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Imports of synthetic stone high temperature insulation board of Taiwan synthetic stone carbon fiber plate mold special tray plate

Synthetic stone widely used in electronics, aviation, shipbuilding and other fields. In the protective material field welding manufacturing electronics, synthetic materials have stone easy processing, high strength, thin plate bending strength of the workpiece remain the biggest best choice in hot state and heating process. For the electronic manufacturing PCB board soldering / reflow soldering provides a durable, high temperature resistance, anti static carrier. Can 380 high temperatures in continuous use can maintain good mechanical strength

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With the rapid development of high technology, people on theSynthetic stoneKnow more,Synthetic stoneThe application has been more and more widely, from the beginningSynthetic stoneThe application is only forWave solderingReflow solderingJig; pallets; fixture; solder paste printing and other fields, to nowSynthetic stoneHave the machinery; equipment; components; toasters and other food processing machinery industry; essential aviation ships and other products!

Synthetic stoneCarbon fiber board is a kind of glass mat made of staple fiber and high strength epoxy resin composite material, has low thermal conductivity, flame retardant,High temperature resistanceAnti staticThe characteristics and chemical resistance etc..Synthetic stoneCarbon fiber board is widely used in electronics, aviation, naval ships and other fields. In electronic manufacturing, welding and other protective materials,Synthetic stoneCarbon fiber board materials with high strength, easy processing, electronic manufacturingWave solderingReflow solderingProvides a durable,High temperature resistanceAnti staticThe PCB board carrier material. The highest temperature can withstand 425 degrees! In the high temperature working environment and continuous use can keep good mechanical strength.Synthetic stoneCarbon fiber board can fully meet the needs of 360 wave soldering, reflow temperature and production process. In the high temperature production line in continuous use in life can be up to 20000 times.
Synthetic stoneThe characteristics of
Synthetic stone(high temperature nano composite) in increasing temperature, can still maintain excellent physical properties;
B: after repeated substrate assembly process, can still maintain the size stability and flatness:
Synthetic stone(high temperature nano composite material) the low thermal conductivity, heat distribution on the substrate to ensure;
D: the synthetic stone (high temperature nano composite) properties, substrate holding fixture can be used in precision machining;
Synthetic stone(high temperature nano composite material of high strength resin) can effectively block the flux characteristics, to prevent sharp tin production.
Synthetic stoneThe application range of solder paste printing; SMT patch;Reflow solderingWave solderingConformal coating;; mechanical equipment; components; temperature; thermal insulation block.
Synthetic stoneThe role of PCB in the assembly process.
(1) to avoid contamination because of human touch;
(2) reduce scrap;
(3) to prevent PCB bow;

(4) production line width standard;
(5) the use of multifunctional fixture to improve production capacity;
(6) SMT components will be the bottom end cover, which can back through the standard local welding welding equipment;
Synthetic stoneIn the role of wave soldering

In the temperature rising environment, will continue to maintain its physical characteristics, theSynthetic stoneInWave solderingTin in the process, the result of high standard, and no deformation situation. In a short time at 425 degrees and 380 degrees in the harsh environment of continuous operating temperature, it will not causeSynthetic stone(high temperature nano composite) delamination; foaming; deformation.