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Rubber plastic board, heat insulation cotton, sound insulation board, heat insulation board, flame retardant plastic sponge insulation board insulation material

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Low thermal conductivity
 Durkflex FE General Funaisi products full use of the unique ACMF precision control micro foaming technology, fully foaming, foam fine uniform pore structure and bubble bubble rate closed higher closed completely, can effectively lock more air. The good manufacturing process makes the thermal conductivity of the product lower and more stable, and the thermal conductivity coefficient reaches 0.032W/ (M? K) at 0 degrees centigrade.

High humidity resistance factor
     Moisture resistance factor is an important index to measure the service life of insulation materials. The more difficult the water vapor penetrate into the material, the higher the thermal conductivity is, and the longer the service life of the insulation material is. DurkflexFE general Funaisi moderate apparent density and excellent closed bubble structure, the wet resistance factor value is more than 10000, greatly prolongs the service life of the material.

High fire rating
      Durkflex FE The universal flame retardant is tested by "fire building material quality supervision and inspection center", its combustion performance reaches the GB8624-2006 standard B level test, and in the additional grading test, it is in the industry level. At the same time, Duncan joined the "full quality NFTC tracking inspection of the project, to allow customers to enjoy a higher security level.

Quick and convenient installation
       Durkflex FE General purpose Fornas has smooth surface, moderate density, uniform and stable bubble structure, flexible material, and can be applied to regular or irregular pipes and equipment conveniently and quickly, which is conducive to large-scale industrial installation.

Environmental protection and energy saving
      Durkflex FE General Funaisi does not contain CFCs, HCFCs and other harmful substance, no fiber dust, antibacterial effect. It improves the interior of the roomAir conditionerThe indoor air quality (IAQ) of the system will not cause skin allergies and health hazards. At the same time, excellent insulation performance makes the energy consumption of air conditioning system smaller, more in line with energy conservation needs.

Outstanding fire safety performance

On behalf of the ducon high fire safety grade DurkflexFG level zero Funaisi products, brought together the Duncan R & D team in the new development area of fire safety, not only through the BS476Part6/Part7 test, made the British standard BS high fire ClassO certification, and obtained the FMAPPROVED certification, also reached the B1 standard in Chinese. The heat release of zero order Funaisi both lower and lower the amount of smoke, so that customers get better security.

Good thermal insulation performance

ACMF fine control micro foaming technology to make DurkflexFG zero order Funaisi foam products finer and more uniform, more air is locked in the micro bubble hole, a significantly reduces the possibility of bubble rupture, a heat insulation performance and further enhance.

Higher water vapor permeability

Dense surface layer, higher closed bubble rate, more fine bubble holes, so that the water vapor in the air is more difficult to penetrate into the interior of the product. Resistance to water vapor permeability higher not only helps to maintain the zero order DurkflexFG Funaisi thermal conductivity lower and more stable, and prolong the service life of the product, more economical.

Environmental protection and energy saving green products

Good insulation performance greatly reduces the energy consumption of the main subsystems such as the main air conditioner, air duct, water pipe and so on, so that each energy can be more effectively utilized. At the same time DurkflexFG zero level Funaisi product itself is nontoxic and harmless to the environment, does not produce any dust, helping to create a healthy environment using air conditioning.

Convenient and quick installation performance

Both soft and elastic, DurkflexFG zero Funaisi product is suitable for large-scale construction project. With Duncan series of special auxiliary, but also the advantages of convenient installation.

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