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Tap water fire adjustable pressure reducing valve pilot valve pressure relief valve HC200X-16DN80

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Brief introduction of valve products

200XPressure relief valveIs a water supply system for fire water and living water in parallel, to allocate water direction valve. When the fire occurs, the fire need a lot of water, immediately cut off the water, ensure adequate fire water; when the fire to stop the water pressure decreases, the valve automatically opens, a normally open state, restoration of water supply. The valve can cause the system without a separate fire water supply network special, greatly reduce the construction cost and water use. The control valve has the advantages of high sensitivity, safety and reliability, convenient debugging, long service life
200X valve principle
Hydraulic control valveIs the hydraulic control valve, hydraulic control valve comprises a main valve and attached to the catheter, guide valve, needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge etc.. According to different purposes, functions and places can be turned into a remote control float valve, relief valve, relief valve closed, the flow control valve, pressure relief valve, hydraulic control valve, pump control valve, emergency shut-off valve, automatic valve etc..200X valveTo be installed before the filter, and should facilitate the discharge requirements.
Hydraulic control valve is a self lubricant to use the water body, without additional lubrication oil, the main valve parts in case of damage, please follow the instructions to remove but in the engineering application of hydraulic control valve, there are still some errors, such as the applicable conditions of valves, valve design requirements, installation points so, therefore, this article intends to CECS standard "Hydraulic control valveThe application of design rules "as the basis, combined with my experience to illustrate these aspects of the problem.
Hydraulic control valve design key points
(1) application of engineering type hydraulic control valve is the result of factory inspection, complete all kinds of identification, technical information to meet the requirements of the product.
(2) according to the functional requirements, select the valve type, according to the media pipeline, temperature, building standards and industry requirements, determine the position of the valve body and sealing material. Body material commonly used in cast iron, copper and iron, copper, plastic etc.. Commonly used sealing surface and lining materials are copper alloy, plastic, steel, carbide, rubber etc.. The valve body material should be matched with the pipe material.
(3) the valve nominal pressure of 0.6, 1, 1.6, 2.5 and 4.0MPa different levels, the media pipeline, the nominal pressure of the working pressure should be less than the value of the valve.
(4) engineering hydraulic control valve setting should have enough space for installation and maintenance, operation and management, and should meet the requirements of the valve pipeline.
(5) the use of flange connecting pipe, hydraulic control valve should be connected with flange; pipe with groove connection, should connect with groove of the hydraulic control valve.
( 6 )Hydraulic control valveShould be set up in the medium one-way flow of the pipeline.
( 7 )Hydraulic control valveThe main direction of the arrow on the body must be consistent with the pipeline system flow.
(8) the hydraulic control valve pipe should not have gas block, air resistance phenomenon. The highest location in the pipe network storage gas valve should be installed automatically.
(9) level of the installation of the valve, valve cover, valve stem should be upward. Vertical installation, valve cover, valve stem should be outward.
(10) should be done before installing the valve strength and leak test.
(11) the valve strength and leak test should meet the following requirements.
1.5 times the strength test pressure A, the valve for the nominal pressure;
Leak test pressure of 1.5 times B, the valve for the nominal pressure;
C, the test pressure in the test duration should remain unchanged, and the shell filling and sealing surface of the valve without leakage;
D, valve test duration according to the table.