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Domestic pressure reducing valve, gas stove, gas valve, liquefied gas pressure reducing valve, gas valve regulator, mail

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Gas stove accessories Daquan
Shipping distributor fire cover embedded stove burner burner for gas furnace core casting furnace head distributor of gas stove
alt 18.00
嵌入式燃气灶管路 输气管 燃气灶肠子 燃气灶内部管路维修配件
Embedded gas cooker pipeline gas cooker, intestines gas stove internal pipeline maintenance accessories
alt 9.50
嵌入式燃气具旋钮 通用开关8mm正向煤气炉维修配件正品特价包邮
Embedded gas appliance knob general switch 8mm positive gas furnace repair parts genuine special package mail
alt 9.90
Gas burner pipeline gas pipeline 3V self suction valve, embedded gas stove solenoid valve internal pipeline maintenance parts
alt 9.50
Pulse ignition assembly of gas stove fittings, embedded 90 degree right gun pulse, all copper gas nozzle spark valve assembly
alt 14.50
Gas stove, gas cooker, electronic pulse ignitor controller, universal ignition needle, induction needle fittings
alt 3.50
The embedded stove head 100# high foot heart gas stove tray fire cover tray cast iron stove grate thickening
alt 21.80
General purpose gas stove electronic pulse self suction valve type double furnace extinguishing ignition 3V controller accessories pulse assembly
alt 18.50
Embedded stove anti skid pan gas stove bracket thickening, embedded stove sub light pan bracket, gas stove fittings
alt 13.50
雪峰牌 高级耐压软管 燃气 水通用 取暖烤火设配管保十年c7bQdd9X
Xuefeng card high pressure hose gas water heating equipment and piping general protection for ten years c7bQdd9X
alt 5.00
Ignition electronic ignition gas stove gas kitchen gas lighter ignition rod lengthening candle barbecue
alt 8.80
Shipping cooking accessories gas stove, infrared furnace head energy-saving gas stove switch core head range refit accessories
alt 11.00
119.80 5fracture 59.90
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千喜正品 不锈钢省气节能燃气灶单灶天然气液化气煤气灶猛火炉具
Gas pressure reducing valve in ultra low price packageSend accessories Only for crown!
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Our gas pipeline safety?? Xuefeng aging resistant pipe to create gas pipe never suffer from the times!! (buy hose click the picture)



This bandBarometer

Voltage regulator with adjustable handle to adjust air outputIt's clear how much gas has not been used up,When the pointer reaches the red alert line,Please inflate in time so as not to affect daily life!

This product is from Peoples Insurance Company of China

Undertake productsresponsibilityInsurance

Main technical parameters:

Valve body material: aluminum alloy (not plastic, only adjust knob is plastic)

Inlet pressure: 0.03-1.56MPa

Outlet pressure: 2.8 positive and negative 0.5KPa

Closing pressure: less than or equal to 3.50KPa

Gas flow: 0.6-1.2 cubic /h

Use ambient temperature: -20 degrees -45 degrees

Standard size (green) size:173x79x69mm

Member products of China's LPG regulators,

Rotary focus pressure reducing valve20year!

Quality workmanship, reputation! Low pressure performance is excellent! Buy pressure reducing valve to look for rotary dragon trademark, we only do famous products, reject shanzhai!

Home pressure relief valve safety first!

At the time of purchase, we must choose the formal manufacturers recognized by the state, and now the black workshop and OEM pressure reducing valve are flooding the market. How do you look like or first-line brands but 99% are counterfeit products of very low safety performance often caused by gas leakage and explosion danger valve in use. Those who can not provide national valve production license and quality inspection certificate and the corresponding registered trademark certificate are counterfeit products please buy note recognition.(pull down to see the Dragon related certificate)


There's no need to tangle! The valve is applicable to all sizes of household gas tanks!

The green color matches the color of the cylinder

Metal wires are durable

Wire mesh filter protection of impure gas burner


Regular pressure reducing valve is able to provide national production license and trademark registration certificateWhat we can't provide is fake and shoddy products!

(scanning the relevant certificates provided by Xuan long valve)

Enterprise profile

Yuyao rotary dragon valve factory was founded in August 1996, specializing in the production of household bottled liquefied petroleum gas regulator. The factory has strong technical strength, production equipment, inspection instruments complete, with raw materials from the factory to the product factory, an annual output of 1 million 200 thousand production testing capabilities.Since the creation of enterprises in the market economy, has been fighting in the strong wind and big waves, under the guidance of quality policy and quality objectives, strengthen internal management, strengthen the quality awareness of employees, continuous improvement

Improve the production process and product production technology, detection means, full implementation of enterprise quality management system documents, so that the quality of our products meet the requirements of CJ50-2008 standards, continuous
Three years after the Taiyuan, Ji'nan, Xi'an, Changsha, Ningbo and other places of technical quality supervision department sampling are qualified products. In 2002 won the national industrial products production license, in 2008 by the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine for review, re production license certificate number XK21-006-000352004 in June to become the liquefied petroleum gas Chinese regulator Industry Liaison Department member.
The factory with excellent price Wumart, good service, customer service business philosophy, twelve years, marketing network all over the country 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other countries and regions, and praised by users.

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