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Transparent curtain curtain air conditioning cold storage mosquito -40 special low temperature resistant PVC soft curtain cold antifreeze

Frost proof door curtain with 40 degrees of no deformation without hard, cold door curtain frost proof soft door curtain

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 35.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Parents note: our shop is custom goods, must contact customer service before you calculate the price change, freight calculated by weight, not the number of goods, sent to what address is the standard freight, please do not pay under the self timer! Thank You for Your Cooperation!

It's below zero-40It is still soft to use over the temperature range. It has the function of super heat preservation and blocking the exchange of the inner and outer air. The special material can make the curtain be below zero65The degree of softness still remains soft. The curtain is not afraid of freezing. It is not hard to break. It is easy to use and strong enough to keep cold. It is widely used in food factories,All kinds of cold proof places, such as cold storage, cold storage, constant temperature storehouse, refrigerated truck, ice making plant, etc.It can improve the performance of the logistics and clean place, save energy, improve the air conditioning effect, and improve the work efficiency.

The way of buying is as follows: door width is 1 meters high and 2 meters

1 meters wide need 7, each 2 meters high, 7 X2 meters

High =14 meters, selected thickness, shoot 14 pieces can be

With the! This article is not calculated by the meter of goods

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Installation methods are as follows:

The first step: we will give you the best accessories complete, you receive the goods only after their fixed keel is OK


The second step: hanging the curtain piece from the opening of the keel


Completion effect

Please pay attention to the buyer, soft door new use, the beginning of each piece is sticky, that is, easy to stick together, with a period of time will not stick, this any soft curtain can not be avoided. The new soft door curtain smells, but it will disappear with time, but not disappeared in one or two days, it may be ten and a half months, probably one or two months. This smell, stickiness, any soft curtain can not be avoided, if not accepted, please be careful when buying, to avoid unpleasant transactions, hope that parents can understand!

Calculation of required door curtain number:Width of door curtain19.5Centimeter, but in practical application, two pieces of door curtain are partly overlapped, so the width of each piece of curtain in general calculation is calculated according to 15 centimeters(for example: 90 cm wide, the required number of =90 / 15=6 curtain sheet piece)The curtain to the windshield of the compartment, so the length of the curtain height to the gate, we generally curtain a few centimeters high gate length(for example, the door is 200 centimeters high and the door curtain is 202 centimeters long).For example, the door width required by parents is 90 centimeters, 200 points higherThe number of door curtains required by the parents is 100 meters:90, 15=6, 6* (200+2) =1212 cm =12.1 meters