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Filter purifier, activated carbon air filter, well water dispenser, purified water, kitchen water filtration

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Water environmental protection guards: filter sediment, rust, moss, red worms, residual chlorine, water and other harmful substances. The two pollution of the tap water, sediment in the waterway, rust in the water pipe, moss in the water tank (sediment, rust, moss, burning with the fire, and some diseases to the human body).

The water quality of modern city tap water has always been a concern of the people, careful people will find, when we get up every morning to brush teeth, found that the water with a bleaching powder flavor, boiling water, found that the pot has a layer of scale. Home faucet clogging, water often yellow and other phenomena, especially in Guangdong water quality is not reassuring. Usually used to wash vegetables, cooking, drinking, is very detrimental to human health. Therefore, we recommend that you use environmental water guards, purified water for drinking. This is very helpful to our body, how does chlorine in water invade the human body?

Bath time...

1. most people are accustomed to hot water bath; hot water bath often opens the pores of the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and when we take a bath, every pore absorbs chlorine.

2. when the water is heated, the chlorine in the water evaporates and becomes a toxic gas. The doors and windows are closed and the gas is inhaled naturally. This leads to lung discomfort and worsening asthma.

3. wash with chlorinated water, in the use of washing essence, the water with chlorinated water shampoo, in the use of detergent, residual chlorine in water will remain in the head. If you add the conditioner, the residual chlorine in the water will stay longer in the hair. Chlorine can cause hair to become dry and weaken the cuticle of hair.

Brushing your teeth, gargling or washing your face...

1. brushing and gargling with chlorinated water, and chlorine and other chemical contaminants in the water penetrate into the skin of the mouth. Because of the higher temperature in the oral cavity, the absorption rate is faster. What is worse, the children also love playing in the teeth when!

2. we use the best quality skin care products to clean the skin, while also exposing the skin to chlorinated water. It causes the skin to become dry (which is why you feel the skin tighten after you wash your face).

Environmental water guards can filter out:


Suspended pollutants
- red
Chlorine residual
Disinfection by-products
Organic micro pollutants
Peculiar smell
Cryptosporidium parvum
Giardia lamblia

Twist the arrow according to the direction, wipe the surface of the filter element with the 100 clean cloth, wipe off the surface contaminants, expose the new surface, flush and wash it back.



The filter element must not be screwed in the cleaning process, as follows,


Because the filter core and the shell are connected together,

A twist will be broken, to avoid unnecessary trouble.


How long can the water purifier be used? Is there a replacement filter?

The filter element used for purifying water treasure is replaceable filter element. The life of ceramic filter element is related to the water quality used, so it varies from place to place.

General municipal tap water, filter elements can purify about 10000 liters of water. It is suggested that the filter core be replaced at 3-6 months.

In order to ensure the water purification effect, when you use the filter element to reach the service life, you only need to replace a new filter element.






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