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Hegang automatic quick rolling door, induction rolling door, dustproof and insect proof thermal insulation factory, high speed gate workshop passageway door

The main functions of the fast gate are heat preservation, moisture retention, dust prevention, pest control, sound insulation and so on, so that the workshop to maintain a constant temperature, humidity, clean working environment. It is suitable for food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical industry, automobile, textile, logistics and other fields. Thirteen billion nine hundred and thirty million seven hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and fifteen

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Product technical specification:

The 1. door structure -- using high strength antioxidant industrial Aluminum Alloy frame, thickness 4 mm cold rolling plate electrostatic spraying frame 120 x 130 mm, the door cover and the motor cover with the thickness of galvanized steel plate, the surface of the high temperature powder coating processing, color and frame are basically the same.

The 2. driver -- with special Nell fast door high-speed motor, power 220V, power 0.75-1.5kw/1500S/, big load bearing type S4.

3. - the electric control system according to Cornell special high performance fast door control box, built-in vector control mode, control of high precision; high torque converter (150%1HZ), PLC be made one, with high performance, high reliability, high stability, high precision positioning etc.. At the same time, using frequency conversion control technology, soft start, slow stop function, to ensure the smooth operation of the door, increase service life.

4. opening and closing speed - 0.6-1.5m opening speed per second (adjustable). High frequency open (1000-1500 times / day)

5. safety device the lower part of the doorframe is equipped with a pair of infrared photoelectric protection switches, and the door body does not fall when people and objects are left below the door body. (Korean brand Otto Nicks)

6. curtain curtain body -- selection of imported French industrial polyester fiber cloth, environmental protection high strength polyester fiber, double PVC coating, the thickness of 0.9mm, color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, gray, white, yellow, white and so on many kinds of mesh grid color can be selected. Tear: 600/600 (warp / weft (4000/3500), tensile strength, peel strength, warp / weft) Newton /5 cm, the use temperature is -30--+70 DEG C, the fire safety standard (DIN75200) fabric is non-toxic, good surface self-cleaning; gas barrier is arranged on the bottom of the cloth bag, good tightness, dustproof, easy to clean.

7. - ply connecting parts with the wind effect Aluminum Alloy wind rib, increase the effect of wind resistance.

8. - ply cord connecting parts with the replacement of Aluminum Alloy wind rib, regardless of which a cord is broken, can be replaced, simple and quick, cost savings.

9. - intermediate perspective window with horizontal PVC transparent window, the thickness of 1.5 mm, the personnel vehicle access to more security.

10. seal - the bottom of the curtain is equipped with airbag cloth pocket, which can be tightly combined with various uneven ground, the guide rail built-in brush, can play dust-proof, insect control, sealing and other functions.

11. control mode using bilateral manual button control. Quick and easy to use.

12. limit switch - East Wansheng dedicated travel locator, accurate positioning, once in place.

13. power emergency configuration - the machine is equipped with an emergency door device, that is, manual rocker, which can be easily opened when the power cut or accident happens.

14. fault recovery Nell -- according to the production of each machine is with fault recovery, power off 15 seconds after the power automatic recovery system.