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Spring type two terminal positive DG245H2-5.0 million 737-1 double spring welding terminal

The regulations of the company: This product is the minimum quantity of 100 yuan! If the order is less than 100 yuan, we will not accept it. Please feel free to order carefully! [Full 500 yuan free shipping / cumulative 1000 invoice] [on price Description: 1.8 yuan for single line product prices!!! If you want to buy two products, the price is: 2x1.8 yuan / bit =3.6 yuan / only, the number of *2 when buying, other line number can be calculated according to this rule.

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 1.26
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:7
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Model:LS245T-5.0-XXP  Brand: Shanghai Czech joint rated voltage / current: 300V/10A

Flame retardant grade: UL94V-0Origin: ShanghaiColor: gray white 

24 hours service range: Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai    Other distribution areas: nationwide 

  • Place of dispatch: three counties in Zhejiang, Taizhou (company factory) 
  • Supply capacity: stable supply all the year round



First, about distribution instructions:

1, we recommend the use of bulky goods or general logistics logistics Jidebang yu-jia1 china.

2, small goods, the company generally uses: tact express Yun Shen Tong express, while you can choose SF express, China Post EMS, etc..

3, unless the customer named other courier companies, default express delivery, in order to quickly send buyers, you can name their favorite courier company or logistics company!

4, under normal circumstances, we guarantee delivery within 24 hours, if there is a shortage, we will inform you within 24 hours, if the day of rest will be postponed one day delivery. root

According to our experience of three (Jiangsu) area on the day of the general second day delivery, and other general areas for 3 days or so to remote areas, it will take a little longer.

Two, about delivery instructions:

1. regular products or forecast products are in stock, the goods can be arranged to the delivery!

2. pairs of unconventional products, accept customer samples or drawings customized processing!

3. no stock or large orderThe product is normal for 7-10 daysStable delivery of products within 5 days!

Three, about the instructions:

1、All the products of our company do not provide free sample application, if more samples are required, please purchase under one order, sample shipping freight by the customer to bear

2, before the purchase, please first through Wangwang or telephone contact customer service, to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss, thank you for your cooperation!

3, special process or packaging requirements, please inform the customer service before ordering.

4, the non company's product quality, delivery and other caused by return, our company does not bear the round-trip freight.

All 5 products, the company to ensure the quality and delivery of small batch, not bargain, large price negotiable!

Four. Instructions on receipt of goods:

1, express and logistics responsibilities will only need to send express delivery, does not bear the authenticity of the package liability, parcels must be signed in principle to open inspection.

2, buyers before signing the courier, please carefully check whether the packaging Kaifeng, serious damage to the body, whether the weight is normal, if there is abnormal, can refuse to sign.

3, the buyer in receipt of shipment, please not to express single sign will face, first opened the package check inside items, there is no bad, if there is damage, and courier express negotiation will be returned, and on the surface of single sign indicating shipment has been damaged, return the signature obliterated.

4, after the courier staff to go, found that the express was Kaifeng, or has been damaged, express will not admit, so before signing, must carefully check, strictly in accordance with the preceding two points instructions.

5, found that the goods packaging cartons have been opened or found that goods distribution errors or serious damage to the goods, please speed through the courier contact telephone contact us, please do not let couriers go away, in order to ensure your interests.

6, the buyer after receipt of contact with us to reflect the loss of commodity machines or accessories, lack of serious damage to the appearance of the case, the company has the right to refuse to deal with