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Air conditioning transparent PVC soft door curtain, supermarket dustproof cold storage, anti freezing insulation, thermal insulation, soft door curtain

Professional custom transparent PVC soft door curtain, from today's start will send keel, free cutting, plywood, we promise to take the day before the day of delivery, after noon take the next day of delivery. Xin Chen door high quality choice, is your home must be the first choice of ideal products, all products of our company can issue invoices.

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 28.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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To celebrate our new products on the market where the purchase of 60 yuan, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, all shipping country in addition to Xinjiang Tibet Qinghai nopostage, other regional postal shipping and red hands, other areas needed to be added to the freight delivery. Contact customer service before shooting!

Just need to determine the size of the parents, the rest of the things we do. Free cutting, good plywood, as long as the customer can be installed directly, the parents are still hesitant? What you buy is what you earn!!

Name: Xin Chen

Color classification: Ultra transparent

Thickness: 1.6mm

Product information


The baby is priced at the price per metre

 The factory thickness is 1.6mm, the actual thickness is about 1.4mm, 7 yuan per meter;

 The factory thickness is 2.0mm, the actual thickness is about 1.8mm, 8 yuan per meter;
The factory thickness is 2.5mm, the actual thickness is about 2.3mm, 10 yuan per meter;
 The factory thickness is 3.0mm, the actual thickness is about 2.8mm, 12 yuan per meter
The factory thickness is 4.5mm, the actual thickness is about 4.3mm, 15 yuan per meter
The width of the curtain door is about 19.5cm, because the overlap between the piece and the chip needs about 3.5cm, so the effective width of each door is 15cm (so the width of the door is not divided by 19.5, so that the width of the door is divided by 15cm)
For example: 90CM wide door needs several pieces of 90cm / 15cm=6 films before contact customer service
The measuring method of door curtain: such as drawing
The door curtain installation method only takes 3 steps
The first step is to fix the keel
Hanging pieces on the second step
The third step is to hang the curtain piece in turn
 Warm prompt that this product does not support no reason to return because it is custom made product.
You need to pay 3 points tax on the invoice
 Keel on the delivery: keel is generally 1 meters and 1.2 meters, because the soft door packing is relatively soft, can not afford to do so long, so the shipment may be keel cut into 2 segments, so relatively speaking, the deformation will be much smaller. But the customer receives, the keel sometimes will be a little small deformation, then you can use hand or pliers righting, is not cited sound use oh. 
A: we generally shear in the shear to you, put extra weight, in order to avoid short, so when you receive the goods, if found than the actual suspension height to length, such as drag to the ground, you can according to the actual situation of the excess amount of cutting off, until you feel right.
Product example

live action

Change of Perspective
 1. soft door curtain cold resistant effect: in -20 degrees remain high soft, no deformation, not broken, can make goods, vehicles, personnel free access. 
2. soft curtain energy saving effect: no consumption of electricity, no noise, no action components, improve the efficiency of refrigeration, reduce the refrigerator running speed, save power as high as 50%.
3. soft door insect proof effect: all kinds of industry workshop, doorway can use. Especially for food processing, feed and other industries to make you unexpected effect.
4. soft curtain fire prevention effect: not easy to burn, flame retardant and strong, suitable for flammable building doorway workshop, chemical plant, printing plant, plastic factory, etc..
5. soft door windproof effect: need to achieve windproof, it is recommended to buy more than 2mm thickness.
6. soft door curtain anti-static effect: after friction, no static electricity, suitable for electrostatic factory is strictly prohibited.
7. soft door curtain UV effect: the role in the welding area of the screen, allowing permission to see light through, consider the harmful ultraviolet rays, easy to observe the work situation, and prevent sparks, smoke, debris flying, protect the safety of staff, prevent fire.
8. soft door sound insulation effect: reduce noise, prevent noise diffusion, reduce noise pollution, the role of the machine sound screen, can improve the comfort of the workplace and production effect.
Warm tips: we cooperate express delivery and postal EMS, if you need other courier contact customer service.