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YQD-07 type nitrogen meter, nitrogen reducer, pressure gauge, extinguisher, inflation pressure regulator, all copper 0-2.5

Safety device for repairing gas flushing of fire extinguisher. There are 5 manual maintenance tools (one connecting the same goods, the other has other connections), dismantling the fixed shelf, disassembly rod (disassembly board hand), inflatable inflatable gun, decompression decompression table, powder filled funnel.

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 There are 5 pieces of manual maintenance tools(one connects the same cargo, the other has other connections)Remove the fixed rack, remove the rod (remove the board hand), inflate the pneumatic gun, decompress the decompression table, and use the funnel for powder filling.

Another repair fire extinguisher fittings, this shop is also its whole. Accessories categoryFire bolt, used for sealing, plastic, pressure gauge, all kinds of fire extinguisher valve, nozzle, internal Straw, sealing ring, flat pad, rod, bell, nozzle, fluorescent ring, fire extinguisher tie (belt) and more parts supply.

Product description
Name: nitrogen pressure reducer type YQD-07 (YQD-06 type)
Model: YQD-07
Medium: nitrogen
Measurement range (0-2.5,0-25) MPa
Input pressure 15MPa
Adjusting range 0.1-1.25MPa
Nominal flow rate 40m3/h
Imported connecting thread G5/8 '
Outlet connection thread M16x1.5
Exterior size 155x165x165
Weight 1.1Kg
Nitrogen regulator YQD-07 (YQD-06) is a special device automatically reduce the pipeline pressure, nitrogen regulator YQD-07 (YQD-06) is used to control the opening and closing parts of the opening to adjust the flow of medium body, medium pressure will be reduced, adjust the opening and closing parts of the opening and press with the valve, the pressure valve to maintain a certain range, the nitrogen regulator type YQD-07 (type YQD-06) is characterized by the constant changes in the inlet pressure under the condition of keeping the outlet pressure values in a certain range.


The role of pressure reducing valve is to rely on sensitive components, such as diaphragm, spring and so on to change the position of the valve, the pressure of the medium to reduce pressure, to achieve the purpose of decompression.

The valve and the throttle valve is different, although they are using the throttling effect of blood pressure, but the throttle valve outlet pressure change with the inlet pressure and flow changes. But the pressure valve can be automatically adjusted, so that the pressure after the valve to maintain stability.

1Classification of pressure reducing valves

1Two types of direct action and pilot type are classified according to the mode of action.

2According to the structure classification of film type pressure reducing valve; spring film type pressure reducing valve; piston type pressure reducing valve; bellows type pressure reducing valve; lever type pressure reducing valve.

2Selection of pressure reducing valve

In addition to the nominal diameter, nominal pressure and operating temperature, the outlet pressure range of the pressure reducing valve should be taken into consideration when choosing the relief valve. At the same time, the static characteristic deviation and the non sensitive deviation of the pressure reducing valve should be considered. If the requirements of high sensitivity, you can choose the spring film type pressure reducing valve, such as medium temperature is high, you should choose the piston type pressure reducing valve.

3Arrangement of pressure reducing valve

1The pressure relief valve shall not be installed near the rotating equipment or vulnerable to shock, and should be considered for easy maintenance.

2The pressure relief valve should be installed on the horizontal pipe.

3In order to avoid impurities in the pipeline to reduce pressure valve wear, filter should be installed in front of the pressure reducing valve.

4The outlet line of the relief valve shall be provided with reliable support to avoid the vibration damage of the pipeline during the decompression process.
Safe use of YQD-07 type (YQD-06 type) of nitrogen pressure reducer
The use of nitrogen decompressor YQD-07 (YQD-06) shall be governed by the following rules:
(1) when the gas cylinder releases or opens the pressure reducer, the action must be slow. If the valve is opened too fast, gas pressure reducer working part due to adiabatic compression and temperature is greatly improved, this is likely to make the organic material parts such as rubber filler, rubber film fiber pad fire burned, and the reducer is completely burned out. In addition, due to the excessive discharge of electrostatic sparks and pressure reducer oil, and so on, it will cause fire, combustion, pressure reducer parts.
(2) nitrogen regulator YQD-07 (YQD-06 type) before installing the cylinder valve and open the note: before installing the regulator valve slightly open the oxygen bottle, blowing dirt, to prevent dust and moisture into the regulator. When opening the cylinder valve, the outlet of the bottle valve shall not be aligned with the operator or others, so as to prevent the sudden burst of high pressure gas. The regulator outlet gas and rubber pipe joint must be annealed wire or screw clamp; to prevent danger from aspiration after.
(3) note the regulator handling and work: Handling regulator must pay attention to prevent pipe joint thread tooth to spin unstable injection. In the process of work, we must pay attention to observe the pressure value of the work pressure gauge. Stop working when first loosen the pressure reducer pressure regulating screw, and then close the valve and the oxygen bottle, the gas in the regulator slowly exhausted, so that can protect against damage and pressure relief valve spring. After the work is finished, the pressure reducer should be removed from the cylinder to be properly preserved.
(4) YQD-07 type (YQD-06 type) of nitrogen reducer must be regularly repaired, and the pressure gauge must be checked regularly. This is done to ensure the reliability of the pressure regulation and the accuracy of the reading of the pressure gauge. In the use of such as the discovery of reducer leakage phenomenon, pressure hand movement is ineffective, should be timely maintenance.
(5) the treatment of the freezing of the decompressor. If the pressure regulator is frozen in use and thawed with hot water or steam, it must not be baked with flame or red iron. The regulator after heating, the residual water must be blown off.
(6) YQD-07 type (YQD-06 type) of nitrogen pressure reducer must be kept clean. The pressure reducer shall not be contaminated with grease or dirt. If there is grease, it must be cleaned before it can be used.
(7) all kinds of gas reducers and pressure gauges shall not be exchanged, such as the pressure reducer used for oxygen can not be used in acetylene, petroleum gas and other systems.

You need to look at the inflatable equipment:

Three other hand tools for maintenance