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Original SCEFHTWSNF8220G407MOMS American ASCO solenoid valve

ASCO solenoid valve, ASCO valve, ASCO encapsulation flameproof electromagnetic valve, ASCO ASCO flameproof intrinsically safe electromagnetic valves, solenoid valve, 2 position 2 way valve general.

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ASCOUnder the flag of Newman TEEKnumaticsCzech RepublicjoucomaticLittle Red Riding HoodRED HATAccept quotation.


ASCOSolenoid valve

U.S.AASCO JOUCOMATICCompany is the world500One of the most powerful members of the Emerson group is a major producer and distributor of fluidsMultinational companies with control valves and pneumatic control elements have100Years of production technology experience, over the world30A factory, a customerHouseholds provide more than23,000Fluid control products.ASCOThere are many brands: all of them areASCOMembers, among whichASCO/REDHATSIRAIBrands include general purpose products and parts suitable for special industrial and mining products, which can control ordinary media.GENERALCONTROLFor combustion series valves, medium can be fuel oil, etc..SCIENTIFICMicro valves are suitable for use in medical devices and other analytical productsIndustry.JOUCOMATICIt is a professional pneumatic control product brandTRI-POINTFor pressure and temperature switch products.



ASCOAll kinds of solenoid valves

12position2Universal valve. (8210series,8262/8263series,238Series (European products),106series,107series.

2. hot water/Steam valve. (2position2Hot water/Steam series,E290Series,8315Steam series

32position3Through valve. (8316Series, piloted;8320Series, direct acting type

42position4Through valve. (8342Series, direct acting type;8344Series, piloted;8345Series, leading compact type

52position5Through valve. (551Series

6. Intrinsically safe Explosion proof solenoid valve. (2position2Through valve,2position3Through valve,2position4Through valve

7. Low power consumption solenoid valve. (2position2Through valve,2position3Through valve,2position4Through valve

8. Manual reset solenoid valve. (8015/8025series;8037/8308,8310series;8327series,8047/8408/8410Series

9. Precision micro valve. (AL/AMseries;458series;General purpose valve;190&330series;Isolated valve;Sseries,Clamping valve

10. Valve position indicator. (VR7Series

11. Pulsed solenoid valve and related components. Among them:353Series,110Series,908Series,435/450Series,342Series,NF

PVTSeries,EMEFSeries and other products have been widely used in dust removal and environmental protection industry

JOUCOMATICConventional solenoid valve

1Pneumatic cylinder

2Pneumatic actuator.

3Electrically controlled slide valve and poppet valve

4Pneumatic control spool valve and poppet valve

5ISOSlide valve

6Manually or mechanically made valves

7Micro pneumatic element

8Vacuum lifting equipment

9 Gas supply triad (filter, regulator, oil mist)

10Pneumatic accessories

11Operating system and automation equipment

JOUCOMATICThe products are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards. Some special pneumatic components can be designed to meet various automatic control

In order to meet the requirements of electronization.JOUCOMATICIt can also provide pneumatic products and the latest system for communication with microcomputers

(ECInterbus y ProfibusAnd plates and couplings with simple multi line cablesMultipol)。


Hot water and steam solenoid valve

Magnetic valve for vacuum system

Solenoid valves used in combustion systems (medium is oil and fuel oil)

Electromagnetic valves for various engineering purposes

* NAMURSolenoid valve

Solenoid valve for dust removal system

Solenoid valve for cryogenic system

Fuel distribution solenoid valve (used in various oil dispensers)

Slow closing solenoid valve designed for water hammer

Proportional solenoid valve

Solenoid valves for medical and analytical purposes

Solenoid valve for nuclear power plant

Explosion-proof solenoid valves


There are through holes at each position, each hole leads to different tubing, the middle of which is the valve, and the two sides are two electromagnets, which magnet coil?Electric valve will be attracted to which side, different discharge of oil through the control valve moves to block or leakage of the hole, and the oil inlet hole Shichang open,Hydraulic oil will enter different rows of oil pipes, and then through the pressure of oil to promote the oil rigid piston, piston drive piston rod, piston rod driveMechanical movement. Thus, the mechanical motion is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet.

Traced back to the history, so far, at home and abroad from the principle is divided into three categories(Namely: direct action, step by step, pilot type)And from the valveThe difference between valve structure and material is different from that in principle, and is divided into six branches(Direct moving diaphragm structure, stepped heavy plate structure, pilot membrane typeStructure, direct piston structure, step by step piston structure and pilot piston structure)

Direct acting type

Principle: when energized, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closed parts from the valve seat, and the valve opens; when the power is off, the electromagnetic force disappears, and the spring handleThe closure is pressed on the seat and closed.

Characteristics: normal working under vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure, but the diameter is generally not exceeded25mm

Distributed direct motion

Principle: He is a combination of direct motion and pilot type. Normally closed--When there is no pressure difference between inlet and outlet, the electromagnetic force is straight after energizingWhen the pilot valve is connected with the pilot valve, the piston of the main valve is lifted up in turn and the valve is opened; when the inlet and the outlet reach the starting pressure difference, the electromagnetic force is turned on after the power is switched onFirst, the pilot hole is opened, and the pressure on the upper chamber of the main valve piston is decreased, thus the main piston is pulled by the pressure difference and the electromagnetic force, and the valve opening is opened; when the power is cut off, the bullet is closedThe spring is reset and the pilot hole is closed, and the main piston is pressurized on the upper chamber to drive the main piston downward and the valve closed. Normally open and normally closed.

Characteristic: It can be operated at zero pressure or vacuum or high pressure, but the power is large, so it must be installed horizontally.

pilot type

Principle: the structure is mainly composed of pilot valve and main valve, and the main valve adopts rubber sealing structure. Normally, the movable iron core seals the pilot valve port and the valve chamberInternal pressure balance, main valve port seal valve. When the coil is energized, electromagnetic force is generated, the movable core is sucked in, and the main valve cavity of the medium self guided valve port is leakedEven the pressure difference, the diaphragm or valve cup is quickly lifted, the main valve opening, the valve will be opened. When the coil is out of power, the magnetic field disappears,The valve is closed normally after the pressure of the pilot valve and the main valve chamber is balanced by the movable iron core reset and closed the pilot valve port.

Characteristic: The upper limit of the fluid pressure range is high, and can be installed arbitrarily(Customized)But the fluid pressure difference must be satisfied 


    1If the outlet pressure of the solenoid valve is greater than the inlet pressure, the solenoid valve will conduct the direction, and the check valve should be installed at this time.

    2Solenoid valve to remove the coil, reverse installation, can be used as check valve.

    3If the medium has impurities, please install strainer or filter valve:30-60order/in.


[1]ASCOThe parameters of the electromagnetic valve selection should first turn follow the safety, reliability, applicability, economy of four Taiyuan Then, according to the basisSix aspects of field conditions (pipe parameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action mode, special requirements are selected)

Selection basis:

  1According to the parameters of the pipeline to select solenoid valve: path specification (i. e.DNInterface mode

  1According to the pipe diameter or flow requirements to determine the path diameterDNDimension;

  2Interface mode, general>DN50To choose the flange interface, less than or equal toDN50You can choose freely according to the user's needs.

  2According to the parameters of the fluid to select the solenoid valve: material, temperature group

  1Corrosive fluid: choose corrosion resistant solenoid valve and all stainless steel; edible ultra clean fluid: should choose food grade stainless steel material electromagneticValve;

  2High temperature fluid: choose to use high temperature electrical materials and sealing materials made of solenoid valve, but also to choose the piston type structureType;

  3Fluid state: as large as gaseous, liquid or mixed state, especially larger than apertureDN25Be sure to distinguish between them;

  4Fluid viscosity: usually in50cStThe following can be arbitrarily selected, if more than this value, you need to choose a high viscosity solenoid valve.

  3Selection of solenoid valve according to pressure parameters: principle and structure variety

  1Nominal pressure: this parameter is the same as that of other general purpose valves, which is based on nominal pressure of the pipeline;

  2Working pressure: if the working pressure is low, the direct acting or step-by-step direct acting principle must be adopted; the minimum working pressure difference is in the working range0.04MpaAboveIt can be used directly, step by step and pilot type.

  4Electrical selection: the voltage specification should be preferredAC220VDC24More convenient.

  5According to the length of working time to choose: normally closed, normally open, or sustainable power

  1) when the solenoid valve open takes a long time, and the duration of the closing time should be more than Normally open type;

  2If the opening time is short or the opening and closing time is not long, the normally closed type is selected;

  3) but some of the conditions for security, such as the furnace, furnace flame monitoring, you can not select normally open, long-term power type should be selected. branchFor direct action, pilot type, manual reset valve.

  6According to the environmental requirements, select auxiliary functions: explosion proof, check back, manual, waterproof fog, water drenching, diving.



  1Corrosive medium: the choice of plastic King solenoid valve and all stainless steel; for strong corrosion of the media Isolation diaphragm must be used for quality. neutralMedium, copper alloy should be chosen as the valve shell material solenoid valve, otherwise, the valve shell often rust off, especially the action is not frequent occasions.Ammonia valve can not use copper products.

  2Explosion environment: must choose the corresponding explosion-proof grade products, outdoor installation or dust occasions should choose waterproof, dustproof varieties.

  3The nominal pressure of solenoid valve should exceed the maximum working pressure in the pipe.


  1Dielectric properties

  1Different solenoid valves are selected in the gas, liquid or mixed state respectively;

  2Medium temperature of different specifications of products, otherwise the coil will burn, seals aging, seriously affecting the life expectancy;

  3Viscosity of a medium, usually in the medium50cStFollowing。 If it exceeds this value, the path is greater than the value15mmThe multifunctional solenoid valve is adopted; the path diameter is smaller than that of the multi-function solenoid valve15mmWhen using high viscosity solenoid valve.

  4When the cleanliness of the medium is not high, the recoil filter valve should be installed in front of the solenoid valve. When the pressure is low, the direct acting diaphragm solenoid valve can be used;

  5If the medium is directional flow and no backflow is allowed, two-way circulation is needed;

  6) medium temperature should be chosen within the allowable range of electromagnetic valve.

  2Pipe parameters

  1According to the flow direction of medium and the way of pipeline connection, select the valve opening and model;

  2According to the flow and valveKvThe nominal diameter is chosen, and the inner diameter of the same pipe can also be selected;

  3Working pressure difference: minimum working pressure difference in0.04MpaThe above is optional indirect pilot type; the minimum working pressure difference is close to or less than zeroDirect action or step-by-step direct method must be used.


   3Environmental conditions

  1) the maximum and minimum temperature should be selected within the allowable range;

  2) in the environment of high relative humidity and a drop of rain and so on, should be selected water solenoid valve;

  3) environment often vibration, bumps and shocks should choose special varieties of occasions, such as marine solenoid valve;

  4In corrosive or explosive environment, the corrosion resistant type should be selected according to the safety requirements;

  5If the environmental space is limited, the multifunctional solenoid valve is required, because it eliminates bypass and three manual valves and is easy to maintain online.

  4Power supply condition

  1According to the type of power supply, AC and DC solenoid valves are selected respectively. Generally speaking, AC power supply is convenient to use;

  2The voltage specifications should be selected as soon as possibleAC220V.DC24V

  3Power supply voltage fluctuations are usually AC selected+%10%.-15%DC allowable +%10If it is too bad, we must take measures to stabilize it

  4The rated current and power consumption should be selected according to the capacity of the power supply. Attention must be paid to AC starting timeVAHigh value, priority should be given when capacity is insufficient

Indirect guided solenoid valve is used.

  5.control accuracy

  1Ordinary solenoid valve only open and close two positions, in the control accuracy requirements and parameter requirements are stable, you need to choose a number of solenoid valve;

  2Action time: the electrical signal is switched on or cut off to the completion time of the main valve;

  3Leakage: the leakage value given on the sample is the commonly used economic grade.


  1The work life, this item is not included in the factory test project, belongs to the type test project. In order to ensure the quality of the production of brand-name manufacturers should be regular electionsGoods.

  2Work system: divided into long-term working system, repeated short-time working system and short-time working system, three kinds. For long time valve opening only short timeNormally, the solenoid valve should be chosen when the situation is closed.

  3Working frequency: when the frequency of operation is high, the structure should be optimized for direct acting solenoid valve, and the power supply should be optimized for communication.

  4Action reliability

Strictly speaking, this test has not yet formally included in the China solenoid valve professional standards, to ensure the quality of the formal election of the brand manufacturers. YesThe number of occasions is not enough, but the reliability requirements are very high, such as fire protection, emergency protection, etc. Don't take it lightly. Particularly importantTwo double insurance should also be adopted.

economical efficiency

It is one of the scales chosen, but it must be on the basis of safety, applicability and reliability.

Economy is not only the price of the product, but also the function and quality of the product, the cost of installation, maintenance and other accessories.

More importantly, a solenoid valve in the entire automatic control system, in the entire automatic control system and even the production line, the cost is very small, such as

The damage is huge because of the small mistake and the wrong choice