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Water purifier, water purifier, direct drinking machine, ultrafiltration machine, pressure regulating valve, pressure reducing valve two, fast pressure stabilizing valve, anti water hammer

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Application and function

1) it can protect the filter core from the hydraulic pressure below 0.3mpa.
2) filter barrels can be protected.
3) can reduce the manufacturing cost of filter barrel.
Two, RO system
1) to extend the system lifetime, reduce the Water Leakage fault, the system water pressure fluctuation range of water, reduce the pressure fluctuation of the connecting hose, quick joint impact, also reduce the water pressure fluctuation on the diaphragm (pressure switch, solenoid valve) impact.
2) combined with double solenoid valve, it can provide more reliable water break function than water break solenoid valve, and optimize the system.
Three, prevent "water hammer""

In pressure pipeline, due to some external reasons (such as the valve suddenly closed, pump suddenly stops) to the flow of the water suddenly changed, causing a large increase in pressure and reduce alternately, this phenomenon is called hydraulic water hammer or hammer.

Because of the pump, the pump stops, the valve switch is too fast, the water velocity changes sharply, especially the sudden stop pump caused by water hammer, water pump, valve, pipeline can damage, and cause the reverse pump, pipeline pressure decrease, so preventing the occurrence of water hammer is very important.

2Measures to prevent water hammer

Water hammer caused by too fast switch valve of a.:

(1) extend the time of opening and closing the valve.

(2) centrifugal pump and coagulation pump pump should be stopped in the valve fully closed and semi closed 15%-30% not.

Water hammer caused by B. pump

(1) exclude the air in the pipeline, make the pipeline filled with water and then open the pump, which is a long distanceWater pipelineAutomatic exhaust valve should be installed at the high position.

3Harm of water hammer effect

Water hammer effect is very destructive due to water hammer, which is several times in the pipeline pressure rapidly increased to more than the normal pressure or even ten times, the great harm caused by a broken pipe, the influence on production and life. The pressure is too high, will cause the tube rupture, otherwise, the pressure is too low will lead to the collapse of the tube, but also damage the valve and fixed parts.

Main technical parameters
A, valve body intake pressure up to 3.5Mpa
B, outlet pressure 0.2~0.35mpa
C and municipal pipe network normal water supply (hydraulic pressure 0.13mpa), and water synchronous opening and closing



The use of quick connector is shown below


1. Insert the cut pipe into the quick joint,Insert 1.7cm in the end;

2, in order to verify whether the pipe connection is firm, you can pull out the tube properly, the tube can not be pulled out;

3, put the snap ring at the quick connector chuck to avoid accidental pulling out of the pipe during use


1. First check whether the inlet pipe is closed and the water pressure is zero;

2. Take the snap ring with your finger;

3, the first hand with index finger and thumb will grip to the quick connector at the same time, the other hand pull out the tube can