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2020 seal cover plate aluminum profile cover for 2020 end cap

discount 70% in 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-18
price: USD$ 0.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:13
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1. All aluminum profiles in our company are6The price of the meter is all1Price of rice; all the accessories are priced1The price of the piece.Part of the special-shaped material is unified by one branch6Rice sales, can not be zero cut, such as the need to cut the zero price rise10%

2. The price of the product is free from tax. If you need to open the invoice, please let us know in advance.17%VAT invoice and 3%The invoice (Universal ticket), such as the additional tax point for the ticket.

3. All profiles are6.02A branch of rice, which can be cut and processed according to the specific needs, and the drawings must be produced.

4. All sections of our company are free of free cutting.But below or equal to or equal to.300mmAnother charge2The cutting fee of yuan and one branch, because the size of the profile is too short, it is also very dangerous to cut up.Cutting angle5Yuan and one knife, perforating and tapping2In the case of other processing, please contact the project. The specific cost is calculated according to the drawings.

5. The weight of the profile and accessories is not equal, so the freight can't be calculated according to the template. Please contact the manager before calculating the freight and modify the price before making the picture. If we don't get the contact ahead of time, we will not deliver the goods directly.



Industrial aluminum profiles (more specifications are constantly updated, if you don't find the products you need, welcome to Wangwang or call 0769-89771517).

National standard1530Aluminum profile

National standard1560Aluminum profile National standard1590Aluminum profile National standard15120Aluminum profile European standard4040Circular arc aluminum profile
National standard2040Aluminum profile European standard2020Aluminum profile European standard2040Aluminum profile National standard2080Aluminum profile National standard4040Light aluminum profile
European standard1640Aluminum profile National standard23130Aluminum profile European standard3030Aluminum profile National standard6090Aluminum profile National standard3030Heavy aluminum profile
National standard2020Aluminum profile National standard3060Aluminum profile National standard3090Aluminum profile European standard3090Aluminum profile European standard4545Light aluminum profile
European standard30150Aluminum profile European standard4040Aluminum profile National standard4040Aluminum profile European standard4545Aluminum profile National standard4080Light aluminum profile
National standard20120Aluminum profile National standard4040Aluminum profile European standard50100Aluminum profile National standard2080Aluminum profile European standard3060Light aluminum profile
National standard4060Aluminum profile European standard4080Aluminum profile National standard4080Aluminum profile European standard100100Aluminum profile European standard4545Arc aluminum profile
European standard3060Aluminum profile European standard4560Aluminum profile European standard8080Aluminum profile European standard4590Light aluminum profile European standard4040Right angle aluminum profile
European standard30120Aluminum profile National standard6060Aluminum profile European standard6060Aluminum profile European standard4040Heavy aluminum profile European standard4560Heavy aluminum profile
National standard2040Aluminum profile European standard4590Aluminum profile European standard4060Aluminum profile National standard8080Heavy aluminum profile European standard3030Circular arc aluminum profile
National standard15180Aluminum profile European standard5050Aluminum profile European standard2080Aluminum profile European standard4040Light aluminum profile European standard5050Light aluminum profile

Special parts for aluminum profiles(can be made according to the drawings)

Corner A fastening Connector Ornament Support

Aluminum / aluminum / aluminum rod / aluminum tube(can be made according to the drawings)

Aluminum rod Aluminum plate Aluminum row Aluminium circular tube Aluminium square tube

Profile opening (according to drawings)

Frame display (automation equipment rack, worktable, shield, manipulator, sound insulation cover, assembly line, etc.)

Explanation: the company has failed to release a large number of products due to Taobao's release of baby numbers, and the follow-up will be made up. If not found in the shop, please consult our customer service and can contact: Li Sheng 0769-8258194613724495750