film.

Moxa Moxibustion principle:

As the saying goes: seven years of disease as a recipe for three years of ai. In the king of herbs "wormwood" medicine, stable internal environment of body conditioning, muscle color, improve acne and chloasma. Postponing menopause and increasing immunity. "Belt" warm stomach, can be used in the stomach, waist and abdomen.
Six major functions:

1, reduce waist pain, keep warm, also can relieve female physical pain.
2, improve dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and so on.
3, there are herbal medicine can stabilize the internal body environment, conditioning muscle color, improve chloasma and acne. Postponing menopause and increasing immunity.
4, after work can eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength.
5, product design humanization, will automatically adjust the energy control system according to human body temperature change.
6, warm and comfortable, no allergic or skin discomfort and other side effects.

Applicable scope:

Family must be suitable for both old and young to keep fit. Keep warm, happy life. Separate temperature control, convenient and quick.

Usage method:
This product can save electricity, and can adjust the temperature and time according to its own physical condition. It is possible to use the voltage 220V without the transformer, the temperature regulator and the thermostat (45 degrees C-80 degrees C)

Instructions on the use of warm moxibustion belt:
1. please moxibustion belt completely flattened, plug in the power, and then switch to the "high temperature", isothermal moxibustion belt after preheating, and then adjust the suitable temperature to individual (or weak) around the surrounding areas can be used. Unplug the plug when you don't use it
In 2. the company according to the personal needs of different moxibustion belt has a variety of uses (also can be wrapped in parts of the knee, thigh, arm, hip, shoulder, etc.) but can not be twisted folded.
3. the best time to use warm moxibustion belt is 40 minutes each time.
4. pieces of wormwood can be used according to the length of time to determine the replacement time. (if in accordance with the general use of time daily for 40 minutes, then the sustainable use of one to two months, but according to the self adjustment, can also be changed monthly).
5. when replacing the wormwood tablets, should first unplug the power, the moxibustion belt completely flattened, and then lined on both sides of the zipper pull out into new wormwood, Artemisia, can.