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R12 refrigerant, freon, refrigerator refrigerant, gross weight 12.6kg, net weight 9.6kg

R12 refrigerant, freon, refrigerator refrigerant, gross weight 12.6kg, net weight 9.6kg

discount 70% in 2018-10-23 to 2018-10-25
price: USD$ 140.00
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freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The gross weight is 12.6kg net weight 9.6kg

Two methylene chloride (CFC-12)

Character use

CFC-12 is colorless gas at normal temperature, colorless and transparent liquid under its own pressure, non-toxic and nonflammable, has good thermal stability and chemical stability, except magnesium and magnesium alloy, no corrosion to other metals. Insoluble in water but miscible with carbohydrates, halogenated hydrocarbons and certain solvents in any proportion. It is a convenient and safe refrigerant. It is widely used in various refrigeration systems. The temperature range of -60-10 degrees of refrigeration can be obtained. It is also widely used in perfumery, medical treatment, plastics and other industries.

Physicochemical properties of molecular formula CCl2F2

Boiling point, temperature -29.8

The critical temperature is 112.2

Critical pressure, Mpa4116.2

Liquid density (g/cm3) 1291.2

CFC-12Must be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.

Quality index appearance colorless, not muddy, odor is no smell

The purity of more than%99.8

The water is less than or equal to%0.0005

Acidity% in HCl 0.00001.

Evaporation residue is less than or equal to%0.01

[instructions for use]

1, before use, must check the inflatable valve for qualified products, strictly prohibit the use of poor inflatable valve.

2, to ensure the high and low pressure pipe, valve and air conditioner interface installation is correct, to confirm the inflatable device has been closed high pressure. Before inflation, the pressure gauge should be used to check the system pressure so as to prevent the pressure in the tank from exceeding 1Mpa (10kgf/cm2).

3. When the air is inflated, the air duct is connected well, a section is connected to the air conditioner, one end is connected with the snow seed pot, and the thimble of the inflating valve is screwed downward to cover the top cover of the snow seed tank, so that the snow species in the tank can flow out, and the thimble of the inflating valve is turned upwards. The snow seed pot upside down, snow seed can be rushed into the air conditioner.

4. This product should be used by professional technicians with technical qualifications under its guidance.


1. No child touch;

2, the operation is strictly prohibited to align the tank body;

3, jet, please keep the aerosol can and the horizontal angle of not less than 45 degrees;

4, please store in less than 40 degrees, away from the heat source and open flame, no exposure, impact, pierce or burn pot

Note: This product does not go to the post office, do not send air express! Please contact our store before purchasing.

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1, this product can help Guangzhou,

2, other cities, such as Shanghai, Xi'an freight logistics company freight 10 yuan / kg, non one or two city freight, please consult the owner.

3, the product does not contain tax and freight, such as invoice plus 10 points (ordinary invoice). Freight can be raised

4, freight logistics company can only be door-to-door by customers. Not to your home delivery.

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