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FR4 epoxy board, 3240 epoxy resin board, glass fiber board insulation plate mold insulation board processing 1/2/3/6/8mm

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Electric board 

It's also called glue board and phenolic laminating board. Product of paper and cotton paper as reinforcing material with excellent quality and bleaching of wood, petrochemical raw materials of high purity, the total synthesis of the reaction of phenolic resin made from a resin adhesive for manufacturing do.

Material Science
Synthesis: phenolic laminate made from bleached wood paddle impregnated with phenolic resin grease.

Bakelite bakelite plate: with insulation, do not produce static, wear-resistant and heat-resistant properties, as an electronic product, mechanical switch and variable resistor for tooling and production line fixture, and can be used in transformer oil and other products. Bakelite, is a kind of synthetic chemical substances, when heated after molding, then solidification can not plastic caused by other things, because it is non absorbent, conductive, high temperature resistance, high strength characteristics, with wide application for electrical products, hence the name. Electronic production tool fixture production, performance testing......

Room temperature electrical performance, good machining performance, the proportion of 1.45, warping degree is less than or equal to 3 per thousand, with electrical, mechanical and processing properties of excellent. Paper electric board is the most common laminate, is also the world's most widely used, the largest amount of industrial laminate. Main characteristics: good mechanical strength, anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, is impregnated with phenolic resin impregnated paper insulation, baking, hot pressing. The product is suitable for insulation parts and components in motor and electrical equipment with high mechanical performance, and can be used in transformer oil. The mechanical strength is good, suitable for PCB drilling plate, distribution box, fixture board, mold splint, high and low pressure distribution box, packaging machine, comb and so on. It is suitable for motor, mechanical mould, PCB and ICT fixture. Forming machine, drilling machine, table grinding pad [1] board. Import electric board application field: suitable for PCB drilling, silicone rubber mold. Jig, switchboard, electrical machinery parts.


It is suitable for motor, electrical equipment and insulation structure parts with high mechanical performance requirements. Good mechanical strength, mainly used ICT, ITE processing, fixture in insulation parts test fixture, silicone rubber key mold, jig board, plywood mold, surface grinding plate, packing machine, tray comb.

Physical property table
Electric board of project unit
Color red / Black
Specific gravity g/cm1.45
Temperature (continuous) degree C140
Temperature (short) degree C300
Water absorption rate%<1.5
Linear thermal expansion coefficient Kx10
Flammability (UL94) 94HB
The vertical layer to the flexural strength of MPa = 120
The vertical layer to the compressive strength of MPa is greater than or equal to 250
The tensile strength of MPa = 100
Impact strength kJ/m67
Adhesion strength N3600
Insulation resistance 1.0*10 after immersion
Vertical layer electrical strength KV/m12.1
Parallel layer breakdown voltage KV10
The relative dielectric constant (1MHz/50Hz) 5.5/-
Volume resistance 10-7~10-8 ohm xcm
Surface resistance Omega

Economic performance
Bakelite products due to its low price of raw material and product characteristics is excellent, many plastic products preferred alternatives. The price of raw materials products in the price of ABS bakelite almost 50%. Although the bakelite molding products for heating molding, processing time than ordinary plastic, mould wear on the larger steel demand is higher, but because of the raw material price advantage, is still the preferred alternative to many plastic parts.