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Installation of cylinder MU/CDUJB8*4/6/8/10/15/20/25/30 in multi directions, single and double action of internal and external teeth

The same price as the inside and outside teeth of the cylinder. Please ask the customer service before taking a magnetic or single and double move! Thanks

discount 70% in 2018-07-17 to 2018-07-19
price: USD$ 21.00
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CDUJB series minitype free installation cylinder

1) to order bore 6MM, stroke 6MM, double action. The correct order type is CUJB6-6D

2) to order bore 10MM, stroke 25MM, external magnetic tape, single action. The correct order code is: CDUJB10-10SM

Common faults

Problems and causes:
The cylinder is cast into the cylinder, to go through the factory after aging treatment, the internal stress of the cylinder produced in the casting process to completely eliminate live. If the aging time is short, then the processed cylinder will deform in the future operation.     

The cylinder force at run time the situation is very complicated, in addition to the cylinder and gas pressure difference and installed in the various components of the weight of the static load, but also bear the static blade of steam flowing out of the stationary part of the reaction force, and various forces on the cylinder connecting pipe of hot and cold state, interaction the force of the cylinder, prone to plastic deformationLeakage.

    The load changes, the cylinder is too fast, especially the fast startup, shutdown and condition of temperature change, warming cylinder the way is not correct, downtime when open the insulation layer greatly premature, thermal stress in the cylinder with flangeForce and thermal deformation.

     The cylinder in mechanical process or after welding are produced after stress, but not on the cylinder are tempered to be eliminated, resulting in cylinder residual stress, permanent deformation in operation.

In the process of installation or maintenance, due to maintenance process and maintenance technology, the inner cylinder, cylinder partition, partition sets and vapor envelope expansion gap is not appropriate, or lug plate expansion gap is not appropriate, after running to generate huge cylinder expansion forceDeformation.

The use of the cylinder sealant quality is not good, too many impurities or wrong type; if a cylinder sealant impurity particles will be hard to close the sealing surfaceCombination。 

But the bolt tightening force is insufficient or unqualified material bolt. The tightness of the cylinder joint surface mainly depends on the tightening force of the bolt. The thermal stress and high temperature caused by the start and stop of the unit or the increase and decrease of load will cause the stress relaxation of the bolt. If the stress is not enough, the pretension of the bolt will gradually decrease. If the cylinder bolt material is not good, the bolt in the long run, in the thermal stress and cylinder expansion forceUnder the action of elongated, plastic deformation or fracture, tight force will be insufficient, so that the leakage of the cylinder phenomenon. 

The cylinder bolt is not in the correct order. The common cylinder bolts are fastened at the same time from the center to the two sides when fastening, that is, from the biggest place of the sag or the maximum deformation of the force, so that the gap of the largest deformation will be transferred to the free end of the cylinder before and after the end of the gap gradually disappear. If it is tight from the two sides to the middle, the gap will be concentrated in the middle, forming a bow shaped gap between the cylinder joint surface, causing steamLeak。

     The internal and external leakage of the cylinder is due to the eccentric installation of the piston rod, insufficient lubrication oil supply, wear and damage of the sealing ring and sealing ring, impurities in the cylinder and piston rod damage, etc.. So, when the cylinder internal and external leakage, should re adjust the center of the piston rod, the piston rod and the cylinder to ensure the coaxiality; need to check the oil mist, the reliability of the work, to ensure the implementation of components of good lubrication; when the sealing ring and the sealing ring wear or damage, should be replaced in a timely manner; if there are impurities in the cylinder, should be promptly removed; when the piston rod has a scarIt should be replaced.

     The cylinder's output force is insufficient and the movement is not stable, generally is because the piston or the piston rod is jammed, the lubrication is bad, the gas supply quantity is insufficient, or in the cylinder has the condensation water and the impurity and so on the reason. In this regard, the center of the piston rod should be adjusted; check whether the work of the oil mist is reliable; whether the gas supply pipeline is blocked. When there is condensate and impurities in the cylinder, it should be removed in time.
The cushion effect of the cylinder is bad, usually due to the wear of the buffer seal ring or the damage of the adjusting screw. At this point, the sealing ring and adjusting screw should be replaced.
Cylinder piston rod and cylinder head damage, usually due to piston rod installation eccentric or buffer mechanism does not work. For this reason, the center position of piston rod should be adjusted, and the buffer sealing ring or adjusting screw should be replaced.

The surface of the cylinder with large deformation or serious steam leakage is studied by scraping and scraping the joint surface
There are two ways to grind the joint surface of cylinder:

It is not tight with the surface of the bolt, Jack slightly move the cylinder before and after, according to the case with red colored cylinder to scrape. This method is suitable for high pressure cylinder with strong rigidity.
It is tight with the bolt face, according to the examination with the feeler tightness, and the pressure of the measured numerical traces, scrape the surface, this method can eliminate the effect of vertical cylinder arc gap.

The appropriate use of the cylinder.Sealing material

3 local weldingMethod

The combination of surface coating or cylinderSpray

The combination of surface padMethod

The control of bolt stressMethod

Using the method of the polymer material in the new period

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