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Imported black synthetic stone anti-static synthetic synthetic stone stone stick carbon fiber plate mold insulation board

The main characteristics of synthetic stone: in the temperature rising environment, still can continue to maintain its physical properties, so that it can be in the wave soldering process to achieve high standard results and no deformation occurs. High temperature nano composite (synthetic stone) layer separation can not be achieved in a short time at 350 degrees Celsius and operating temperature at 260 C.

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Product Name: synthetic stone (carbon fiber board) is a kind of composite material made of glass fiber and antistatic high mechanical strength resin.
Main characteristics: the ability to maintain its physical properties in an environment where temperature is increasing gradually, so that it can achieve high standard results in wave soldering and will not changeShape occurrence. High temperature nano composite (synthetic stone) layer separation can not be achieved in a short time at 350 degrees Celsius and operating temperature at 260 C. Synthetic stone can improve the quality of PCBA in the process of wave soldering, and avoid the pollution of gold finger or contact hole because of human touch.
Application: insulation test fixture, wave soldering, reflow, SMT surface mount, a furnace tray, tin furnace jig and electronic industry PCB.
Specification: Sheet: thick x, wide x, long =3 ~ 12mmx1020/1220mmx1220/2440mm
Color: Black / Blue / grey
Origin: Taiwan
 Definition of stone formation
Synthetic stone is a kind of green stone, it is made up of more than 95% natural stone powder, with a small amount of polyester and adhesive, mixed in vacuum, pressed and molded by vibration.
Synthetic stone originated from "Kingdom of stone", Italy, English called "compositestone"".
Synthetic stone can be divided into two kinds: synthetic marble and synthetic quartz.
Synthetic stone has the advantages of natural stone can not be compared, such as large area laying without color difference, environmental protection, high strength, complete varieties.
With the understanding of synthetic stone, synthetic stone has been widely used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public places, family walls, ground and so on.
Production process of synthetic stone
1. Collecting stones from quarry
2. Mixed resin, stone powder and other materials under vacuum condition
3, vacuum extrusion into square material
4, placed in the factory for about 10 days
5, cutting into large plates according to requirements
6. Measure and Polish
7, from the plate into the required plate
8, waxing and edge angle processing, packaging
9, storage
The use of synthetic stone
It is mainly used on the wall, floor, table and stair step of the building decoration.
According to the current use, synthetic stone is used in the following places more:
1, airport, airport ground, part of the wall, corridor, bathroom countertops and walls.
2, the public part of the building, office, such as the hall of the ground, wall, each floor of the corridor, ground wall, bathroom wall, ground, table, elevator shaft.
3, square, shopping malls, these places can be used in a large area, such as wall, ground, toilet, elevator and so on.
4, villas, mainly on the table, in the bathroom can also be common, in addition to stair step.
5, other places, such as public buildings, museums, exhibition centers, hospitals, schools and so on.
Advantages and disadvantages of synthetic stone
1, no color, natural marble to see directly from the mine mining, the slightly processed, mine formation and texture of natural stone marble is composed of the decision, resulting in the inconsistency of many natural stone lines, and synthetic stone is the natural Dali stone crushing, processing and forming therefore, can control the color is very good, this synthetic stone in a certain range can appear no obvious color difference, the advantage is to facilitate the laying of large area, maintain a consistent style on the whole.
2, environmental protection, natural marble according to different ingredients and different characteristics, some deep color containing color substances, and synthetic stone in the selection of natural stone powder can avoid these substances, so as to achieve radiation free environmental standards.
3, close to the natural stone lines, synthetic stone can be close to natural texture, color sense, so in some colors, synthetic stone large area laying effect can be comparable with natural stone.
4, good water absorption, the structure is more compact than natural stone.
5, no fine crack, dirt resistance, easy to clear