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The load for the AC motor, the motor rated current current rating of SSR is selected to be greater than or equal to 6-7 times.

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Single phase AC voltage regulator module
DTY-H380D120E DTY-H380D120F DTY-H380D120G DTY-H380D120H

The model for the input control signal type, E 0-5V; F said 0-10V; G 4-20mA; H 1-5V.

Full isolation single-phase AC voltage regulator module (hereinafter referred to as the single-phase voltage regulating module DTY) is a set of synchronous transformer, phase detection circuit, phase shift trigger circuit and output SCR in one, when changing the control voltage of the size, you can change the output triggering angle, namely single alternating current voltage regulator. According to the common type of a bidirectional thyristor output SCR, two one-way thyristor inverse parallel enhanced and a unidirectional thyristor half wave type three. According to the rated voltage of single-phase AC load is divided into 220V and 380V two, according to the different control signals of E, F, G, H and other four categories, the following specifications: (Note: the current level of SCR module within the maximum current effective value)

List of 2 models


Electric current
220V load
The optional EFGH

380V load
The optional EFGH
Enhancement type
DTY-H220D15E DTY-H380D15E
DTY-H220D35E DTY-H380D35E
DTY-H220D55E DTY-H380D55E
DTY-H220D75E DTY-H380D75E
DTY-H220D120E DTY-H380D120E
DTY-H220D150E DTY-H380D150E
DTY-H220D190E DTY-H380D190E
DTY-H220D240E DTY-H380D240E
DTY-H220D290E DTY-H380D290E
DTY-H220D350E DTY-H380D350E
Ordinary type
DTY-220D10E DTY-380D10E
DTY-220D25E DTY-380D25E
DTY-220D40E DTY-380D40E
Half wave mode
DTY-220D10XE DTY-380D10XE
DTY-220D25XE DTY-380D25XE
DTY-220D50XE DTY-380D50XE

Note: the type of input control signal type, E 0-5V; F said 0-10V; G 4-20mA; H 1-5V.



  E series F series G series H series
Input range 0~5V 0~10V 4~20mA 1~5V
Input impedance >30KΩ >30KΩ 250Ω >30KΩ
Effective input range 0.75~4.75V 1.5~9.5V 5~19mA 1.25~4.75V
Range of phase shift angle 150°~0° 150°~0° 150°~0° 150°~0°


The output voltage level is 380VAC, which can be used in the power grid less than 420Vac. According to the different thyristor in the module, like the solid state relay, it can also be divided into ordinary, enhanced and half wave type. The half wave type is a one-way thyristor as the output contact, only to the voltage of the positive half cycle regulator (anode module internal unidirectional thyristor with cathode grounding terminal 1, terminal 2).

The third module internal synchronous transformer primary, 220VAC and 380VAC two specifications: 220VAC specifications of the module is allowed to use in the 165 240VAC range of the power grid, the 380VAC specification module allows the use of 285-420VAC in power grid, and the no name end.
The COM is the internal terminal, the CON is the control end, and the +5V terminal is internally generated for manual control of the potentiometer. The weak part of the strong electricity part and the +5V, CON and COM are all isolated.


Half wave mode Airport combination for electric shock
Ordinary type Low current module or dv/dt requires lower occasions
Enhancement type High current module or dv/dt requires higher occasions
220V 220V loop load
380V 380V loop load (i.e. two firing lines added to the load)
Current capacity selection When the resistive load is selected, the current rating of the SSR should be more than or equal to 2 times the rated current of the load.
When the load is an AC motor, the current rating of SSR must be greater than or equal to 6-7 times the rated current of the motor.
When the alternating current electromagnet, the intermediate relay line protection, the inductance coil and so on load, selects the SSR current class to be supposed to be more than or equal to 4 times the load rated current.
When the load of power compensation capacitor is selected, the current rating of SSR must be more than 5 times the rated current of the load.
The transformer requires equal to or greater than 5 times the rated current of the transformer primary, special inductive and capacitive load should be based on the current actual experience to enlarge SSR margin.

The single phase AC voltage regulator module can select the following radiators:



1, such as voltage through the voltage applied on the load and the contents are not the same, please user statement of both voltage, we can custom, but the two phase must be the same, and it must be the voltage level of 220VAC or 380VAC, 50HZ. There was no polarity between the two groups. For example: a load rated voltage is 36VAC (for 220V power grid transformer step-down), selection of 75A single-phase voltage module, can be customized to our model for the TY-H36D75P-220 module, wherein the pin is connected in series with the load to the 36V grid, and the foot is connected to the 220V power grid.

2, CON must be positive for COM, if polarity is opposite, output is out of control (fully open or fully closed). When the control terminal CON changes from 0-5V, the voltage on the AC load is adjustable from 0 volts to the maximum (for resistive load). The CON is about 0-0.75V in the fully closed area, reliable output shutdown module; CON in 0.75V-4.75V for adjustable region, with the increase of the control voltage, conduction angle decreases from 150 DEG to 0 DEG linear, AC voltage on the load from tens of volts increases to a maximum at about 4.75V-5V CON; when the open area, AC voltage on the load is the maximum value.

3. The input impedance of E, F and H series CON is greater than 30K, and the input impedance of G series CON to COM is 250 ohms, COM. +5V voltage signal is only provided for manual potentiometer, not for it, the selected potentiometer resistance is between 2-10K ohms.

4 speed, single-phase AC asynchronous motor frequency converter should normally, only the wind machine, pump motor and other soft load characteristics, or torque motor occasions through the regulator to achieve speed.

5, three single-phase voltage regulator modules can not be used in three-phase power grid for three-phase load voltage regulationThree phase voltage regulation)。

6. The insulation voltage between the weak current part, the strong current part and the module bottom plate is greater than 2000VAC.

7. The heat output of the whole module is calculated by 1.5 watts / ampere according to the actual ampere current of the load, and the radiator can choose E-40, F-70, F-100 and G series

8, the selection of the current level and protection and other related matters needing attention please refer toSingle phase AC solid state relay

9, if the load voltage regulation, high voltage requirements, please increaseVoltage negative feedback module