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HMTEK refrigerant R404A net weight 10.9KG high purity genuine

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Product nameR404A (R-404A) product category: HFC chemical composition: five fluorine ethane / three fluorine ethane / fluorine ethane mixture

R404AIt is a mixture of HFC125, HFC-134a and HFC-143, which is colorless gas at normal temperature, colorless and transparent liquid under its own pressure. R-404A is suitable for new commercial refrigeration equipment, transportation refrigeration equipment or renewal equipment in medium and low temperature. The most close to the R-502 operation, can even reach 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 degrees Celsius) or colder, theCryogenSuitable for all R-502 operating environments.

Molecular formula: CHF2CF3/CF3CH2F/CH3CF3

Boiling point (101.3KPa, ~C): -46.1

The critical temperature is 72.4

Critical pressure (KPa): 3688.7

Liquid density g/cm3,25 OC: 1.045

Ozone depleting potential (ODP): 0

Global warming index (GWP): 3850

10.9Kg disposable cylinder packaging, ISOTANK filling, filling coefficient is not greater than 0.84kg/L.R404AThe refrigerant must be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place to avoid the sun and rain.

R404A (HP62) continues to serve as a HFC refrigerant for new commercial refrigeration applications worldwideIndustry standardLeading products. In refrigeration applications, as an alternative to R-502 and R-22, R404A (HP62) provides excellent capabilities and energy efficiency in refrigeration applications, and is recognized by the world's leading compressor manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

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Commercial refrigeration equipment;

Newly designed products and existing R-502 equipment.


Very close to R-502: working across the entire R-502 range.

The POE lubricant recommended by OEM will provide the best reliability

Suggestions for lubricating oil usage


technical parameter

Common data

Bai Lian refrigerant domestic general replacement guide

Safety data

R404A material safety data sheet

Characteristics, uses, storage and operation of HP80, HP81 and 404A

The best method for safe operation of refrigerant belier

Bailian safe refrigerant

Replacement guide

Guidelines for direct replacement of HFC refrigerants R134a and R404A in fixed equipment

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R404A is widely used as refrigerants today, often used in cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, transportation and refrigeration equipment (refrigerated trucks etc.), supermarket refrigeration condensing units, display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment.

R404A is an alternative refrigerant Freon R22 and R502 the most common industry standard on new refrigerant refrigeration equipment (usually cryogenic system), R404A is the closest to the R-502 operation, it is suitable for all R-502 can be the normal operation of the R404A environment, the vast majority of the world's recognition and use of refrigeration equipment manufacturers. But because of the R404A and R502 R22 and physicochemical properties and theory of cycle performance and compressor oil are not the same, so the installation of R502 and R22 refrigerant refrigeration equipment maintenance and customer service, if need to add or replace the refrigerant, still can add R502 and R22, are usually not directly to R404A instead of R502, R22 (also that is usually can not replace shake style).

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High altitude temperature gauge

Refrigerant pressure and temperature guidelines for replacement of R-22 and R-502

Thermal performance of R404A

R404A pressure enthalpy diagram

Refrigerant transport properties of R404A, HP80 and HP81

R404A phase line pressure drop

R404A phase velocity

Temperature slip of refrigerant mixtures R404A, 407C, MP39, MP66, HP80, HP81

Physical properties of R404A