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Huamei shipping Canbo self heating waist belt Tuomalin waist protector sent health magnetotherapy thermal neckguard

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Far infrared negative ion heat protection waist is made of Brazil gem (tourmaline, negative ion), nano functional ceramic powder and special thermal sensitive material. Under the excitation of human body temperature, thermal sensitive materials react instantaneously to produce heat. Heat, negative ions, far infrared human body can significantly improve the microcirculation, accelerate cell The new supersedes the old. quickly eliminate fatigue, relieve pain, and has auxiliary effect on quality of lumbago, kidney, waist cold, stomachache, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar hyperosteogeny, menstrual pain and other symptoms. It has no toxic and side effects on human body. It is a kind of waist protecting health care product.

Function principle:
   ZFR (natural sports hot moxibustion waist) is a naturally formed composite fabric sports hot moxibustion, natural sports hot moxibustion cloth is high-tech products made of nano bio composite. It is a kind of special reactor, through the release of natural energy waves, promote blood circulation, improve skin temperature, activate the body acupuncture points to achieve the effect of acupuncture, resulting in the meridian effect, meridian is the human blood running route, the limbs of the human body the viscera closely linked, and in part on the meridian acupoint and play an important role in the process of human blood running in. Self heating series of platinum nano far-infrared and magnetic technology, combined with the non-woven fabrics made by continuous release of platinum magnetic far infrared ray and stronger absorption of external energy and natural body heat, can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue, the resonance absorption effect and blood cells, strengthen the intravascular release of active substances.

Tourmaline (tourmaline) has the function of far infrared negative ion. Under the action of energy, far infrared permeates into the skin (about 3-8)When the body heat is induced into the functional layer, the atomic number in the layer is increasedThe sub particles will behave irregularly and become more and more popular, and the energy waist temperature will rise.
Through this process, the motion of molecules can effectively activate the cell material of cell activation, and promote fully improve the human microcirculation The new supersedes the old., and to achieve the goal of health care and fitness


The mature (ultrafine tourmaline) technology, the purple sand, powder, magnesium, iron, germanium, embedding agent, the thermal environment of the composite resin materials modification. To make a special acupoint reaction sticking moxibustion tablet. It sets the specific regulation and regulation of identity as a whole, through the VR1 receptor gene and activating the acupuncture points of human skin cells, synthesis of resonance effect, resulting in points by the effect. 
Function and effect: 
1. The outermost orbit of the germanium material has 4 electronic irregular motions, which can be found at 32The release of free electrons and release negative ions, generates a current of positive and negative ions interact, by containing germanium point response moxibustion film through the action of the human body, cortical penetration, positive ion neutralization of the affected part, ease the pain. 
2, using the body's own energy and water cycle start with a porous resin thermal green purple from the heat release system (point response moxibustion film) for the release of energy, use close 10 minutes hyperthermia effect, fully embodies the curative effect, improve the microcirculation, accelerate the rapid elimination of fatigue The new supersedes the old.. 
3, tourmaline (tourmaline) has dual effects of far infrared negative ion, in its energy and vibration energy, the far infrared to penetrate the skin deep (about 3-8When the body heat is induced to the functional layer, the atoms, molecules and other particles in the layer will undergo irregular motion and pressureThe electric and thermoelectric effects are more intense, which further increases the energy neck temperature. 
Since the heat response points of 4, treated by a number of technical moxibustion film collector, optics, medicine, blood, textile engineering as a whole, with excellent absorption and emission features, the products outside the body without any energy (battery, power), effective livestock to the time of 5000 hours. 

5, because of the effects of magnetic bio magnetic materials, the magnetic field formed around the neck (no electromagnetic radiation), bio magnetic wave through continuous proliferation and stimulation, in which micro massage on human skin, like acupuncture needle stimulation of acupoints..