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Resistance to high temperature insulation board made synthetic stone abrasive rock lead-free carbon fiber plate plate ventor

Application: insulation test fixture, wave soldering, reflow, SMT surface mount, a furnace tray, tin furnace jig and electronic industry PCB. Cutting and machining according to customer's requirement specification

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price: USD$ 7.00
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Minimum Order Quantity:2
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Product nameSynthetic slate (carbon fiber board) is a composite made of glass fiber and antistatic high mechanical strength resin


Main features: in the temperature rising environment, ability can continue to maintain its physical characteristics, the wave soldering process, the result of high standard and no deformation situation. Put in a short time350And continue in260In the harsh operating temperature environment, the high temperature nanocomposite (synthetic stone) layer separation will not be produced. Synthetic stone can be improvedPCBAQuality in wave soldering process to avoid contamination of gold finger or contact hole due to human touch.

application area

Application areas: insulation test fixture, wave soldering and reflow soldering,SMTSurface mount, a furnace tray, tin furnace jigPCBElectronics industry.

colourBlack, grey, blue

Plate specificationThickness X width X length2-30mmX1020-1250mmX1220-2440mm

Place of Origin:Germany, Taiwan, China

Plate, rod and tube can be supplied with sampleSGSTest report, product size, specifications complete, adequate supply. Products are obtainedULCULAuthentication and acquisitionSGSTest report reaching EUROHSEnvironmental standard. And all kinds of materials, colors, specifications can meet the special requirements of customers, "ultra-thin, ultra thick, ultra wide, ultra long" is our specialty. Welcome to inquire:

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