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ABS bed flat bed thickening ordinary hospital bed hospital care bed home care bed can be customized

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Product Name Stainless Steel Bed Spray Flat Bed NormalPlastic flat bed ABS flat bed

Product Type General Nursing Bed

Product introduction Specifications: 2000×900×550mm

The bed is made of high-quality pipe bends and is stamped with high-quality cold-rolled plates.

The use of high-pressure electrostatic spraying on the surface of the bed, bright appearance, good gloss, no obvious particles, scars, missing spray and other defects.
The appearance is beautiful, straight, square and parallel, and the surface is free of obvious defects such as sharp edges and burrs.
Welds are even and solid, with no defects such as burnout, cold cracks, and missing welds. The welds are ground smooth and smooth.
First, the technical indicators
The shape of the flat bed should be neat, the surface should not have sharp edges, the welding should be firm, the weld should be smooth and uniform, the outer diameter of the tube at the round bed of the bedstead should be sleek, the spray layer should be smooth and uniform, and the color should be uniform; After the bed frame is assembled, it should be firmly fixed and must not be loosened.

Overall dimensions: 2000×900×550 (Length × width × bed height)
Second, the composition of the structure
1. Headboard
2. Bed frame
3. Bed surface
Third, the scope of application
Applicable to the patient for examination, diagnosis, care, convalescence.
Fourth, install
The headboard and the leg frame are respectively screwed to the bed surface.
Fifth, use
Place the installed bed on the indoor level floor and use it.
Sixth, attention
The fixing screws must be tightened firmly.
Seven, transportation
The packaged product can be transported by general transportation tools. Pay attention to sun protection, rain, and snow during transportation. Do not mix and transport with toxic, harmful, or corrosive substances.
Eight, storage
The packaged product should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated room with no corrosive materials or heat sources.
Nine, packing and packing list
1. Packing: This product is packed in carton
2. Box list: Bed frame One bed frame one
Bed surface