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Partition curtain, windproof, transparent, dustproof, block soft glass hanging curtain, plastic push-pull, car room door curtain

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
price: USD$ 69.03
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Ladies and gentlemen, please note: Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Guangxi, Hainan, Gansu, and other remote areas do not mail, bulky goods freight only for reference, please contact the customer service before shipping, otherwise not shipped, thank you for your cooperation!

QAMini hook, national shipping, rail to break, the length of 1.5 meters each, because the express provisions can not be long, please understand, track installation need to install aligned in the joint, try to make the orbital docking orbit may be perfect, in the local procurement, curtain shop will be. In remote areas and freight,Welcome to order, Tel 13777479718

Product description


Product features: Xu Bao car waterproof and dustproof curtain, the use of new imported environmentally friendly materials, environmentally friendly, odorless, low temperature resistance, very strong, long life. Every color has it

About size: length * width = square meters, when buyers for measuring the size of the recommended width a little longer, because the curtain folds, as usual, pull the curtains, wrinkles may appear pull endless, which will affect the appearance, and reach the desired effect Oh pro. Contact customer service to determine the size of the oh.

Ladies and gentlemen!When buying, don't just look at the price, ignoring the quality of the material and workmanship. Be sure to polish your eyes, don't be deceived by the price, as the saying goes, "good goods are not cheap, cheap goods are not good."". Here, I wish you a happy shopping! Can buy high-quality Xinyi products!

  productFeature: car wash curtainUp and down, select a specific knife scraping base fabric, wear resistance, tear resistance, low temperature hard, intermediate high cold resistant super transparentPVCSuper perspective windowThe car pull the curtain has good visual effect, effectively prevent the heating and cooling air conditioning workshop entrance mutual circulation, with anti-static, dust-proof, anti mosquito, anti UV invasion effect, saving a lot of energy, can effectively create a clean and comfortable working environment, enhance the operation of the store level workshop!

[measurement and installation]

Measurement methods: from the need to install the location to the ground measurement, width of the actual size of about 20 centimeters, the actual height of the size of 7 centimeters, buyers buy contact us, we help you calculate the specific size (top and side is different)



Installation method: when parents get the goods, we have to do well the curtain, pulley, pro only needs to be fixed to the track to install location (side mounted to iron, then the curtain pulley) above into a track to wear it.

Good quality is so capricious, are the most true feedback of customers, oh, want to buy products of the baby, the choice of Xu Bao soft door, we will give you unexpected surprise, into the store collection of baby surprise, good contact with customer service is a lot of surprises Oh! The real product, with our service to impress every customer into the store, with our products return to you. Believe in Xu Bao, believe yourself!

All the real photos of the shop products, the effect is good, regardless of the car beauty shop or workshop do partition air conditioning effect is very good, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai large area can be installed home. What we do is the service and the quality of the product, if satisfied with the receipt of goods, thank you very much for five points from the pro Slide Show, contact customer service we will have surprises oh.

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