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Stainless steel steam high temperature relief valve A47Y gas pump pipe relief valve DN65 with wrench micro start type

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Stainless steel steam high temperature relief valve A47Y gas pump pipe relief valve DN65 with wrench micro start type







Product name:
A47H type micro opening safety valve with wrench spring
Product features:
A47HW with a wrench spring micro open type safety valve for steam and air medium temperature are less than 350 of the equipment or pipeline. As overpressure protection device. Connecting flange standard according to JB/T-94 series
 A47H type micro opening safety valve with wrench springDetailed information:


Structure Brief
1, spring micro open safety valve has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance, accurate opening pressure, large emission capacity, small back pressure, easy adjustment and so on.
2, the nozzle type seat: the seat for a cut of the nozzle seat that reaches the speed of sound at the outlet of the steam flowing through the valve, discharge coefficient, surfacing Stellite seating, erosion abrasion resistance, long service life.
3, thermal elastic disc: disc design for thermal elastic structure, using the medium pressure tiny deformation, improve the sealing ability, overcome the safety valve setting of the pressure is near before discharge phenomenon in the medium pressure. The valve sealing surface adopts advanced laser quenching technology to improve the hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance.
4, adjust nut: by adjusting the nut, adjust the amount of spring compression, so that the valve can be very convenient and rapid access to accurate setting pressure.
5, back pressure adjustment sleeve: adjust valve back pressure auxiliary mechanism, through the back pressure adjustment sleeve adjustment, can get the appropriate back seat pressure difference. Up regulation reduces valve back pressure. When the valve is lowered, the valve back pressure is raised.
Installation instructions
1, the safety valve must be installed vertically, and preferably installed directly in the container or pipe joints. The inner diameter of the joint shall be not less than the inlet diameter of the safety valve.
2, the outlet of the safety valve must be equipped with appropriate expansion joint, to prevent the thermal expansion of the exhaust pipe, to the safety valve caused by undue thermal stress. The inner diameter of the discharge pipe should be larger than the outlet diameter of the valve, and the length should be as short as possible so as not to turn the corner. The weight of the discharge pipe and expansion joint should not be fixed on the safety valve, but should be fixed on the building. The distance between the centerline of the discharge pipe and the center line of the valve body is as short as possible. The discharge pipe shall be installed separately for each safety valve.
3, the muffler outlet should have enough area, to prevent back pressure affect the valve discharge capacity.

Material of main parts

NOPart nameMaterial Science
1valve bodyWCB
2valve seatZG2Cr13
3Regulating ringZG2Cr13
5Guide sleeve2Cr13
6Valve coverZG230-450
8The stem2Cr13
10Adjusting screw45
11Protective coverZG200-400
 Sealing surface material"H" surfacing D507, "Y" surfacing Co base cemented carbide
Micro opening safety valve with wrench spring (A47 open type)
A47 with a wrench spring micro open type safety valve (open type) with open type valve cover and the valve cap design, can effectively increase the spring heat, improve the temperature of the valve with a wrench design flexibility of periodic inspection of the safety valve is suitable for medium and has no pollution to the environment.
technical specifications
Basic design: GB/T12243
Test: GB/T12242
Product specification
Product model: A47
Size range: DN25 ~ DN250
Pressure level: 1.6 ~ 4.0MPa
Shell material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Applicable medium: liquid
Operation mode: automatic
Design features

The bonnet and bonnet are designed to improve the heat dissipation of the spring
The setting pressure deviation is small, up to + 3%;
The opening and closing pressure is less than or equal to 15%;
High quality spring steel is selected to ensure the service life and stability of spring;
Valves and seats of planar structures are easy to maintain and reprocess;
Setting pressure range: 0.1 ~ 4.0MPa