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Garden planting roof greening roof drainage pond lawn water filter plate of water storage and drainage plate heat insulation function

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Degree: 2.0cm2.5cm3.0cm

Size: 50 cm *50 cm

Did not hit 20 pieces, did not hit 5 square metre

Material: HDPE

The price is one square meterPlastic storage and drainage plate
[product use] roof greening, underground engineering, air defense garage roof greening.
[product material] high density polyethylene (HDPE)
[product function] drainage, water storage, root control, heat insulation, ventilation
[price unit], 4 pieces for one square meter, unit price *4 piece =1 square metre price

The roof water storage and drainage board has been used for decades in developed countries, and it has been developed for nearly ten years in China. The advantages of various drainage materials are summarized. It is the first step of roof greening. The main principle is to separate planting layer and roof, and play the following roles:

Very smooth drainage:
Drainage is the most important function of roof greening, the water can be discharged in time, the roof will not leak. Roof green storage and drainage board, plane up, the roof overhead separation, so that rainwater through the geotextile filter to the overhead layer, drainage unimpeded. It avoids the problems that the traditional coiled drainage plate is inclined upwards, resulting in the soil falling into the convex point space and unable to drain.

* insulation:
Through the overhead function of the special storage and drainage board, the heat is cut off, so that the temperature can not be transmitted to the roof, thereby reducing the indoor temperature.
Roof greening soil layer is generally thin, high temperature, rapid evaporation of water, so the unique storage tank design, to ensure that excess water stored in the groove, neither increase roof load, but also for plant absorption.

* root control:
The roots are unable to grow in natural air without soil media (e.g., holes on the side of the flowerpot, and the roots don't grow outside). When the plant roots grow into the overhead air layer formed by the storage and drainage board, there is no soil in the aerial layer, and the air in the aerial layer inhibits the root system, so that the root system does not grow downwards, but it will be separated horizontally in the soil layerMore fine roots(air root control principle). It not only controls the damage of root system to roof and waterproof layer, but also promotes the plantHair rootDeveloped, stronger vitality.

Very high compression:
The special water storage and drainage plate adopts the general engineering plastics HDPE injection molding technology, never breaking, aging, super compression (cover soil more stable), no need to worry about the construction will trample on the crushed.

By air:
There are 2 - 3cm overhead on the roof of the green storage and drainage boardAir layerMake the soil more breathable, conducive to plant growth