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Roof greening, roof garden, heat insulation water storage plate, root control water board, vegetable root container, root canal resistant Geotextile

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         The drainage board is made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottom plate, and is made into a conical platform or stiffener convex point (or hollow cylindrical porous). The width is 2.5 meters, the length is 15 meters, and the volume is 30 square meters. 

5 laying rules editor
1. to clean up the site of garbage, cement leveling, so that there is no obvious bump at the scene, the outdoor garage roof and Roof garden need to find 2-5 of the slope.
2., so that the drainage plate can be discharged into the vicinity of the water pipe or sewer near the city.
3. basement ground water seepage prevention, and based on the above overhead floor, is also in the floor before do make a layer of drainage plate, circular lug down, around the left blind ditch, the groundwater was not, seepage through the natural drainage plate into the space around the blind ditch, and then through the blind ditch into the water pit.
4. the waterproof wall of basement wall can be paved with drainage board on the main wall of building, and the main wall is facing to the main wall. A single wall or a wire mesh cement is used to protect the drainage plate outside the drainage plate, so that the water seepage plate outside the wall flows straight down into the blind groove and directly causes the sump.
5. laying drainage boards in any area, must pay attention to: don't let the soil, cement, sand and other garbage into the drainage board of the front space, to ensure that the drainage board space unimpeded.
6., when the drainage board laying as possible as possible protection measures, the level or outdoor garage drainage board should be done as soon as possible backfill work, to prevent strong wind water drainage board affect the laying quality. Basement and interior wall waterproofing should be done as soon as possible to protect the layer, to prevent drainage plate being destroyed by people or things.
The 7. backfill is cohesive soil, and it is better to place 3-5 cm of sand on the geotextile, which is beneficial to the filtration of geotextile. If the backfill is a nutrient soil or light soil, it needs no further paving a layer of yellow sand. The soil itself is very loose and easy to filter.
8. when the drainage board is laid, the side and side of the right lap lap down 1-2 fulcrum, also can be two pieces of bottom board touch up, above use earthwork cloth overlap, as long as there is no soil into the drainage plate drainage channel, can keep drainage smooth


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