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Factory direct supply large reverse osmosis water purifier, industrial pure water equipment, well water filtration equipment

It can be widely used in steam boiler, hot water boiler, exchanger, evaporative condenser, air conditioning, direct burning machine and other systems to soften the make-up water. Can also be used for water softening treatment of hotels, office buildings, apartments, etc. Home Furnishing living water treatment and food, beverage, wine, washing, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Hebei Xingyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of reverse osmosis pure water equipment, large water, tap water filtration equipment manufacturers, the perennial supply of 0.5t-50t/h reverse osmosis pure water machine

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 Introduction of reverse osmosis equipment

First, the working principle of reverse osmosis
       The film material is called through selective semipermeable membrane, generally only through the solvent and not through solute film called ideal semipermeable membrane. When the same volume of dilute solution (such as water) and concentrated solution (such as water) were placed on both sides of a semipermeable membrane, the dilute solution in the solvent will naturally and spontaneously through the semipermeable membrane to the concentrated solution side flow, this phenomenon is called osmosis. When the penetration reaches equilibrium, the liquid level on the side of concentrated solution will be higher than the liquid level of dilute solution, that is to say, a pressure difference is formed, which is called osmotic pressure. The inherent nature of the osmotic pressure depends on the size of the solution, and the relevant solution type, concentration and temperature and irrespective of the nature of the semipermeable membrane. If applying a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure of the solution on one side, the flow direction of the solvent and the penetration in the opposite direction, starting from the concentrated solution side to the dilute solution flow, a process called reverse osmosis.
Reverse osmosis is a kind of reverse osmosis migration is a pressure driven without the help of the choice of semi permeable membrane interception method for separating solute and solvent separation solvents, it has been widely used in the purification and melting shrinkage of solution, the application of it is most common in the water treatment process, with reverse osmosis technology will remove ions, bacteria, viruses, organic and colloid impurities, to obtain high quality pure water.

Two, reverse osmosis device
       An overview of the reverse osmosis device: reverse osmosis membrane is a kind of near 90s developed separation technology, it mainly uses the osmosis principle of the semipermeable membrane, through a certain way it exerts a pressure on natural anti penetration force direction, the concentrated solution in water to dilute solution infiltration. The reverse osmosis device is made up of reverse osmosis components.
The company uses the import reverse osmosis membranes, 99.7% removal of inorganic salt and heavy metal ions, 100% removal of colloid, microorganism, organic matter, bacteria, virus, heat source. The whole machine is equipped with automatic timing flushing RO membrane system, on-line monitoring shows the water quality and equipment operation. At present, it is widely used in pharmacy, chemical industry, power plant boiler, electronic industry and so on.
Ro reverse osmosis with reverse osmosis technology is a further treatment of water based on traditional filtering, can remove turbidity, color, hardness, radium, uranium and other radioactive elements, inorganic ions, especially harmful arsenic, copper and cadmium, barium, chromium, lead, mercury, manganese and other metal ions fluoride and other chemical substances, so that the water back to the pure. Because the equipment has the advantages of small size, automatic operation and other characteristics, so it can adapt to various conditions of installation, water treatment equipment is the high quality of the local needs of modern residential, all hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other best.
Three. Device system control
       RO device control system consists of pretreatment tank, demineralized water tank, a liquid level sensor, booster pump outlet pressure, pump outlet pressure, water pressure, water pressure concentration instrument display, high-pressure pump import and export of high and low pressure switch, water conductivity, water conductivity, on-line monitoring of concentrated water and fresh water, the water flow display meter and a sensor. Can monitor the running pressure device at any time, flow and conductivity, according to the automatic operation of pre water tank and demineralized water tank liquid level, when the system is equipped with PH dosing control device, automatic regulation and adding amount of acid and alkali plant operation timely automatic control of dosing device pH, when the system fails and the water level, pump inlet and outlet pressure ultra low or high, import water conductivity is especially high, control system will sound and light alarm and automatic shutdown.

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