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Roof garden garden green roof water drainage board sided garage roof insulation to bump Geotextile

Drainage, root resistance, insulation, ventilation, auxiliary waterproof, high compression, break, not brittle, aging resistance, light weight, convenient construction.

discount 70% in 2018-10-19 to 2018-10-21
price: USD$ 21.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Want to plant a green roof, heat insulation and energy saving
Want to give the body a rest of the harbor, let the soul travel
But if the roof leaks......

The newly upgraded special water storage and drainage board is a better choice for roof greening.

[product name] roof greening double sided anti root storage and drainage board
[product application] roof greening
[product function] drainage / water storage / heat insulation / root / air permeability
[sales unit] square (20 square meters per roll, 30 yuan per square metre (including geotextile), 18.2 meters long, 1.1 meters wide),
[product height]

[material] new material HDPE,HDPE (HDPE is thicker than HDPS, more resistant to compression, and more resistant to aging, which is based on HDPS research

[material characteristics] widely used in profiles, pipe fittings, beverage packaging, home life, medical equipment, etc.. The material is safe and stable, non-toxic, tasteless, temperature resistance, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, high compression resistance, aging resistance, long service life.
 Roof greening, garage top greening drainage board

Technology reflects our wisdom, quality is our dignity

GRE-PE20 (107) product introduction (see home page) - "irreplaceable 107"Drainage plate storage first very grand introduction under the 2013 5 month we just put into double bump produced PE material, why should the word "grand" can be said that the original domestic can only make GRE-PSS25 (107) of this PS material, PE is not produced, we spent a whole year much time has finally started to formally put into production and sales market in May 28, 2013! Here are a few concluding product features:

  1, hard material, plate thickness, bump hard, high compressive strength, strong supporting force, water storage and drainage volume of =PES18 drainage board is HDPE material in toughness is very good under the condition of high hardness and compressive strength, double-sided concavo convex bump thesupportstrengthstrong, concave surface total height of 18mm. (Note: Grand plate whatever you hand how to tear tear are bad. It is made out of products of gleaming drops, the drainage plate in the top grade)

2, waterproof, and structural design of products =PES18 drainage water storage and drainage plate double bump hole free to let water from the surface drainage plate forming drainage, waterproof layer does not contact the drainage board below. When the water passes through the soil and filters through the geotextile, the excess water is drained out.

3, breathable, heat insulation =PES18 double concave and convex,Make the convex point down, form an overhead layer on the surface of the soil protection layer, so that the roof has a good heat dissipation and ventilation space, good insulation effect.

4, anti root, root resistance = drainage plate without hole also confirmed that it will not plant root growth to drain down, we all know that the roots of plants as long as there is air medium hard to grow, but no good drainage hole blocking of the air medium to make plant roots when the geotextile will form a disc coiled growth miracle.

5, water storage (storage water and Nutrition) nutrition =PES18 small concave concave surface inside the cup of water or filtered down good storage supply for the coiled plant roots keep root moisture and nutrient absorption.

Attention: the product width is 1.11M, the length is 18m, and the 20 square is a volume. The weight of each roll is about 26 kilograms. It's pretty heavy! So the postage is very, very high! Only to build your high-end roof greening garden!

The unit price of 1-10 square is 40 yuan / square meter.

The unit price of 11-19 square is 35 yuan / square meter.

The unit price of 20 square meters is 30 yuan / square meter.

All of the above are the price of the drainage board with cloth! Bonded geotextile! Geotextile included!

The products are concave and convex without holes!
When the water is filled with the concave surface, it will overflow with the natural slope of the roof to the lower level!
One side of the convex point is to support the ground and the ground to form an overhead layer, one side is to support the geotextile, so that the geotextile and the concave between the formation of a filter layer of space!

Recently, a lot of people asked me why your family is expensive, I say the same product, our family is PE material, remember PE material, not PVC.

I always emphasize that many problems: 1, sales network everyone's different ideas, but it is to make money, but the money is safe and secure money money, we do high-end building materials is good, not willing to take their own money Jibaiwanwan registered its own brand. 2, a lot of people say the price is high, ah, low price of the entire Taobao is more than a penny, I can say that this is the only exclusive as like as two peas in our factory can produce PE, high cost, high yield and low production difficulty, abrasive, badly damaged, technical content is not imitation it can imitate the. Or how to say the same thing, but different material?! 3, a lot of people ask me what's the difference between PVC and PE. So I searched the Internet for the following:

On the name, PVC is polyvinyl chlorideYes, PE ispolyethylene

Price, PVC cheap, PE expensive
The performance is not heat resistance, less than 45 degrees of use (someone to PE)
molecular structureThe changes of PEX and PERT, resistant to high temperature)
In application, PVC is more widely used, and it is also related to its cheapness. The application of PE is far from being so extensive

Because of chlorine, when heated, PVC releases chlorine gas and reflects the water in the airhydrogen chlorideGas is toxic to humans, and PE contains only gasHydrocarbonTwo elements, non-toxic health.Compared with the environmental protection, PE has more quality guarantee than the raw material source of PVC. So PE is environmentally friendly.What's the difference between more PE and PVC? Which is better? Which is more environmentally friendly? Let's go to Baidu!                                                                                                                                     Filled with water and ensure the waterproof drainage board below 107                        Schematic diagram of the lap (below) 

 The laying of the time there will be bumps set up is not stuck in the details of the plan, this is a material that cannot avoid, is after the soil after the gravity pressure will break up stuck  In this note, the baby's width of 1.1 meters length is 18.1 meters,Each roll20 square meters, the total mass of 26 kg, per square 30 yuan, postage please consult us.. products can be free cutting, cutting according to different terrain.The total mass of 30 kg .

Technical parameters:
Model Color plate Texture of material Quality (g/ m) The thickness (mm) The compressive strength (kPa) The color filter layer of Geotextile Texture of material The pore diameter (mm) Jinghe flow rate The tensile strength (N) Quality (g/ m) Specification for drainage board (mm) Flow rate (L/S) Head loss 5cm Head loss 10cm
1100×18182 black High impact polystyrene (HDPE) 1300 20 200 Black / white Bing Lun polyester 0.15 320 160 120 1100×18182 Hydraulic test laboratory of Tongji University 3.0 4.8