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BMW 5 Series 3 series auto front windshield windshield visor front window sunshade curtain automatically retractable sun insulation

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 161.70
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Note: before use, you must look at the video in the web page or the instructions in the product, and there are instructions for installation and use. Improper installation and improper use, easy to roll.

Front automatic telescopic sunshade curtain for special car

The shell is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, which has more strength and lighter weight

Better protection of the fabric from harm, the appearance is more beautiful.

upperThe face is the size of the 7 models

 Please use theCtrl+FTo find what vehicle type, what kind of model, this way morethen

A591Type: applicable vehicle type

Mercedes Benz E, BMW X5, the first generation Cadillac SRX, Cadillac SLS, Land Rover Freelander 1, Opel Omega, Renault Koleos, Reno Laguna, red HQ3, TOYOTA, TOYOTA Camry old crown (Jia Mei), the old TOYOTA Vios, TOYOTA corolla, TOYOTA corolla, the old section of the Hyundai, Hyundai, modern NF business, modern MOIMCA name, Hyundai, Hyundai (Yue), Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai, Buick, Hyundai Rena old lacrosse, Buick Regal, Chevrolet old old Epica, Chevrolet SPEAK, mark 408 and mark 308 and mark307And mark 207 and mark 206, KIA, KIA, o-film les KIA, Citroen optima CeratoC2Roewe, Ford MengDiOu, 550, a MG6, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Santana, old POLO2000Poussin, the red flag prosperous times, Fengshen Bluebird, Xiali N5, Xiali 2000, FAW, FAW, FAW Weizhi Weizhi Ville V5, imperial EC7, imperial EC8, Geely Geely, geely vision, British diamond, British Golden Eagle Geely British SC7, Geely englon SC6, Geely Global Hawk GC7, Chery E5, Chery A5, CheryQQ3Chery, the above 3, Chery Qiyun 5, MITSUBISHI Lancer (Ling Shuai), V3 southeast Ling Yue, V5 southeast Ling induced, Southeast V6 Ling Shi, lobo, BYD speed sharp, BYD S6, BYD S7, BYD G6, BYD F3, BYD F3R, BYD G3, BYD L3, China H530, China H320 the H330, H230, FSV-FRV, the ROC ROC CROSS, Jianghuai eagle, Jianghuai, JAC TOJOY, JAC Yue Yue, Lifan 520, the Yellow Sea gisound V3, and other general models similar windshield.

A536Type: applicable vehicle type

Jaguar XJ, Jaguar XF,Lexus GS, Lexus IS, 9-3, 300C, Chrysler Saab, Reno Megan Aa Toyoda Eishi, Volkswagen Sharan, Volkswagen Passat, Bora Bora, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Gore, Fiat, Fiat Palio Weekend (Siena), Mg MG3, Citroen DS3DS4DS5, Citroen, Citroen, Citroen Elysee Senna, Zotye Z200, Geely free ship, such as universal windshield like models.

B591Type: applicable vehicle type

Benz old ML, Mercedes Benz Viano, Mercedes Benz B, smart, Q7, Audi Chrysler 2014 Voyager, Shuanglong road Dili, the old MITSUBISHI o'rand, MITSUBISHI ASX Jin Hyun, Nissan, Nissan, Nissan Tiida Sylphy, Nissan, Nissan Livina, mass leisure matwave, 11 new Volkswagen Touran, Volkswagen UP 8, Mazda, Mazda 2, mark 3008, nouchi MASTERCEO, nouchi 5, modern old Shengda, D50, R50, departure departure Jianghuai refine, Chery QQ6, BYD F0, Beijing automotive E series, Dongfeng shaico, Jinbei GM models, like the windshield.

                        Model B650: applicable vehicle type

Honda Odyssey Honda, Aili gentry, Honda civic, Honda, Honda, Honda, Jed Lingpai SDL, Honda fit, Honda accord, Dongfeng Honda Ming Si, the concept of S1, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA, Grundy king, Reno 2, Nissan quest of Ford S-MAX, Ford 09 new carnival, Chrysler old Voyager, Daoqikai collar, Mazda 5, Volkswagen Touran, nouchi 7MPV, nouchi 5, Hay Ma Cubitt, Citroen, hippocampus Premarin Picasso, the Great Wall C50, Chery Eastar cross, MITSUBISHI savrin, Southeast Chery Ruiqi 2, Ai Ruize M7, Wei Lin V5, BYD M6, RS, Jianghuai refine S3, Dongfeng Plaza so, general models similar windshield.

C591Type: applicable vehicle type

Mercedes Benz old S classThe old C, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz CLK, Lexus RX, Lexus ES, Acura MDX, Acura TL, Lu Hushen Walker 2, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CTS, Volvo XC90, Volvo XC60 Katie, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Phaeton, Volkswagen Beetle, Subaru, Subaru, Subaru, puma outback 2013 forest Europe, Baoan, new Shuanglong della Cochran, mark 508 and mark 3008, mark 2008, Mazda6Mazda Summit、Mazda TeziMazda, CX-7, Mazda CX-5, Mazda3(Ocamar Sierra)Guangzhou Honda 7 generation -8 generation Accord, Honda Chi, Dongfeng Honda 3 generationC-RVDongfeng HondaX-RVSpirior, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Honda CR-Z, TOYOTA Highlander, old TOYOTA RAV4, TOYOTA Prius, TOYOTA 2014 new TOYOTA, TOYOTA corolla, dazzle, 2014 TOYOTA Vios, TOYOTA Ralink, TOYOTA Yaris, TOYOTA Terios, Nissan Teana, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan, sun MITSUBISHI, MITSUBISHI, Ford Galant Ford wing God Maverick, wing Bo, Ford Fox, Fortfors J, Ford Mondeo, modern Vera Kors, modern Gerui, modern 2013 new Santa Fe, modern ix35, modern ix25, modern, modern, modern way wins i30 Lang, the modern name map, KIA, KIA, KIA Sportage Sportage Sorento KIA, KIA, KIA, kezun K5 K4, KIA K3, KIA K2, KIA KX3, KIA, KIA, KIA, Freddy surmax Jiale, Ka Wah, KIA RIO KIA Rio, Citroen C5, Citroen C4, Citroen, Citroen, Sega triumph 2009 Buick new LaCrosse, Kuwait, Buick ang Cora Bie Keang,Buick hideo,Buick Excelle, Buick HRV, Buick ExcelleGL8Buick, Buick, SUZUKI Royaum, Boulevard Amagatarai SX4, SUZUKI, Suzuki Riana, SUZUKI SX4 Shangyue swifts, SUZUKI Alto, FAW Pentium B90, FAW Pentium B70, FAW Pentium B50, FAW Pentium X80, FAW Europe Lang, Chevolet Kopacz, Chevrolet, Chevrolet, Chevrolet is creating cool love only Europe, Chevrolet, Chevrolet new Epica a style of music, Chevrolet Aveo, Roewe 950, Roewe W5, Mg Ruiteng, nouchi 7, LUXGEN gifted 6, GAC trumpchi GA5, GAC trumpchi GA3, Fiat Fei Xiang, Fiat Wyatt, Ai Ruize 7, Yi Ruize 3, Tiggo Chery, Chery, Chery, Chery and A1 dongfangzhizi 2, Chery M1, Chery Ruiqi Ruiqi X1, China V5, China zunchi, Geely panda, Geely Global Hawk GX2, Geely Global Hawk GX7, Geely GX9, hippocampus S7, hippocampus, hippocampal Knight of joy 3, the hippocampus, hippocampal Familia, hippocampus hippocampus, hippocampal M3, Prince of the sea lucky star, behind the Great Wall, the Great Wall, the Great Wall Ling AoTeng wingC30The Great WallC20RThe Great WallM4The Great Wall, HarvardH1The Great Wall Harvard H3, the Great Wall Harvard H5, the Great Wall hover H6, Po Chun 630, Bao Jun Le Chi, Changan Rui Chi, Changan Zisun XT, Changan escape, Changan Yue Xiang, Changan Yue Xiang V3, Changan Yue Xiang V5, Changan Yue Xiang V7, Changan rush, Changan Benben MINI, Changan CX20, Changan CX30 Changan, CS35, Changan CS75, Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, Dongfeng Fengshen A60, Dongfeng Fengshen S30, Dongfeng Dongfeng Fengshen H30, MX6, N5, or A380, Xiali Yongyuan Zotye 2008, Zotye 5008, Zotye T200, Zotye Z500, Shuanghuan noble, Southeast of terlica, refine S5, Roewe W5, Li Fan X60 Li Fan, 720, British G3, and other general models similar windshield.                                                                                                                                                          

C536Type: applicable vehicle type

BMW X6, BMW X5, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X1, BMW7New BMW 5, new BMW 3 series, BMW 4 series, BMW 2 series,BMW 1 series,The 2014 paragraph Benz S, 2014 Benz C, Mercedes Benz GL, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz GLK 2012 new M, Mercedes Benz CLS, Mercedes Benz CLA, Mercedes Benz GLA, Mercedes Benz A-class, Land Rover, Land Rover Discovery 4, Land Rover Aurora, Porsche, Panamera, Porsche, Infiniti Cayenne (QX70), FX Infiniti JX Infiniti (QX60), EX (QX50), Infiniti G (Q60), Infiniti Q50, Volvo S80, Volvo S40, Volvo S60, Volvo C30, Ford, Ford, Lexus, sharp Boundary Explorer LX, Lexus GX, TOYOTA Land Cruiser, TOYOTA Prado, TOYOTA Highlander, 2015 new TOYOTA 2015 new crown, TOYOTA 2014, TOYOTA Vios dazzle,Subaru old forest man, Subaru XV, JEEP grand cherokee,JEEP- guide, JEEP free guest, dodge avenger, dodge cool Bo, Audi A1, Audi A3,AudiA4LAudiA5AudiA6LAudi A7,Audi A8、Audi Q5, Audi Q3,Cadillac ATS, Ou Baoying Asia, Saab 9-5 speed,Buick NewRegal,MAGOTAN、2011 Volkswagen new Passat, Volkswagen 2011 New POLO, Volkswagen 2013 New Beetle, Volkswagen TiguanTiguanVolkswagen, Volkswagen, CC, Volkswagen Golf 6 (7),Volkswagen, Volkswagen long line, 2013 new Volkswagen Lavida, 2013 new Volkswagen Santana, Volkswagen Jetta, Skoda 13 new Skoda speed sharp, Hao Rui, Skoda, Skoda, Skoda, Octavia Xin Rui, Roewe 350, Jingrui mark 301 and mark 508, Fiat Philippine jump, KIA SOUL, MITSUBISHI Pajero, show Seoul 2013 MITSUBISHI NEW o'rand, the Czech Republic, China cool treasure, Honda 2 generationC-RVCheryA3Chevrolet Nissan Paladin, Mai Rui Bao, Chevrolet, Chevrolet (Buick) spark sail, qoros 3, X5 Landwind, Landwind X7, X8 Landwind, GAC trumpchi GS5, hippocampus S5, Zotye T600, JAC Binyue, changfengliebao, the Great Wall Harvard H9, the Great Wall Coolbear, the Great Wall hover M2, Saab Saab D50, X65 X60, Lifan, Huatai paulig, and other general models similar windshield.

D536Applicable vehicle type

Jetta, Chrysler PT rover, SAIC Roewe 750, SAIC, Mg MG7 cloud, cherry, cherry cherry 2, Qiyun Qiyun Geely BL, and other general models similar windshield.

Automatic expansionCar sunshade, is based on a different front glass radian size block design, it can effectively prevent the car interior aging and harmful gases, is a newly developed patent product. It is suitable for all kinds of cars, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, small trucks and buses.

Automatic recoveryoperationSimple and convenient, automatic recovery.

AntivolumepartialpretendThe device can recover the outer protective tube correctlyIn.

High reflective clothCord surfaceImported high brightness reflective film is adoptedEffectively insulate the sunWith ultraviolet radiation, shading, insulation effect is very good.

curtainCloth arcRadian design of front glass according to different models. Ensure the effect of shading.

The strongest heat insulationSunshine direct temperature40In the morning10spot11Point, stop60Minute test results: before the sun shade72After the sun shade42Temperature difference between the two30. Practical performance is very good.

securitypretendsimplesingleThe whole product can be installed and fixed only by three suckers. After installation, it does not need to be disassembled, and it does not affect the driving sight.

exquisite workmanshipSpecial shape,Fine and beautiful

The fan-shaped design is more suitable for the glass area of the front gear,

The shell is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, which has more strength and lighter weight,

Better protection of the fabric from harm, the appearance is more beautiful

Product specification catalogue
Product lengthCloth heightCloth widthOuter tube dimensionradianlengthwidthheightOnly Kg/30 PCS / pieces Kg
Type KSunshade curtain used for side window of passenger car
Sunshade. Special models can be customized according to customer demand


Common problem

1. sun visorWhy can't sucker suck firmly?

Answer: This product matches the sucker quality is very good, when doing suction and glass and sucker clean, sucker a bit hard, you can open blisters (3 minutes) soft in use. Suck up and drain the air inside, and don't smoke on the edge or uneven edge of the glass. Suck it up. It's very strong!!

2. sun shadeWhy are cords folded easily when they shrink?

Answer: when the trick points shrink, hand to echo cord and to the same speed automatic rewinding speed, let the curtainUType relaxation automatic winding, cord will not be folded at all. The contraction is as good as that!

3. sun shadeWhy can't the curtain be covered?

Answer: cord size is generally determined according to the height of the instrument panel to the rear view mirror, so the rearview mirror will be empty. Because of the rearview mirror, so the big sun block is not good use. In addition, some cars will be used too big to touch the rearview mirror, and some cord height to the rearview mirror is still a little distance. That's because the sun shield isn't built after all. Overall, it will not affect the use effect

This product is suitable for the front block. Please see the model and contact with the seller!