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Household well water removal of iron, manganese, yellow sand, water purification filter, soft water machine, industrial boiler descaling softening water equipment

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Note: external pressure 304 stainless steel filter, thickness 1.5mm, sieve filtration, flow rate of 8-20 tons per hour, well water / mountain spring water / River / pool water / industrial oil / alcohol removal of sediment impurities. With inlet and outlet cleaning interface, clamp or flange fixed. Can be customized according to drawings. Air delivery valve, three pass, pressure gauge.

Screen filter, precision 35 microns is 400 mesh 316 material, precision 100 micron is 304 material, default 100 micron, without sheath,

The splint sheath, leg and lug should be opened quickly.

First, an overview:

      Sediment filterIs devoted to the stainless steel filter of river water pool water in sediment impurities design and production, the inside of the filter with a detachable type 304 stainless steel filter, filter cylinder side bread has a stainless steel screen, liquid from the upper side of the outer cylinder flow out through the sieve, impurities were intercepted in the screen and the barrel space, open the drain the impurity release valve. The screen can be used for a long time, and the filter screen can be replaced or selected with different precision. Use clamp and lug bolt to open the way,Replacing screen mesh is convenient and quick.The filter has the advantages of high filtration precision, small filtration resistance, large water flux, acid and alkali resistance, low price and low operating cost. Widely used inCrude filtration of well water, river water, reservoir water, swimming pool water, circulating water, liquor, vegetable oil, liquid medicine, petroleum products, oil, hot solution, latex, milk, sugar, syrup, resin, ink, industrial waste water, edible oil, wax and other industries.

Two, 200*450 sediment filter technical parameters:

 size:Diameter 195MM, height 680MM

Working pressure: 0.1MPa0.6MPa

working temperature5℃-100℃

Filter cartridge specifications: diameter 150mm, height 400mm, filter screen 316 stainless steel 35 microns (according to the need to choose precision 100 microns)

Number of filters: 1

Screen area490mm*370mm

Single flow: 8-10 tons / hour

Barrel material304

Inlet and outlet: DN40 internal thread or customized export according to water quantity

Three. Working principle of sediment filter      


The filter screen is supported by a supporting filter cylinder, and the filtered liquid flows from the outside part. The liquid flows from the outer surface of the screen to the inner surface, and the filtered particles are trapped between the screen and the barrel wallThe liquid through the filter sieve through the filter cylinder hole wall from the Biao cylinder downwards flowing from the lower water outlet. The filtering accuracy is the same as that of the screen mesh, 20 micron ~1 mm.

Four. Performance characteristics of sediment filter


1, the operation is simple, convenient, small footprint, installation is very simple;


2, filtration precision pre rough filtration, suitable for fine particles or suspended solids, filter range can be from201000Micron;


3, the effective filtration area is large,Stainless steel screen as a filter element, the filter area can be done very large, can greatly reduce the cost of filtration;


4. The design flow can be satisfied1500m3/hThe cost is low;


5, widely used, high temperature resistance, can filter 100 degrees of thermal medium, can be used for rough filtration;


6, the treatment flow of unit filtration area is large, the filtration resistance is small, the filtered impurity and sediment can be discharged at any time, and the filtration efficiency is high;


7, in the case of the same filtering effect, compared with the frame plate filter, filter cartridge filter, raw water pre filter and fine filter and other equipment has the advantages of low investment cost, long service life and low filtering cost. The screen can be used repeatedly.


Five, the use of bag filter

Well water, swimming pool water purification, circulating water filtration,Food, beverage, edible oil, liquor making, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant medium, a wide range of applications.





 Equipment warranty for one year (except for human factors and filter bags)


 If you have other needs, we will tailor your requirements