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RBR404A refrigerant refrigerant Freon Freon gross weight 1500g net weight 800g

Standard R404A refrigerant air conditioner refrigerant freon, GW 1500g100% pure snow

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Guarantee 100% pure R404A

The gross weight is 1500g net weight 800g

Each piece of 12 bottles is individually packed

Because R-404A belongs to the HFC type non azeotropic refrigerant (completely free of destruction of the ozone layer, CFC, HCFC) are currently recognized and recommended by most of countries in the world of the mainstream low temperature refrigerant, is widely used in the installation and maintenance of the process of adding new refrigeration equipment in the.

It meets the standards of EPA, SNAP and UL of the environmental protection organization of the United States, and conforms to the A1 safety rating category of the American Association of heating, refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) (the highest level, harmless to human body).

R-404A is widely used as refrigerants today, often used in cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, transportation and refrigeration equipment (refrigerated trucks etc.), supermarket refrigeration condensing units, display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment.

R404A R22 and R502 instead of Freon refrigerants are the most common industry standard on new refrigerant refrigeration equipment (usually cryogenic system), R404A is the closest to the R-502 operation, it is suitable for all R-502 can be the normal operation of the R404A environment, the vast majority of the world's recognition and use of refrigeration equipment manufacturers.

But because of the R404A and R502 R22 and physicochemical properties and theory of cycle performance and compressor oil are not the same, so the installation of R502 and R22 refrigerant refrigeration equipment maintenance and customer service, if need to add or replace the refrigerant, still can add R502 and R22, are usually not directly to R404A instead of R502, R22 (also that is usually can not replace shake style).

Physical and chemical properties of R-404A

Refrigerant name R-404A

Molecular weight 97.6

Boiling point (1atm), temperature -46.8

The critical temperature is 72.1

Critical pressure, kPa3732

Saturated vapor pressure (25 C), kPa1255

Vaporization heat / evaporation latent heat (boiling point, 1atm), kJ/kg207

Ozone potential (ODP) 0 was destroyed

Global warming potential (GWP, 100yr) 3800ASHRAE

Security level A1 (non-toxic, nonflammable)

R-404A storage and transportation

R-404A refrigerant cylinder is a pressure vessel, stored away from the fire, heat source, avoid direct sunlight exposure, usually stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse;

Handling should be light, light unloading, to prevent the cylinder and valves and other accessories damaged.

R-404A is equipped with refrigeration oil, usually with R-404A refrigerant oil: ICEMATICSW32, SW220, EMKARATERL32H, RL170H and so on;

In different equipment and applications which eventually use frozen oil, should follow the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration (air conditioning) equipment manufacturers recommend, or according to the specific circumstances of the use of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration compressor, the compressor oil to determine the use of the same design and technical requirements, the selection of lubricating oil equivalent [note]

1. No child touch;

2, the operation is strictly prohibited to align the tank body;

3, jet, please keep the aerosol can and the horizontal angle of not less than 45 degrees;

4, please store in less than 40 degrees, away from the heat source and open flame, no exposure, impact, pierce or burn pot;

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