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Emerson precision air conditioning ATP07O1\ATC07N1 live heating, mail warranty for one year, room 7.5KW

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A,ATP07O1Description of special air conditioner products for small computer room


ATP07 (7.5kW) series small computer room dedicated air conditioner is designed for small computer room, communication industry base station and other places for small computer room, communication industry base station and other special air conditioning products designed and developed in. A three-phase power supply chanlengxing and ATP07C1 three-phase power supply with heating type ATP07O1 two models, the main face of the demand of applications without humidification.


Application range:

All kinds of unattended computer rooms

Medium and small computer room

Outdoor electronic and communication equipment room

Substation and substation

Laboratory, testing room, storage room

Medium and small equipment room


Efficient refrigeration system design, applied to a variety of professional rooms, 20% ~ 30% energy consumption than ordinary comfort air conditioning

High reliability design, to meet the uninterrupted operation of 24 hours throughout the year 365 days

Large air volume, small enthalpy difference design, with constant temperature function, to meet the needs of professional rooms

The design of high color ratio o, pure heat dissipating heat is more suitable for the equipment

Using high efficiency and stable scroll compressor to ensure the high life and high energy efficiency of the product

All Chinese large screen display, with password protection, expert fault diagnosis function

Ultra wide input voltage design, and the input protection voltage range is adjustable; with unique phase protection function, and can realize the call delay self starting

Equipped with standard monitoring interface, and free communication protocol, DW-PSMS computer room monitoring and management system software can be selected to realize the centralized monitoring and alarm management of power equipment and environment in the engine room; multiple units can achieve group management function.

Flexible switching function of main and standby machine, automatic switching and turn on duty function

Outdoor fan full speed control, to ensure that the system operation more energy saving, lower noise

The outdoor unit can operate normally in the outdoor temperature range of -15 ~ 45 DEG C, and ensure the normal cooling of the air conditioner in the computer room

Two,ATP07O1Technical parameters of special air conditioner for small computer room

Model of indoor unit


Customized cold capacity (kW)


Air volume (m3/h)


Electric heating power (kW)


Humidification capacity (kg/h)


Inspiratory side overpressure (Mpa)


Exhaust side overpressure (Mpa)


Maximum operating pressure (Mpa)


ID (mm) of return pipe


Exhaust pipe ID (mm)


Humidifier water injection pipe OD (mm)


Condensed water drainage pipe OD (mm)


Unit size W x D x H (mm)


Inner machine net weight (kg)



R22, R407C compatible

Distribution power supply

3N~  380V/50Hz



Recommended Opening


External machine model


Air volume (m3/h)


Number of fans


Power (kW)


Operating temperature range (DEG)


Unit dimensions (length x width x H) (mm)


External machine weight (kg)



Three,ATP07Technical characteristics of special air conditioning unit for computer room:

A. high sensible heat ratio:

Electronic communication equipment room to release a large number of sensible heat, which can achieve high sensible heat ratio above 0.9, used in the engine room environment, compared with ordinary energy saving 20-30% comfort air conditioning, and thus avoid excessive dehumidification and send the fog.

B. advanced microcomputer controller:

L advanced microcomputer control

L all Chinese large screen LCD backlight display

L user-friendly user-friendly interface

L precise microcomputer control system

L multilevel password protection to prevent misoperation

L has the function of running state intelligent display and expert fault diagnosis

L records the running time of the main components

L setting parameters automatic protection, even after power failure, you can also save operating parameters and alarm records

L stores 200 historical alarm messages

L has the function of self starting and delay setting

L control system adopts anti-interference circuit design, strong anti-interference.

C. is suitable for the electrical control part of harsh power supply environment:

L is designed for harsh power environment, with an input power supply of 380V + 15%.

L phase protection, prompt, alarm function, avoid equipment damage caused by lack of phase.

L phase sequence detection, prompt, alarm, function, avoid burning compressor caused by phase sequence reversal.

L call self starting function, with delay start (1-600 seconds can be set) function, to avoid the interruption of the call affect the stability of the device, or due to multiple devices simultaneously boot, leading to front-end power supply switch caused by surge trip"

D. super network management function:

L configuration standard RS485 monitoring interface, provide standard communication protocol, select DW-PSMS computer room monitoring management system software, can achieve centralized monitoring and management;

L flexible host / standby switching function

L realize automatic switching and turn on duty function of unit

L convenient remote switch machine and management function

L remote alarm and query, remote fault processing and noise elimination

Structure design and anti theft design of E. easy operation and maintenance:

ATP07 series computer room dedicated air conditioning unit compact structure, only a small maintenance space and ground space, the use of full frontal maintenance, unit maintenance easy and flexible installation of the unit. The front door board is connected with anti-theft six angle nut, which increases the difficulty of burglary.

F. high reliability:

All parts of ATP07 series air conditioning unit includes room for efficient Copeland scroll compressor, maintenance free centrifugal fan, are in accordance with the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of work and the design and manufacture. In order to achieve the longest running time and the least maintenance cost.

G. large air volume intelligent air supply system:

The large air supply air supply of the special air conditioning unit of ATP07 series computer room can provide higher cooling capacity and farther air supply range, avoiding the cooling dead space and local hot spots in the machine room. Using high efficiency and long life centrifugal fan to meet the all-weather operation requirements of the computer room.


H. high energy efficiency compressor:

ATP07 series dedicated air-conditioned room adopts high efficiency GuLun ratio (Copeland, Ai Mo son company, the world's largest manufacturer of vortex compressor) vortex type compressor company (SCROLL). Active part of vortex compressor to reduce the noise and vibration of the unit is much lower; the compression process of the compressor continuously and stably; the rotation angle of the compressor exhaust process exceeds 540 degrees; the suction and compression process without the heat exchange; the refrigerant flow direction did not change during the compression process; to reduce the loss of air, without high; low pressure valve vortex type compressor; reduce the volume loss of the valve, the dynamic and static vortex from patent technology can effectively prevent liquid hammer; starting current is low, in the same compressor in the highest energy efficiency ratio.


I. stepless speed regulation low noise air cold condenser:

Air cooled condenser adopts corrosion-resistant material, which has good rigidity and corrosion resistance, and adapts to a variety of environmental conditions.

ATP07 series outdoor fan room dedicated air conditioning unit can realize stepless speed regulation, by detecting the room environment load or system pressure, automatically adjust the outdoor fan speed adjustment, heat dissipation, the automatic stepless speed control, automatic air conditioning can reduce the unit quantity of heat at low load period, so that the whole system has been running in a reasonable the range, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and noise reduction.


J. other features:

L has a heating function of the model, using PTC - positive temperature coefficient ceramic electric heater. It has the characteristics of positive temperature coefficient heating, and has the characteristics of avoiding overheating. Two stage electric heating is adopted.


L standard air filter can ensure the room to achieve the required cleanliness. In accordance with the American ASHRAE52-76 standard, the filter provided to ensure the cleanliness of the room to meet the requirements of B class computer room (dust particles concentration greater than 0.5um diameter 18000 grain / liter).

L can adapt to a very wide outdoor environment. The standard outdoor unit can be cooled from -15 to +45 centigrade, and the heating is not limited by the outdoor temperature condition.

Four. Unit configuration table



Model (inside / outside machine)

Indoor machine size

Standard condenser



Three phase power supply


ATP07O1/ATC07N1 band heating type