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Link-usa 2000 knife grinding pen calligraphy calligraphy tip feibai Baile grinding scratches break tip maintenance


discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 105.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Dear! The pen should be sent to the whole pen to adjust the nib easilyDo not send nib and NIB only, so it is not easy to polish and debugThe pen is placed in the express box, wrapped with something and filled with the package so that your pen won't damage or scratch in the mail!What (do not send pen, pen repair too much may be confused with / leakage, leaking in mail, pen box what packaging, if express way broken, fix the pen no problem, but because of the bad pen to what poor rating unreasonable people will pull the black, thank you fit!)

1. first contact customer service, explain the brand and model of the pen to be repaired / polished, and describe clearly what is wrong with the pen. (this store has many years of experience in writing has written repair, maintenance of music research, MontBlanc 146, Long Ling Mei 2000, write music 21k, Parke series, 51, 74, Barry Parker hero 100BELLE, gold, M400 and other pens, not list one by one, professional maintenance pen nib, has been recognized by the majority of pen pals

2., such as pen fall need maintenance, first send pictures, preliminary judgment can repair, and then photographed the link, send express mail repair.

3. delivery time: usually finished in about one week after receiving the pen.

4. preliminary confirmation can be repaired, photographed link,Contact information andSanding requirements please write on the note to express the inside (ask to write the more clear the better oh).If you do not write, resulting in contact or repair is not in place, the consequences bear their own Oh!

Attention: (send the maintenance pen, please do not pay, we only responsible for sending back the freight, send the courier, expensive pen can supplement the freight, send SF)


5.Whether it's hero 616 or MontBlanc?. Each cost 75 yuan, all inclusive maintenance + grinding, as long as 75 yuan. If you need accessories separately! If the repair is not good, all the maintenance costs will be returned, so as to give you more security.

6. undertake the maintenance and generation of the pen tip grinding tip, let the old pen is changed, the new pen for!The nib Polish refer to write the music research knife tip shape, according to the characteristics of Chinese characters and strokes, careful grinding, incisive, brush strokes plump, write feeling. Friends only need to master the simple skills of writing can be a very good performance Chinese characters strokes.

7.The use of pen is a fun, for your love pen can accompany you more long, and proper maintenance and maintenance, oh, you can consult customer service pen maintenance and simple maintenance knowledge!

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