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PH290X2C/PH280X2C-8FTC1/PH260X2C 2 air conditioning compressor Meizhi.

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 264.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Dear, thank you very much for joining the integrity of refrigeration equipment firm

This shop has joined the consumer protection service, please rest assured to buy.

The integrity of commercial refrigeration compressor. The store specializes in various brands of various specifications of refrigeration compressor, price concessions, quality assurance, the shop sold half replacement compressor. You are welcome to come to visit and negotiate business.Tel: 15549619993

If you need to store the compressor does not upload, please contact the owner, we find the same or substitute for you.

Service tenet:

Shop motto: the credibility of this man, the career of the base

Service tenet: to high-quality products, excellent service, low price and your cooperation

All within the four seas are friends, whether you buy or not to buy, you are welcome to look around, what is there to help solve, we must do our best, the customer is God, I wish you a sincere cooperation, and jointly create a favorable business atmosphere

 This shop will provide the correct wiring diagram of compressor for everyone! No connection can consult dispensers!

220V compressor power wiring method:
 The public side and running side resistance and end resistance and common end start to bigger, end to end up running resistance is equal to the two resistor and capacitor connected between the end and the end of operation start, end and run public end is connected with a power supply, line zero line arbitrary.
C=Commonality, as a common. S=Startup, as the starting end. M=Move, sometimes labeled as R=Run, to run the end
Note: the terminal boxes are marked, if there is no connection box, please use the multimeter to measure the resistance of the three terminal connection!

(please check carefully before buying to prevent disputes)

Special remind:


   The new and original machine shop sold without warranty,The original line compressor within half a year have a replacement, please buyers whether electrical testing compressor can work normally in before welding, and then welding.

1, freight problem: because the compressor is relatively heavy items, single general express our default express courier companies have in the country, in the pass, SF tact rhyme success rate, the country can also shoot before the freight, thank you want advice! What logistics and express what is decided by the buyers themselves. Because the refrigeration fittings freight shipment cannot be calculated (refrigeration equipment fittings dimension weight span, the seller distribution area to buy accessories, so we cannot correct the budget of logistics freight! Can you explain!) Please contact customer service freight shot before (we need to know where you want to send, send what express, which can send logistics to give you a budget, in Wuhan province can express freight), other direct shoot random hair system!

The 2. sign: buyers when the receipt of goods, when the delivery personnel must face to open the package to check the goods, and the goods are in good condition to ensure that the number of sign,Such as the discovery of commodity packaging cartons have been open or find the goods distribution error or serious damage to the goods, after receipt of the goods may refuse to sign, and contact us, to protect your interests,Where a sign with the loss of the goods,The number of discrepancies,The appearance of purity serious damage to such problems will not be at the storeHope that parents understand, thank you!!

The 3. color problem: no goods fineness standard is defined, please consult the quality situation at the time of purchase, the seller in accordance with their psychological description that fineness requirements and purchase. If you ask for very high quality, please choose carefully. Online pictures are for reference only, please prevail in kind. If there are special requirements, can know the owner shot pictures (WYSIWYG)

4. customer service issues:Read the buyers do not buy the wrong baby description. If there is no clear place, can send pictures to me, I can be with you, but the final discriminant analysis, the decision in the buyers. If the wrong can buy a replacement, can also be returned. But only returned the payment, the buyer is responsible for all other expenses. The specific time is in receipt of the goods within 24 hours after the goods returned, (replacement must remain the same appearance, secretly broke apart. The internal burned damage can not enjoy the service, customer service). Customer service problems must first contact the owner, without direct contact, will return the goods. This shop will not deal with. The shop refused to pay all the goods. According to the provisions of Taobao, to prevent malicious factors, usually generated by the customer service service and freight are for buyersBear, This shop has sold baby in all parts have the warranty sticker mark, if you have any questions please directly to telephone or want to reflect buyers, IWho is also the first time for you to solve.

5. parts: store the store, because too many types of compressors, unable to release, if not what you needCompressorModelThis shop does not uploadSo, please contact with the owner, we find the same or substitute for you,Please provide details of air conditioningModel of compressor,Refrigeration machine or equipment type.

6. receiving problems:Please specify the delivery address, in order to delivery accurate delivery, in addition, you provide the telephone number is also very important, please keep effective and smooth! At present, the domestic courier work so we cannot uneven in quality, to express delivery time guarantee! We can only guarantee delivery within the stipulated time, can not guarantee the specific arrival time, if the arrival time is relatively high, please contact us before purchase confirmation! You can use the limited Express delivery.

7. the difference in assessment can not solve any problems, but the original simple problems, intense. In most of the time is not responsible for you are not with me, if you put the evaluation as a vent, will only bring harm to you and I both tend to you in the second ~ action, but hurt each other's feelings and friendship. Behind this second action, our team diligently pay. Hope to cherish each other, a lot of communication.

The evaluation principle:Online shopping, buy not only products, but also will have a good mood, a good friend, only the so-called trading fun. In fact, many of the unpleasant blocking transaction from communication. If you have any questions about us or our products, and we hope you will be able to communicate in a timely manner, if our problem is we will strive to do so, any problems I believe in our communication, must be resolved. The premise of any communication in the store and not given in the assessment or bad review, this shop will belong to the malicious evaluation, waiver of warranty and quality customer service service! The product after any problems had nothing to do with us!!!

The air conditioner Noise and other problems:

The wind leaves 1, wind machine aging, wind opportunity very loud. Or is the air conditioning heat sink caused by dust, heat pipe cooling is not good, so that the compressor power increases, resulting in increased vibration!

2, the compressor ring is normal, the air conditioning compressor vibration mostly, screw loose shell and may lead to pressure presses close together, the noise caused by vibration.

3, if the air conditioning pipe by folding pressure, resulting in R21 circulation smoothly, will cause the compressor power increases caused severe vibration!

4, there is a lack of R22 (Freon). It will make the compressor power increases, vibration also increased!

We are strictly test any problem of compressor delivery within half a year can be qualified replacement, 7 days can be no reason for a refund the buyer shipping. This shop does not recommend their air-conditioning maintenance, due to the lack of knowledge of technology and maintenance, the damage to buy accessories, or the installation is not in place due to problems, hope that the majority of customers to understand. Thank you!