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Electrical insulation board molding machine mold insulation board insulation board insulation board epoxy board fiberglass panels

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(board / bar) resin is a polymer compound, a molecule containing two or more than two epoxy groups, in addition to individual, their relative molecular mass is not high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin in the molecular chain with lively epoxy group as its characteristic, the epoxy groups can be located in the end of the chain, or intermediate molecules into ring like structures. Because the molecular structure of epoxy containing active, so that they can be cured with various types of agent crosslinking reaction and the formation of insoluble and infusible polymers with three direction mesh structure.

Epoxy (board / bar) Product Description: the product of epoxy board: glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin glue and heating and pressurizing production, for the 3240 model, the mechanical properties in high temperature under high temperature, stable electrical performance of epoxy (board / bar). Suitable for mechanical, electrical and electronic components with high insulation structure, epoxy (plate / rod) with high mechanical and dielectric performance is good heat resistance and moisture resistance.
1, epoxy (board / bar) forms. All kinds of resin, curing agent, modifier system almost can adapt to all kinds of application form of the request, which can range from extremely low viscosity to high melting point of solid.
2, epoxy (plate / rod) curing convenient. Choose a variety of different curing agent, epoxy resin curing system can almost at 0 to 180 DEG C temperature range.
3, epoxy (board / bar) strong adhesion force. Polar hydroxyl and ether bond inherent in epoxy resin molecular chain in existence, so it has high adhesion force of various substances. Shrinkage of epoxy resin curing the low internal stress generated by small, it also helps to improve the adhesion strength.
4, epoxy (board / bar) low shrinkage. The epoxy resin and the curing agent reacts by direct addition reaction or resin molecules of the epoxy group ring opening polymerization, no water or other volatile by-products release. The phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester resin, compared to show a very low shrinkage sex during the curing process (less than 2%).
5, epoxy (plate / rod) mechanical properties. After curing epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.
Epoxy (board / bar) thickness: 0.1 ~ 100mm
Epoxy (board / bar) general specifications: 1000mm*2000mm1020mm*1220mm
Epoxy (board / bar) color: yellow green water
Main features: 220 C still has high mechanical strength, dry and wet condition with good electrical performance, flame retardant grade reaches UL-94VO
Application: high and low voltage transformer accessories, electronic components, electrical insulation, water conservancy and hydropower insulation switchgear insulation, inverter insulation, industrial furnace insulation, insulation parts, semiconductor electric railway insulation parts, shipbuilding insulation, insulation parts, nuclear power parent line slot insulation partition gasket. Is currently widely used of insulating materials.