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Self adhered cotton roof, sun protection heat insulation membrane, color steel tile, roof waterproof, sun screen, reflective insulation board, heat insulation cotton board

Warm prompt, 18 yuan is 1 square price, this thickness is not suitable, wall and door and window sound insulation.

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 17.36
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Freight description:The company mainly sold at low prices, take the amount of profit space is relatively small, so do not pack any goods transportation costs

 Commodity name:A complex sound insulation 6mm aluminum film PE materials (detected by ROHS), insulation film, insulation materials, building insulation materials

Commodity material:Printed aluminum foil +PE material + bottom with strong double-sided adhesive

commodity price18/ square meters

Commodity size: 6Mm thicknessThe width is about 1 meters, the length of a coil is about 10 meters (if you want a volume, please clap 1 meters width 10 pieces)For the majority, please count the number.

Commodity weight:About 1 rolls of 3KG

About size:
Sponge factory cutting for different batches, operation workers, or the use of the customer when measuring tools and measuring methods, or express the compression packing transportation, there may be some errors, length and thickness, is actually very small, do not use the impact effect. If you are too sensitive to the size data, please be careful!

 Material structure: aluminum foil / single layer bubble / aluminum foil, aluminum foil / double bubble / aluminum foil, aluminum foil / bubble

 Product advantages: tasteless non-toxic, environmental protection, light, soft, clean, easy to install, with heat reflection, sound insulation, shockproof, anti radiation, shielding function: moistureproof, sunscreen, summer heat, cold winter saving, has the function of heat insulation, can save heating, energy-saving effect is remarkable

 Uses: 1. roof, wall, floor, car transport machine insulation, hood insulation; 2. air conditioning, water heater coat; 3. water pipe, water pipe to protect the outer layer

The limitations of online shopping based on our baby is from the store and warehouse self photos, customers can only watch the baby color from the Internet, in addition to black color distortion sponge, other future will gradually become darker edges will be some yellow, due to differences in camera and EEG color will cause the customer received the baby and the color difference, we can only receive the color as the standard, if the color is particularly sensitive to the customer, please carefully take, if you have already taken, that gave us the color. There will not be behind the problem.
Sponge is the raw material of polyamine, factory is also afraid of dirty, packaging, delivery, sponge space will contain
Have a smell of raw materials, the taste is non-toxic, (you can check the Internet) if the inventory is a period of time will be already the end, if the new factory, there will be a faint smell, but as long as the air in a well ventilated place, will not, all aircraft, train car the furniture is to use a sponge. Please take a detailed look at the characteristics of these sponges when customers take photos. Please be careful if you are too sensitive to the taste. If you choose to buy, the instructions have already approved our instructions.

Packaging: packaging we use black plastic film packaging, because the quantity of goods is not uniform, can only be so packaged, please buyers attention. Before the issue, there are arrangements for special inspection package.
On Evaluation
We are very very seriously and cherish every evaluation, any a good evaluation, will let us sleep. If you don't feel satisfied after receiving the goods, please don't rush to give us bad evaluation, you contact us first, and communicate with us, if because of our reasons, we will be responsible for the end, to make your satisfaction
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1.Home decoration wall, roof sound insulation, heat insulation, reduce road subway noise;
2.Entertainment places KTV, recording studio, audio visual room, theater, television station, radio station

3.Laboratory, piano room, sound insulation and sound absorption treatment;

4.Sound absorption and heat insulation of cabin and engine room, noise reduction of generator room and pump house, constant temperature of refrigeratory.
5.Automotive, home appliances, office electronic equipment, ships and other industries.

1.Sound absorbent cotton products, large volume, light weight. Generally only send goods, not express; less quantity can be sent Express

2.Our store does not bear all the material costs. Because the location of each customer is not the same from the local, the amount of purchase is not the same, so the shop is not good freight superscriptHow much? Before buying, we must contact with the company's personnel, according to the address and quantity, clear freight;

3.Freight Forwarders: our delivery carrier will generally choose the regular domestic shipping companies, such as Huitong \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ sto tact Jiaji Debon \\EMS and other large shipping companies, the actual costs incurred shall prevail.

4.Pick up process: goods to customers in the city, the freight company staff will call to pick up the goods, at this time, please customer friend ready to prove the identity of the direct to pick up; (also can choose door-to-door delivery, door-to-door delivery costs are borne by the buyer)

5.Beyond the time of transportation;The province and the city generally 3-7 days can arrive.7 days, has not received the delivery telephone notification, please contact the customer service personnel to check the listAll goods will be shipped directly from Guangzhou General Factory

6.Delivery time:Every afternoon3Single order before delivery on the same day;After the payment of the single, the next day delivery. If you need to order materials, generally within three days can be shipped;

7.Invoice:For the customers who need to invoice, please leave the invoice "invoice" which you want to issue invoice, and invoice 6% as tax