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Package water purifier, brass pressure reducing valve, water heater, tap water pipeline, DN154, DN206 points

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Plastic tube PPRUPVC unit is:

1/2 (4 /DN15) outside the pipe diameter is about 20mm

3/4 (6 points /DN20)Out of water pipeThe diameter is about 25mm

1 '(1 inches /DN25)Out of water pipeThe diameter is about 32mm

Outside diameter of plastic pipe

Inch thread thread unit:

1/2 (4 /DN15) thread diameter is about 20mm

3/4 (6 /DN20) thread diameter is about 25mm

1 '(1 inch /DN25) thread diameter of about 32mm

If the thread (thread) is on the outside, on the amount of the outside diameter, thread inside volume of inner diameter, large household is 4 points (or special), determine the specifications and then select the corresponding fittings

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Pressure relief valve itself needs to withstand ultra-high pressure, is a safety valve, if the choice of substandard defective products, may lead to unpredictable losses. So it's good to be cautious when you choose!

How to select pressure reducing valve? The most important thing is to look at the structure

Piston structureValve advantages: 1, the whole forging, forming a safe, explosion-proof, 2, internal easy aging, high temperature resistant, long service life, generally more than 5 years; 3, can be equipped with pressure gauge;

Thin film structureValve: first of all, this kind of structure is eliminated, there are only some small imitation is still in production, disadvantages: 1, the valve body is composed of two pieces of copper with four screws assembled screw body more easily Water Leakage, high pressure interface easy to burst, 2, diaphragm valve mainly reduced pressure parts made of rubber this film is very easy to aging, the majority of customer reaction using 1-2 years of no effect, 3, cannot observe the pressure size, only Pingganjue to adjust the pressure.

Application of pressure reducing valve

A:Water pressure is too high and water hammer phenomenon is the most important reason for water bursting and leakage of water heater and water pipe of household water heater. Therefore, it is necessary to add a pressure reducing valve at the inlet to keep the water pressure constant. In this way, it is unnecessary to worry about the damage caused by high water pressure and water hammer to the household water equipment, and it is not necessary to cause other economic losses due to water leakage.

B: inlet water pressure is not stable, bath water temperature changes greatly, it will cause cold when the heat, you need to use pressure regulator valve.

The pressure reducing valve is all brass,Piston type structure is adoptedThe internal structure is very simple, more durable, more environmental applicability, fine workmanship, reliable quality, durable. Without bypass pipe, piping is very simple, can save a lot of space and piping cost. It can be installed in front of any tap water equipment. The valve body with water inlet direction; the maximum pressure 1.6MPA, cover inner pressure regulating knob (six corners), according to their own need to adjust the different pressure of 0.1~0.8MPA. It can meet the requirements of decompression, especially suitable for the pipe pressure relief system.

This valve has a step-down regulator role, but can not bear the impurity filtering function, once blocked, cleaning work is quite difficult cumbersome, if the water quality at home is too poor, suggest you directly installed a filter, cleaning up is very convenient!