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In summer, the front windshield, the sun block, the automobile shade screen, the sun plate, the sucker, the heat insulation, the sun shade, the curtain, the steam

discount 70% in 2018-10-22 to 2018-10-24
price: USD$ 73.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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This is a special car, which is made now,Pro oh please note, before the file is now 3 holes, after the 3-4 file is a hole, side of the block is 2 holes, 1 holes of the individual window oh.

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AudiAudi A1  The Great Wall    MazdaMazda 2 hatchback 
Audi A3 hatchbackAudi A3 three compartmentHarvard H5     
Audi old A406-12 yearsHarvard M2  Mazda 3 car three12 models and the previous classic
Audi A4L  Harvard H3  Mazda 6 
Audi A5 two door  Harvard H6  Mazda CX-5 
audi a606-12 yearsDazzling  Ma 6 sedan run 
Audi A6LParagraph 09-12Harvard M4  Angke Sierra hatchback 
Audi A6L13-16 paragraphTeng wing C50  Angke Sierra three car 
Audi A7  Teng wing C30  Art of Art 
Audi A8L  Harvard H2S  The Coupe 
Audi Q3  Harvard H1  The horse 3 Aveo hatchback 
Audi Q5  Harvard H2  The horse 3 Aveo three car 
Audi Q7  Harvard H9  Mazda CX-4 
Audi TT  Harvard H6coupe     
PorscheCayenne  dodgeJcuv     
Porsche Macan         
BenzClass A (11 and previous)  Dongfeng fashion / Dongfeng Fengshen / Dongfeng styleJing Yi S50Jing Yi XVMitsubishi   
Mercedes Benz SMART  JoyearLing Zhi V3The OutlanderParagraph 06-12
New B level13-16 paragraphJing Yi X5Ling Zhi M313 Outlander13-15 paragraph
Class C is not lengthened14 years agoPopular S500Popular SX6Brilliant ASX 
C lengthened L  Fengshen H30  lancer 
CLS   Fengshen A60  The wings of God 
R R300  Fengshen S30  Ling Yue V3 
Mercedes Benz E class lengthening  Fengshen A30  Lioncel 
Class E is not lengthened  Fengshen AX7  V5 induced by siderite 
Mercedes Benz GLK  Fengshen L60  Southeast DX7 
S350   Jing Yi X3  Ling Shi V6 
    Grace MX5Grace MX6   
GLA   Dongfeng scenery 330Scenery 370Thai peopleThai T600The 100/ Taiun Zotye Z100
  CLA     Scenery 360  Thai Z300
          Thai Z560Thai Z500
        Scenery 580Thai Z700Thai SR7
            Thai SR9
          Big step X7Big step X5
BMWX1   FordNew Fawkes three compartments12 new models - now (indicating displacement)kIaK2 three compartmentNew K5 (16 models - now)
The new X311-15 paragraphNew Fawkes hatchback12 new models - now (indicating displacement)K2 hatchback 
Old X310 paragraphs and beforeOld Fawkes11 paragraphs and beforeK3  
X5   Old Fawkes11 paragraphs and beforeK4  
X6   Classic Fawkes13 paragraphs and beforeK5 (15 paragraphs and previous)KIA KX5
New 1 series and four gates  Classic Fawkes13 paragraphs and beforeKX3 proudly runKX7
New 3 series LI lengthened13-16 paragraphFiestaParagraph 09-15Freddy 
The old I imports are not lengthenedParagraph 05-12FiestaParagraph 09-15Cerato car three 
The new 3 series I imports are not lengthened13-16 yearsOld carnivalParagraph 04-08New JialeParagraph 06-11
3 Series 2 door hardtop I  Old carnivalParagraph 04-08New Jiale13
BMW 7 line Li  MaxRoad breakerShow Seoul 
The old 3 line I is not lengthened05-12 yearsSharp boundary import  Sportage 
Import 4 series two door  ExplorerDomestic sharp edge (15- now)K3S  
New BMW 5 line Li  Maverick  The Sorento14 paragraphs and before
BMW Z4  Wing Bo  Sportage 
Mini miniOneMini mini (14 and previous)win a victory  InfinitiFX Same QX70
MINI ClubmanMini MiniThe new Mondeo13-15 new styleJX35 Same QX60
Mini countrymanCountry folkOld MondeoParagraph 04-06G 
BMW X4  Fu Rui Adams  MSame Q70L
Old BMW 5 line I    Taurus  Q50L  
3 line GT        EX Same QX50
BuickExcelle  AuspiciousImperial EC7BotopNissanQi Jun (08-13) 
Excelle HRV hatchback  Imperial EC7RVImperial GSNew steed (14 paragraph - now) 
The new Regal (09 - present)  Imperial EC8  Qashqai16 new Qashqai
The old Regal (04-08)  Global Hawk GX7  tiidaNew Blue Jays
Lacrosse (09-15)The new LaCrosse (16 - present)Global Hawk GX2Know beans D2New sounds of nature (06-12)Kroraina
The old Lacrosse (06-08)  Global Hawk GC7  13 new sounds of nature (13 paragraph - present) 
Encore  Three boxes of diamond  Old there (05-10) 
Hideo XT (14 and earlier)  British SC6  The new Teana (11 - present) 
Hideo GT (14 and earlier)  British SC7  Li Wei 
Keangkewei  British SX7  march 
Old money Lu Zun GL8Before the 12 paragraphGeely Panda  The classic Sylphy Sylphy / (07-11) 
Weilang three car  Free ship  New Sylphy (12 - present) 
New Hideo (15 - present)  Geely prospect  Kai Chen R50 
New GL8  British SC5  Kai Chen D50Kai Chen T90
Weilang GS hatchback  Imperial EC7-RS  Paladin 
    Brilliant  NV200  
LUXGENNa Chi Jie 5  RenaultKoleos  New sunshine11-15 paragraph
6      Kai Chen R30 
Na Zhijie Da 7      Kai Chen T70 
HondaThe nine generation Accord13-16 paragraphToyotaVios14modernEight generation Sonata13 ~11 models
The eight generation Accord08-12 modelsVios13 paragraphs and beforeNine generation Sonata 
Old seven generation AccordParagraph 04-07Elegant man  Sonata 
The old civic (eight generation)Paragraph 04-10Old ReizParagraph 05-09Brand new wins /IX45-15 for 13 years
The new civic (nine generation)11 years November -15Reiz10-15 paragraphI30  
Jed  New corolla14-15 Accent 
Old paragraph CRVParagraph 07-11Corolla13 paragraphs and beforeThe hatchback 
New CRV12-16 paragraphhighlander14 paragraphs and beforeThe three caracceptance
Honda XRV  New Camry12-15 paragraphElantraWyatt RV
The old fitParagraph 04-07Classic CamryParagraph 06-11Tucson 
The old fitParagraph 04-07Old RAV413 models and previous (hanging spare tire)Modern IX35New Tucson
New fit for 08-13Paragraph 08-13New RAV413 -15 models (don't hang the spare wheel)ElantraModern leading
14 new fit14- nowNew crown10-14 paragraphThe name of the map 
Crosstour  Old crownParagraph 05-09IX25  
Crider  New corolla13 -15 modelsRui Yi 
city  Old corollaParagraph 04-12Huatai classicThe new Santa Fe
Spirior14 paragraphs and beforeRalink  Lang 
Bin Chi  Old bullyParagraph 04-09sonata 
04 Odyssey      Import SantafeParagraph 06-12
05-08 Odyssey      Fiat   
09-14 OdysseyParagraph 09-14Prado 14 models  Fei Xiang 
Idea S1  15 Highlander  bravo 
GeruiJing RuiYi Zhi  Freemont 
Ming SiCity    Wyatt 
BYDF0   SKODABright and sharp14 paragraphs and beforeRoewe / mgRoewe 350Roewe 360
F3   15 Octavia  Roewe 550Roewe RX5
F3R   Sharp (14 and before)Domestic wild emperor /yetiRoewe 750 
F6   superbSharp (15 present)Roewe W5Roewe I6
S7   Xin Rui  Roewe 950 
S6 Song

The old school of speed (15 paragraphs and before)

16 new quick factionOld mg 3/MG3SWNanjing 08-10
L3 TangXin move  A new 3SAIC 11-15 years
G3 elementGuangzhouChuan Qi GS5  Mg 5 
M6   Chuan Qi GS5 speed Bo  The Mg 6 hatchback 
Qin  Chuan Qi GA5Chuan Qi GS8Mg 6 
Suree  GAC GIO E beauty  Mingjue Ruiteng (GS) 
Sage  Chuan Qi GA3  A sharp line GT 
G5   Chuan Qi GS4  MG 7 
BeautifulPeugeot 206  Yangtze and Huai riversWyattRefine M3CitroenC2 C6
207   Wyatt A30  C3-XR  
207   Refine S3Three and A13 carC4L  
301   Refine S5  C5  
307 three compartments  Yue Yue  DS5 LS  
307 hatchback  Refine  DS5  
308 (15 paragraphs and previous)New 308 (16 paragraph - now)Wyatt RS (refine M2)  C4 imports 
408 The 13 paragraph includes the previous oneRefine S2Ruifeng S2miniOld Picasso 
New generation 40814,15 paragraph (with rain sensor and no rain sensor)Jianghuai IEV4  wealthy and healthy 
508   Subaru13 forest people13-15 paragraphTriumph 
3008   Old ForesterParagraph 04-12Sega Sega 
2008   Subaru XV  C-Quatre13 CROSS and previous pass
308S hatchback  OutbackThe 15 paragraph - nowElysee13 years ago
        The new Elysee14 new models
        C4 Sega 
Po ChunBao Jun 630Bao Jun 560CadillacXTS   SuzukiAmagatarai SX4 
SparkBao Jun 610Seville SLS  Day three car Shang YueChanghe Q35
Bao Jun 730Bao Jun 310SRX   Feng YuChanghe Q25
  Bao Jun 510       
BeijingBeiqi E series hatchbackSaab X25ATS-L   Old dipperFreda M50S
Beiqi E series three carSaab X55    AntelopeFreda M70
The Saab D20 hatchbackSaab CC      liana
Saab D50The Saab D20 sedanChrysler    The new AltoThe 13 paragraph - now
Saab D60Beiqi EV electric hatchback    Swifts 
Saab D70Saab X35JEEP jeepGrand Cherokee  Antelope 
Saab X65Beiqi magic speed S6Import guide16 paragraphs and beforeSuzuki Keietsu 
Beiqi magic speed S2Beiqi magic speed H3Free guest  Beidou X5 
Beiqi magic speed S3BAIC BJ40 two gateFree light  Liana A6 
Magic speedH2 BAIC new energy EX200New guide17  Domestic Vitra
  Phantom speed S3LBAIC BJ40L four gate  jeep 
  BAIC BJ20       
  Beijing BW007       
FAWPentium B50 (15 and previous)16 new Pentium B50A hippocampusHippocampus 323/ 3 generationsThe sea lucky starVolvoC30  
Pentium B70 (06-13)Pentium B70 (14-16 models)The old section of Premarin09S60L  
    Hippocampal M6  S60  
Pentium X80  knightHippocampal V70S40  
Pentium X40  New premarinThe 10 paragraph - nowV40  
Xiali A+ three compartmentWeizhi V5S7   S80L  
Xiali N5WeizhiNew hippocampal M32013-2016 V60  
Xenia M80Xenia R7Cupid  XC60  
Xiali N3Xiali N7Fu Lai Lai M5The fourth generationXC90  
  Jun faction D60    Hippocampal S5 
  Pentium B30    Hippocampal S5young 
  Pentium B90           
ChanganYue Xiang V7Changan CS95Land RoverAurora two door Edition  CheryChery A3 
Yue Xiang three compartments  Aurora four door Edition  Chery A3 
Yue Xiang V3  God Walker 2  Chery A1 
Escape  Finding 4  Chery A5 
CS35   Range Rover sports (13 and previous)  Qiyun 2 
Raeton  Range Rover sports (14- now)  E3  
CX20   LEXUSCT200h NX200 E5  
Changan CS15  IS   AI Ruize 7 
Yue Xiang V5  RX270/350 15 paragraphs and beforeAI Ruize 3AI Ruize 5
Shang Shang XT (escape XT)  Old paragraph ES240/350  AI Ruize M7 
Auneau  ES250/300h   QQ3  
Ouliwei  LifanLifan 620  Chery QQChery EQ
Old Ben (13 and earlier)New Ben (14 - present)Lifan 720Lifan 820Fengyun 2 hatchback 
Ben Mini  Lifan X60Lifan 280E electricTigerTiger 3X

Lifan 320

Lifan 320E electricTiger 5Tiggo 7
Auchan  Lifan X50  Tiger 3 
Changan S460  Marvell  Chery Kai wing C3Kai wing X3
Changan Star 2 generation    Lotto S  Chery Kai wing C3RKai wing V3
  Changan CX70         
  Ling Xuan, Changan         
The Chinese peopleJunjie FSV  ChevroletEpicaLe Feng RVPublicNew Passat (11 years - now)16 new Sagitar
Zhonghua V3  Aveo  03 Passat (03-06) 
H230   Happy wind three compartments  Passat07 Passat and Passat 07-10
Zhonghua H3      The new MAGOTAN (16 - present) 
Junjie FRV  New sail13 ~10 modelsMAGOTAN (12-15) 
H330   New sail13 paragraphs and beforeOld Tang (07-11) 
H530   The old sail three05~04 old paragraphVolkswagen New Jetta (12 - present) 
Zhonghua V5      Volkswagen Sagitar (06-11) 
H320   Classic Cruze15 new Cruze (now 15-)Golf 7Blue collar
Zunchi  The Cruze hatchbackOnly front and front gearsGolf Travel EditionGolf Tour
Zhonghua H530    15 lettersGolf 6MAGOTAN Travel Edition
WulingWuling HongguangWuling Hongguang S1MalibuMai Rui Bao XLtiguanNew way of view L
  Wuling gloryWuling Hongguang SA coolCopaciDu LingHui ang
  Wuling light (note year)Wuling glory VLove EuropeKewoziCaddyPhaeton
OpelThe old Astra four door    Love only Ou three car   
    Mustang T70LufengLufengX5 X7 Landwind Landwind X5plus     
PublicNew POLO11-15 paragraphPublicVolkswagen CC  PublicJetta13 new models
Old POLO hatchback10 paragraphs and beforeTouareg  Old Jetta12 paragraphs and before
Old section POLO three car10 paragraphs and beforeTouran  08 beetles08-12 models
Long line  New Santana three (13- now)Santana Haona (hatchback)13 beetles13-15 years
Volkswagen Lang Yat14 paragraphs and beforeSantana 2000  08-12 Bora08-12 models
Sharan  Santana 3000  New Bora 1313-15
Scirocco  Poussin / Santana07 paragraphs and beforeBora classicParagraph 04-07
Lang Jing  New Touran L  New Bora 16The 16 paragraph - now
SsangyongDiweila  Beiqi Wei WangBeiqi Wei Wang S50 
  New aiteng    Beiqi Wei Wang M35 
  Korando    Beiqi Wei Wang M30 
        Beiqi Wei Wang M50F 
  Know beans D2    Tjatse 
  Swinburne X7  Golden cupJinbei sea lion 
JianglingYu Sheng S330    Jinbei new sea lion 
  Yu Sheng    Jinbei 750LI 
  Yu Sheng S350  CheetahCheetah CS10 
  Tiger pickup  Wild horseMustang T70