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Soft door curtain, PVC transparent plastic, wind proof, dustproof, heat insulation, air conditioning, plastic air curtain rubber, anti freezing curtain

This door curtain 8 big effect: 1. soft door curtain cold resistance effect. Energy saving effect of 2. soft door curtain. Anti insect effect of 3. soft door curtain. Fireproof effect of 4. soft door curtain. Windproof effect of 5. soft door curtain. Anti static effect of 6. soft door curtain. Anti ultraviolet effect of 7. soft door curtain. Soundproof effect of 8. soft door curtain.

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Soft curtain series
Cold resistant effect of 1. soft door curtain:
In the -70 degree, it still maintains a high degree of softness, no deformation, no breakage, and free traffic of goods, vehicles and personnel
Energy saving effect of 2. soft door curtain:
No power consumption, no noise, no action components, improve the efficiency of refrigeration, reduce the running speed of refrigerator, save power as high as 50%
Anti insect effect of 3. soft door curtain
The orange soft curtain can emit special light waves, so that all kinds of insects can avoid it. Workshops and doors can be used in all kinds of industries. Especially for food processing, feed and other industries to play another unexpected effect.
Fireproof effect of 4. soft door curtain
It is not easy to burn, flame retardant and strong, suitable for flammable building doorway workshop, chemical plant, printing plant, plastic factory and so on.
Windproof effect of 5. soft door curtain
Installation form: single partition type, five cm overlap type, ten cm overlap type. It will not bend the normal operation under different climatic wind speed. (installation form + soft curtain thickness = windproof effect)
Anti static effect of 6. soft door curtain
After friction, no static electricity is produced, which is suitable for the factory which is strictly prohibited from static electricity.
Anti ultraviolet effect of 7. soft door curtain
On the screen of welding area, only allowed the visible light through removing harmful ultraviolet rays, easy to observe the operation situation, and to prevent sparks and smoke, flying debris, protect the safety of staff, prevent the occurrence of fire.
Soundproof effect of 8. soft door curtain
The lower the minimum noise decibels, to prevent the spread of noise, reducing noise pollution, noise effect on the machine screen, can improve the comfort and production effect of workplace
PVC soft curtain keel: plastic common metal type, stainless steel type mobile

Soft door series
A. to achieve the best job environment
Four seasons PVC curtain, allowing the user to open simple, fast and convenient, so as to play the best isolation cold, insect, dust-proof, noise isolation effect. So as to raise production consciousness and increase work efficiency. The curtain of high transparency can avoid personnel, vehicle accident collision events, and improve work safety, create functional working environment.
B. creates multi functional compartments
The PVC curtain, so that any factory can quickly realize the simple or more functional compartment (field operations, office, lounge, etc.), no shrinkage limit the width of door, do not take up space, the plant can achieve the limited space allocation and effective use of the.
C. energy saving increases rapidly
Lu Xing PVC product curtain, open and close quickly and only open into and out of the body size, to minimize the loss of hot and cold air, more cold, greenhouse effect. Reduce the running time of refrigerator, save electricity as high as 50%.
D. economical and durable type
PVC door curtain, installation, disassembly, change and exchange are simple. It can be set without rebuilding and low cost. Free double pass hoisting, not easy to fall off, durable, no maintenance management costs, is the most economical and durable