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Genuine R404A Juhua refrigerant R404A refrigerant Freon / snow / net weight 9.5KG

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 336.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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  1. Reminder:

1, buyers if not online Wangwang want to communicate with us, directly photographed payment, we will click on the goods photographedActual weight to calculate freight, freight need to be paid, the buyer must pay the freight. No need to pay the freight, we will direct delivery.Once the goods are issued, the buyer shall refund the refund for any reason, and the freight will be borne by the buyer himself. This shop will not be subject to all the responsibilities of the director.

2、Product pictures are taken in kind (except for individual pictures), the manufacturer's product updates and packaging will not be notified

We'll check it before delivery, and send it if no problem (if you must be exactly the same as the picture)

Ask customer service and take another note, if not identical, we will not send out) no memo for default deliveryTherefore, the formulation: buyers if the individual thinks that the goods are defective or need to return goods, the buyer must bear the round-trip freight and keep the goods intact, return, damage will not be returned.

3, to the poor assessment and not contact with the seller directly apply for after-sales service, such problems will never accept replacement, return and any other after-sales service; goods return time is limited within seven days of receipt of goods, quality problems within seven days of replacementNatural disasters which are damaged or irresistible by human faults will not be avoidedThe freight that needs to be exchanged to us is borne by the buyer, and we only charge the returned freight.General merchandise warranty period of three months, the quality of goods after seven days, the freight borne by the buyer.By default,(TACT express), refused to send everything to the payment.

4, wind deflector, outdoor machine shell, motor, fan blade, sensor and other items have been marked goods are not warranty, not returned, please think carefully before buying again.

5, our goods according to the title model, and the link picture (such as the outer packing or purchase batch is different, different parts of the position or color difference, the manufacturer's accessories are generally mass production, some inventory production date is not recent. Air conditioner accessories don't have shelf life like food, beverages and other drinking things, because they don't have a shelf life, and this doesn't affect quality! Electrical accessories, unlike computers, digital accessories like perfect packaging, certificate, instructions, manufacturers labeling, etc., the general accessories are simply packaged, so some accessories Commodity surface will inevitably have scratches. Electronic and electrical products only pay attention to their practicability. It doesn't look like the outward appearance of a lot of other things.If you can't understand them, please pat them carefully! Thank you!) If there is no clear, please ask us to ask after clear. Do not consult clearly the consequences of purchase, freight borne by the buyer.

6, Wangwang communicate everything according to Wangwang chat records as the quasi execution, Wangwang no communication, according to our shopping terms prevail.

7, we before shipment, if it is electrical accessories, we have to test individually, and affixed to mark. Then delivery; when receiving goods, please check in advance when the courier check again;It is found that the carton has been disassembledOr find the goods distribution error or serious damage to the goods, after receipt of the goods can refuse to sign, and directly contact us, in order to ensure your interests;After signing, the goods are damaged or the goods are out of order,The quantity is inconsistent with the appearanceColor damage is seriousIt has nothing to do with the store.

8, commodity inventory and new baby shelves cannot prevail, goods will be temporarily sold or baby type, not to modify the inventory, please consult before making clear; also the buyers themselves don't check models and pictures, have good communication, and then received the goods the excuse that the wrong version of goods or just take a a picture is said to us is not the same, you need to return or replacement shall be in accordance with the terms of the second, third execution of shopping.

9, to find an excuse suspected of fraud, liability for damages, similar to this type of unscrupulous buyers please detour, this shop is not without moral buyers assume what responsibility, compensation for the loss of what.

10, return or exchange, please keep goods and labels intact back; if we do not have the intact label or damaged goods, we will refuse to return and exchange goods.

11, delivery mode: our shop defaults are receipt, need to open the ordinary invoice need to add 4%, if need receipt, please note, default does not need, does not provide. Express delivery every day, generally 2-5 days of arrival, can be delivered to the door (remote area time will be some). Guangdong Province in the hair pass, Xinfeng, the whole peak. Guangdong province outside the general hair pass, rhyme, Shen Tong, SF express and so on,SF freight collectThe above express can not arrive, please note and note in want.Because each province freight price is different, the weight is different, the freight is different, need to explain before the shot. No particular reason, generally do not send mail. Finally, I wish buyers happy shopping! Thank you for your patronage!