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The roof rock wool insulation board mineral wool board basalt sliver exterior wall rock wool board sound-absorbing insulation rock wool insulation materials

Rock wool and rock wool board with basalt as materials, by high temperature melting processing of artificial inorganic fibers, has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal conductivity, heat, not burning, the initial development in the building are common types of applications for industrial construction should comply with the provisions of the "application" types and basic requirements of thermal insulation materials for building. In June 1981, the successful test of rock wool board is a new type of heat preservation, flame insulation and sound absorption material.

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Rock wool, slate, cotton board tobasaltAs material, the artificial inorganic fiber processed by high temperature melting has the quality of light,Heat conductionThe characteristics of small coefficient, heat absorption and non combustion, the initial development in the building is a common type of application, mostly used in industrial buildingsaccord withThe application type and basic requirement of building thermal insulation material. In June 1981, the successful test of rock wool board is a new type of heat preservation, flame insulation and sound absorption material.


Inspection items

Standard requirement

Measured value


Smooth surface, no scars, stains, breakage

The surface is smooth and no scar, stain or breakage


Length mm

1200+15 -3


Width mm



Thickness mm

50+5 -3


Density kg/m3



Slag ball content%

(particle size greater than 0.25mm)



combustion performance



The average diameter of fiber is m



The thermal conductivity is W/ (M. K) (average temperature is 25)



Hydrophobic ratio%



Tensile strength Kpa



Compressive strength Kpa

(10% deformation)



Acidity coefficient




Performance index of external thermal insulation system of rock wool exterior wall



performance index

Test method

Weather resistance

Appearance after weathering test


There shall be no coating blistering or peeling, protective layer hollowing or fall off damage, shall not cause leakage crack

JGJ144 appendix A.3

Surface layers and tensile bond strength of insulation


Not less than 0.01MPa, and the damage site should be located in the insulation layer

JGJ144 appendix A.3

Water absorption (soaking for 1 hours)



JGJ144 appendix A.6

Water vapor permeation through wet flow density



JGJ144 appendix A.11

Freeze thaw resistance

Appearance after freezing and thawing


After 30 freeze-thaw cycles protection layer, no empty drum, fall off, no leakage crack

JGJ144 appendix A.4

Tensile bond strength between protective layer and insulating layer



Not less than 0.01MPa, and the damage site should be located in the insulation layer

JGJ144 appendix A.4



2H waterproof (sample plaster layer inside anhydrous penetration)

JGJ144 appendix A.10

Note: the system test contains a system with all of the armor layer. The system weather resistance test report is valid for 2 years.

From the adhesive layer, rock wool insulation layer, and a coating layer and facing layer composed of anchors, plastering exterior insulation system of rock wool, basic structure chart.岩棉外墙外保温抹面构造图Rock wool insulation plastering exterior structural map

1- base wall;

2- rock wool insulation board;

3- mortar and reinforced layer;

4- anchor;

5- surface layer;

6- steel keel;

7- cover layer (wall)


Construction points

External insulation system of rock wool exterior wall

1. before the construction, according to the design and requirements of the regulations and related technical standards for the project of energy conservation and insulation special construction plan, and the construction personnel should be technical disclosure and professional technical training.

2. rock wool board insulation system for energy-saving insulation project construction should be in accordance with the review of the construction drawing design documents and the approval of the project for energy conservation and insulation special construction scheme.

3. rock wool board insulation system production enterprises should be professionals in the construction process of on-site guidance, and cooperate with construction units and on-site supervision to do a good job in construction quality control.

4. material access must be in accordance with specifications, quantity and quality requirements, after acceptance of qualified to warehousing, and should be kept by special personnel, is strictly prohibited open-air stacking. Curtain wall rock wool board should be overhead damp proof stacking.

5. construction should have the following conditions:

5.1. base wall and cement mortar layer processing and embedded parts installation.

5.2. necessary construction equipment and protective equipment should be ready.

5.3. special scaffolding should be built firmly, safety inspection qualified. The distance between the scaffold pole and the horizontal bar and the wall and the corner should meet the construction requirements.

5.4. base wall should be solid flat, dry surface, no cracking, hollowing, loose or efflorescence, the bond strength of cement mortar layer, flatness and verticality shall be in accordance with the (code for construction quality acceptance of building decoration) ordinary plastering engineering quality requirements in GB50210.

6. rock wool board exterior insulation construction period, the grass-roots and construction environment temperature is less than 5 degrees, shall not be construction. It is not allowed to work in gale weather or rain or snow weather above grade five. During construction and after construction, effective measures should be taken to prevent rain erosion and hot sun exposure, and timely protection layer should be made. Such as the construction in the sudden rain, measures should be taken to prevent the rain scour wall; winter construction should take measures in accordance with the relevant standards.

Before the construction of the 7. large areas, the same material should be used on the spot, the construction practice and the process of making the sample wall, and the construction can be carried out after confirmation by the parties concerned.

8. with rock wool board construction, the operator should wear goodPPEDo well occupational health protection, and pay attention to construction safety.

9. mineral wool board external insulation system must be inspected materials should be sent to the qualified testing institutions for testing, testing qualified before use.

10. rock wool board paste should adopt the stick method or point sticking method, the coating area should not be less than 50%. Rock wool board wipe the adhesive after the first heat insulation plate and the lower end of the paste, rock wool board from the bottom to the top along the horizontal direction of the transverse paving, and should take the edge border anchor slab should be close to nature, plate gap should not be more than 2mm, such as the width of 2mm, and should be filled with insulation materials, the adjacent panel should be flush plate height shall not exceed 1.5mm.

Through the pipeline and the 11. member all up to the rock wool board, its export parts using the same materials filled after sealing treatment.

12. as in the construction process found in the veneer layer off, should be taken promptly or fixed by bond anchoring, for exterior surface construction and timely.

13. the plaster layer construction should meet the following requirements:

13.1. rock wool board paste after surface treatment with plaster surface plate, scraping the mortar on the surface coated with a stainless steel spatula (thickness 1~1.5mm), and press the rock wool board surface fiber.

13.2. mortar should be configured in strict accordance with product instructions, configuration of the adhesive should avoid direct sunlight, and should be used within 2h.

13.3. plaster layer was divided into two layers. The first layer of plaster mortar thickness 2~3mm, should be the first to use stainless steel spatula toothed plastering, with large spatula and smooth, while wet pressed glass fiber mesh cloth, to be slightly dry to touch hard mortar installed anchors with mortar anchor sealing plastic disc and its surrounding; the first layer of plaster mortar slightly dry can be second mortar layer construction, 2mm thickness, smooth and meet the design requirements of plaster layer thickness.

13.4. mesh laying should be smooth, straight, and keep the Yin and yang angle founder and verticality, net cloth and so on are due to the lap, lap width not less than 100mm; glass fiber mesh cloth shall not be laid directly on the surface of rock wool board, is not exposed, do not overlap.

13.5. anchor should be installed according to the design requirements of the position, or hammer with percussion drill drilling, drilling depth should be greater than the anchorage depth of 10mm, the installation will anchor nail type or screwed into the wall, close to the first disc grid cloth, and in a timely manner with mortar cover disc and its surrounding.

Rock wool composite board manufacturers rock wool composite board price specializing in the production of rock wool composite board
Materials used in rock wool composite board are grade a non combustible materials. Fiber cement board index (Grade A) furnace average temperature are less than 50; continuous burning time is less than 20s; the mass loss is less than or equal to 50%. the product indicators are average temperature =19 in the furnace; burning time =0s; quality loss =13%. Test results of combustion performance of rock wool grade a non combustible material.
Rock wool composite board is made of high quality rock wool composite. Standard thermal conductivity of W/ (m, K) less than or equal to 0.044; the rate of water repellency is not less than 98%; the water absorption rate of less than 5%; heat load contraction degree is larger than 600 DEG C, the thermal conductivity of W/ (m, K) =0.043; hydrophobic absorption rate of =98.30%; =3.6%; heat load shrinkage of =660 C.
The decorative panel in the rock wool composite board is made of high strength and weather resistant cement fiber board as the protective layer. The standard density g/cm31.4 < D > 1.7, the detection density g/cm3=1.6; standard water absorption rate is below 28%, the detection rate of water absorption of 21%; standard frost resistance without rupture without delamination, detection of frost resistance without rupture without delamination; the standard moisture rate less than 0.23%, the detection rate of =0.13% standard wet; flexural strength more than 18MPa dry gas saturated water is greater than or equal to 14MPa flexural strength test, air dried =19MPa saturated =15MPa standard; impact strength is more than 2.0KJ/m2, =4.0KJ/m2 impact strength test
In the actual construction process, the rock wool composite board is not affected by the construction temperature due to the special installation of the link component, so the construction period is shortened and the cost is reduced.
Rock wool external veneer composite board layer can have a variety of options, such as: fluorocarbon paint, lacquer, paint, metal plate, imitation stone, tile etc..
Installation steps
1, according to the size of rock wool composite board on the wall with the use of 6 steel expansion bolt anchor card (composite plate transverse arrangement, each board two pieces of cards, composite plate vertical layout, the board on the left and right sides of a card);
2, with adhesive mortar bonding rock wool composite board, stick point sticky; wipe 3~5 thick anti crack mortar, inner pressure a glass fiber mesh cloth, in order to ensure solid and reliable. The number of fixed parts should be set according to the design specification.
3, wipe the bottom polymer mortar:
(1) the preparation of the polymer mortar is the same as the special binder.
(2) the prepared polymer mortar is evenly coated on the rock wool board, with a thickness of 2mm.
4. Press in mesh cloth:
(1) the mesh cloth should be cut according to the length of the working face, and the lap width should be set. The cutting of mesh cloth should be carried out along warp and weft direction.
(2) in the door and window and other openings around the grid cloth flip bag, four corners should be attached to a grid cloth to strengthen, the whole grid cloth should be around the entrance flip bag and additional mesh cloth.
(3) both the front and the sides of the rock wool board at the openings and the grid cloth flip sides are coated with polymer mortar (only allow the rock wool board end to wipe the polymer mortar at the end). The grid cloth is thrown out along the plate thickness and pressed into the polymer mortar.