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Factory direct supply unit uses large water purifier, well water filtration equipment, tap water softening equipment

It can be widely used in steam boiler, hot water boiler, exchanger, evaporative condenser, air conditioning, direct burning machine and other systems to soften the make-up water. Can also be used for water softening treatment of hotels, office buildings, apartments, etc. Home Furnishing living water treatment and food, beverage, wine, washing, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Working principle and introduction of reverse osmosis equipment  :


Raw water tank:

Storage of raw water for sedimentation of large sediment particles and other precipitating substances in water. Meanwhile, the impact of water pressure instability in the raw water pipe on the water treatment system is also buffered. Pressure sensing response caused by too low or too high water pressure.

Raw water pump:

Constant system water supply pressure, stable water supply.

Multi media filter:

Using multiple filtering layer filter, the main purpose is to remove the substances in raw water and sediment, rust, colloid, suspended particles in the 20um above, can reverse flushing, flushing is a series of operations using manual valve control or automatic controller. Ensure the water quality of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Activated carbon filter:

 The system uses shell activated carbon filter, activated carbon can not only absorb electrolyte ions, but also can be used for ion exchange adsorption. The adsorption of activated carbon can also make Potassium Permanganate oxygen consumption (COD) by 15mg/L (O2) to 2~7mg/L (O2), in addition, due to the surface by adsorption increased concentration of copying, has also played three halide catalysis, removal of pigment, odor, chlorine, a biochemical organic reducing water value and the removal of pollutants and pesticides and other pollutants (THM). At the same time, the equipment has the self maintenance system, the operating cost is very low.

Ion softening system / dosing system:

 The use of R/O device in order to concentrate the emissions of dissolved solid substance and water, to prevent the concentrated water end especially RO device last one membrane concentrated water side of CaCO3, MgCO3, MgSO4, CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4, SiSO4 concentration is greater than the equilibrium solubility product constant of crystallization, the characteristics of the original film damage before entering, the reverse osmosis membrane module, use ion softener or put the amount of scale inhibitor preventing carbonate, SiO2, sulfate crystal precipitation.

Precision filter:

 The precision filter of suspended matter in water and non residual particles and colloid removal, the subsequent equipment running RO system safer and more reliable. The filter core is 5um melt blown filter element. The purpose is to remove the impurities larger than 5um in the upper filter unit. Prevent it from entering the surface of the membrane damaged by the reverse osmosis device, thus damaging the desalination performance of the membrane.

counter-infiltration system

 The reverse osmosis device with enough pressure to the solvent (usually water) by reverse osmosis membrane (or semipermeable membrane) and separated, because the process opposite and natural penetration direction, so it is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis method can adapt to all kinds of raw water containing salt, especially in the high salinity water treatment project, and can obtain very good technical and economic benefits. The reverse osmosis method has the advantages of high desalination rate, high recovery rate, stable operation, small footprint and easy operation. The reverse osmosis equipment removes most of the bacteria, colloid and macromolecular organic matter in the process of desalting.

Bactericidal system:

Folding ozone sterilizer / UV sterilizer (optional)


Preparation of pure water and ultrapure water in V electronic, industrial, pharmaceutical, food and other industries;

V purified water for textile and chemical industry process water / chemical circulating water, chemical product manufacturing and so on;

V water purification and preparation water for food and beverage industry, drinking water, purified water, beverages, beer, liquor, health care products and so on;

V industrial production of useful substances for water solution and concentration and recovery;

Pre desalting treatment of high pressure boiler feed water in V power supply boiler, thermal power boiler, middle and low pressure boiler power system and other enterprises;

Desalination and desalination of V brackish water and sea water;

V purified water plant is the primary desalting equipment for high purity water production.

V community, real estate, property, school, factory, hospital, tea house, hotel, beauty parlor, dining hall and so on are all kinds of enterprises and institutions.

V can be used for the preparation of bottled water, mineral water and other filling water.

V electronic industrial water, integrated circuit, silicon wafer, display tube and other electronic components flushing water

V pharmaceutical industry water infusion, injections, tablets, biochemical products, equipment cleaning, etc.;

V sea water, brackish water desalination Island, ship, offshore drilling platform, brackish water area

V other process water, automotive, household appliances, coating, coating glass, cosmetics, fine chemicals and other ultra pure water.

Requirements for influent water quality of reverse osmosis equipment:

The highest water SDI < 4 (15 minutes)

The highest water turbidity is less than 1.0NTU

The highest water free chlorine concentration is less than 0.1ppm

The highest water temperature less than 45 degrees Celsius

The highest water containing Fe < 0.05ppm

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