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581015202530 - 50mm thermal insulation abrasive bar material high temperature resistant antistatic synthetic stone rod plate

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Product introduction:

Product Name: synthetic stone (carbon fiber) is a composite material made of glass fiber and anti electrostatic resin with high mechanical strength.

Main features: in the temperature rising environment, ability can continue to maintain its physical characteristics, the wave soldering process, the result of high standard and will not change
In case of any form. In a short time in 350 C and 260 C in the harsh environment of continuous operating temperature, will not cause high temperature nano composite material (synthetic stone) layer separation. Synthetic stone can improve PCBA wave soldering process quality, avoid finger contact holes or contamination for touch.

Application: insulation test fixture, wave soldering, reflow, SMT surface mount, a furnace tray, tin furnace jig and electronic industry PCB.

Specification: plate: thick x wide and X long =3 ~ 12mmx1020/1220mmx1220/2440mm

Color: Black / Blue / grey

Origin: Taiwan


The definition of stone

Synthetic stone is a kind of green stone, which is composed of more than 95% of the natural stone, plus a small amount of polyester and binder, mixing under vacuum pressure, vibration and.
Synthetic stone from "stone kingdom" in Italy, English called "compositestone".
According to the synthetic stone raw material synthesis marble, synthetic quartz two.
Synthetic stone has a natural stone incomparable advantages, such as large area laying no color, environmental protection, high strength, complete varieties.
With the understanding of synthetic stone, synthetic stone has been widely used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public places, families of the wall and floor etc..
The production technology of synthetic stone

1, from the quarry stone collection
2, mixed in a vacuum resin and powder and other materials
3, vacuum extrusion into the material
In 4, the factory placed about 10 days
5, according to the requirements of cutting plate
6, measuring and grinding
7, from the plate into the required plate
8, waxing and edge processing, packaging
9, storage
The use of synthetic stone

Is mainly used in architectural decoration of the walls, floor, table, on the stairs.
According to the present situation, synthetic stone is widely used in the following places:
1, airport, airport ground, wall, corridor and toilet table and wall.
2, public building, part of the office, such as the hall floor, walls, each layer of the corridor floor walls, bathroom walls, floor, table, lift wells.
3, square, shopping malls, these places can be used in large area, such as walls, floors, toilets, elevator etc..
4, villa, with mesa, can also be common in the bathroom, in addition to the staircase.
5, other places, such as public buildings, museums, exhibition centers, hospitals, schools etc..
The advantages and disadvantages of synthetic stone

According to the production technology of synthetic stone, synthetic stone has the following characteristics (mainly for the 95% components of natural marble, synthetic stone processing technology mature in terms of)
1, no color, natural marble to see directly from the mine mining, the slightly processed, mine formation and texture of natural stone marble is composed of the decision, resulting in the inconsistency of many natural stone lines, and synthetic stone is the natural Dali stone crushing, processing and forming therefore, can control the color is very good, this synthetic stone in a certain range can appear no obvious color difference, the advantage is to facilitate the laying of large area, maintain a consistent style on the whole.
2, environmental protection, natural marble based on the composition of different characteristics are not the same, some dark colors contain put color material, and synthetic stone in the choice of natural stone powder can avoid these substances, so as to achieve no radiation environmental standards.
3, close to the natural stone texture, synthetic stone can be very close to the natural texture, color sense, so in some color, synthetic stone large area laying effect can be comparable and natural stone.
4, excellent performance, good water absorption rate, the structure more closely than natural stone.
5, no fine cracks, anti fouling, easy to clear
Synthetic stone market prospects

Because the natural marble belongs to non renewable resources, and due process, that other factors, China's marble mine waste a lot of resources seriously, there has been a lot of crazy mining mine has been razed to the ground, and to maximize the use of natural stone synthetic marble blocks, so the use of synthetic stone to make a future development trend the.
With the increasing maturity of the processing technology, synthetic stone can make very close to the natural stone texture and color sense, the future will be better, and can make some natural stone do not have texture, these color makes people choice is no longer confined to the limited natural stone texture, greatly enrich the designer's design thinking.
In recent years, people increasingly high degree of concern for environmental protection and, as before on the curtain wall glass has been widely used, in some part of the local government to promote the use of stone, ceramic plate without light pollution, so one direction is a stone curtain wall.
Present situation of synthetic stone in China

At present, the domestic synthetic stone is the basic introduction of equipment and technology from Italy, natural stone mining and processing of polyester in China, influenced by the technology and process conditions, at present mostly to imitate foreign synthetic stone, low price, product quality is uneven in quality.
Are there Guangdong manufacturers, but the size is not large, there are some domestic market to do good, but because of publicity and other reasons, the market visibility is not too high.
In addition, Taiwan, Rome, Shek Kong, is also the use of this process production.
Foreign synthetic stone

The world famous synthetic stone is mainly Italy, Spain, Portugal, but because the market operation is not the same, most of the domestic market is currently the largest manufacturer of synthetic stone, should belong to Italy Q brand, Quarella, has 5 factories, there are agents in the Chinese there are also other. Some brands such as RMC and so on, but many are made by some domestic companies from foreign manufacturers purchase, do some projects in the country, so there is no what brand promotion, publicity etc..
Synthetic slate

Is a composite material made from high temperature nano fiber mats and high performance epoxy resin, with low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, natural resistance, anti-static, light weight, resistance to chemical corrosion.

Synthetic slate is widely used in electronics, aviation, ships and other fields. In the protective material field welding manufacturing electronics, synthetic materials have stone easy processing, high strength, thin plate bending strength of the workpiece remain the biggest best choice in hot state and heating process. It provides a durable, high temperature resistant and antistatic PCB plate carrier for electronic wave soldering / reflow soldering. It can maintain good mechanical strength in 380 degree high temperature continuous use.

The synthetic slate can be fully adapted to the 360 wave soldering / reflow soldering process and the production needs. In the continuous use of high temperature production line, the service life can reach more than 20000 times