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Fire proof flame retardant polyurethane sandwich color steel composite material with metal carved board exterior wall thermal insulation decorative board

Carved metal insulation decoration plate, light weight, convenient installation, greatly reducing the construction time, the aluminum zinc steel baking process of long service life, beautiful and durable. The polyurethane sandwich insulation effect is remarkable and reaches B1 grade fireproof. It is suitable for exterior wall thermal insulation decoration, dining car, movable room, container room, box change and so on.

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Product introduction                        


Carved metal plate used in environmental protection raw materials (polyurethane inner layer and the refrigeration and air conditioning in the insulation layer for the same material), non-toxic, no smell, no pollution, protect the green construction and decoration. The surface is high quality color embossment decorative metal plate processed by special layer, the middle layer is hard by high density polyurethane foam flame retardant insulation thermal layer, the bottom surface is up to the aluminum foil protective layer insulation moisture-proof effect. The wall itself has heat insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, lightweight, convenient construction, seismic noise, green environmental protection, beautiful appearance and durability and other characteristics, at the same time as the plate assembly is simple and practical, not affected by seasonal environmental restrictions, so the installation is very convenient and safe for all seasons. This innovative exterior wall insulation board highlights its absolute advantage.

The same material has decorative and heat insulation function, the appearance of the galvanized plate embossing and paint, can form a mahogany pattern, brick pattern, bark grain, culture stone, marble, mosaic and other hundreds of art decoration effect; carved metal plate effectively solves the problem of single function of traditional materials, the exterior decoration and insulation synchronization by using metal plate; carved decoration of the house, because of its good insulation effect, the indoor temperature in summer, relatively common building 3-5 degrees lower, only 5-8 years, saving the building in the air conditioning and refrigeration costs to be recovered material cost.

Usage: used for exterior wall insulation and decoration; exterior wall reconstruction of old building; booth, environmental protection toilet, living container room and box change.


Product advantage                  

1. project cost is low: the cost of this plate project is about 1/3 of the cost of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall project, and the decoration effect is excellent.

2. construction fast: construction speed is faster than similar material construction speed more than doubled.

3. renovation and renovation of old buildings need not be dealt with at the grassroots level. Direct mounting hanging plate.

4. long service life: 15 years without fading, the plate life of more than 50 years;

5. heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction: equivalent to 5cm thickness polystyrene board insulation effect

6. colors, rich patterns, arbitrary Collocation: brick pattern, stone, marble, bark, elastic coating lines, cultural stone etc.

7. wide application field, the transformation of old buildings renovation, indoor and outdoor decoration, all kinds of new buildings, can be wall, ceiling board, decorative board; activities room, booth, container room, toilets, box can be used.

8. light weight, convenient transportation, convenient installation.

9. environmental protection and energy saving, products without any pollution, there is no construction waste.

10. high hardness, good impact resistance, strong resistance to wind pressure;

11. fire retardant, no gas generation.


 Product display





Marble carved metal plate                                                      


Standard brick pattern metal carved board


Metal plate with rough brick pattern                                          


Wide and narrow brick pattern                            


Brick pattern carved metal plate

Wood grain metal carved board                                  



Stone lines carved metal plate



Long stone metal engraved board



Stripe metal carved board


Flat pattern metal engraved board


Mosaic pattern metal engraved board



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