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Air door curtain, transparent cold storage, soft curtain partition, skin door curtain, winter thermal insulation curtain, PVC plastic soft door curtain

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The width of our door is widened 20cm customized, the actual range of about 18-18.5cm, there are more than 17cm on the market, pro purchase time, I hope a lot of comparison. Custom door curtains are semi Handmade

Size is done and fixed! Any reason that does not like, cannot use, is not imagination and so on, the reason does not retreat does not change. Because the size of the return can not be reused, because the size of each person is different. Hope to understand!

Need to use the soft curtain number number depends on the keel of the holes, three holes can hang a curtain, (because there are about 3cm of the overlap between the two need not calculate so soft curtain door curtain that is divided by the width of width, length of 1 meters, can hang 7, can also be on sale)

The distance to measure the height of the curtain should be: the distance between the keel and the floor - the summer, because it is used to block the cooling air. The cold air is slipping away If it is a large flow of people in public places, suggestions from the ground 2-3 cm, of course, concrete analysis of concrete problems, you get the goods according to the actual situation by adjusting the keel to control the curtain of the distance from the ground, the easiest way is to take a look at the bottom of the door curtain curtain than, just to the ground to the best effect mark, mark, and then fixed keel.


Need to use the soft curtain number number depends on the keel of the holes, three holes can hang a curtain, curtain (actual wide about 18-18.5cm, about 3cm because of overlap between the two soft curtain needs each curtain effectively is 15cm, so the calculation is not divided by the width of the gate width of this curtain).

The number of door curtains = the width of your hanging position (unit cm) /15, not integer into 1 length = the height of the position you hang

Several conventional size: 90cm6 is 93cm after hanging around

120cm8 is 123cm or so after hanging up

150cm10 is 153cm or so after hanging up

Other sizes, tell customer service your size, customer service will help you to calculate.

For example, a door width of 1.3 meters, height of 2.2 meters.

130/15=8.6, need 9 per 2.2 meters, length is 19.8 meters, the price is 19.8 meters per meter unit price, we are above the price of one meter price is not a price: 1 meters =100 cm =100cm

Installation: with a nail or screw keel (small hardware store some) can be fixed to hang the position (if not see the actual need to use the fixed drill), and put the curtain (each processing good iron sheet is fixed well finished one by one each piece can be hung), because each customer's demand is not the same, so nails and screws or expansion screws, we don't need to buy their own, and would like to note!


About contraction:The shrinkage problem exists, where the temperature difference is thinner, the thickness shrinks less (for example, the 2mm is about 3 millimeters). If placed in the basic environment without temperature, regardless of thickness, but also basically will not shrink phenomenon (about 2 millimeters). The length of the stretch will be large, we cut the length will be reserved for 1-2cm, but the estimated customer received size just, so please make more reservations for customers to calculate, the length and width should be reserved.

About cutting: in view of the above shrinkage problem, we are in the shear when the amount of excess, so when you receive the goods, please do not doubt our shear level and technology, we purchase the size of the customer as the standard delivery. Our reservation is not included in the customer needs. If the size of the goods received by the customer is just the size of the purchase, but the installation is short: 1. keel installation, there are two methods, please refer to the details of the picture. 2. the general door curtain is more than 2-3cm centimeters away from the ground, it doesn't matter, but it's not good on the ground.

About odor stickiness:Soft door curtain new use, the beginning of each piece is sticky, will not stick with a period of time, this any soft curtain can not be avoided. It smells fresh and disappears with time, but it doesn't disappear in one or two days, maybe ten and a half months, maybe one or two months or a few months.

About service life:The service life of soft curtain depends on the external environment, such as flow, temperature difference, dust and so on. General situation, conservative estimate about 3-4 years.


Soft door curtain series
1. soft door curtain cold resistant effect: in -40 degrees still maintain a high degree of soft cold storage curtain, no deformation, not broken, can make goods, vehicles, personnel free access,
2. soft curtain energy saving effect: no consumption of electricity, no noise, no action components, improve the efficiency of refrigeration, reduce the refrigerator running speed, save power as high as 50%
3. soft door insect proof effect: all kinds of industry workshop, doorway can use. Especially for food processing, feed and other industries to play another unexpected effect.
4. soft curtain fire prevention effect: not easy to burn, flame retardant and strong, suitable for flammable building doorway workshop, chemical plant, printing plant, plastic factory, etc..
5. soft door windproof effect: need to achieve windproof, it is recommended to buy more than 2mm thickness.

6. soft door curtain anti-static effect: after friction, no static electricity, suitable for electrostatic factory is strictly prohibited.

7. soft door curtain UV effect: acting on the welding area of the screen, allowing only permission to see light through the consideration of harmful ultraviolet rays, easy to observe the work situation, and prevent sparks, smoke, debris flying, protect the safety of staff, prevent fire.
Soundproof effect of 8. soft door curtain
To reduce noise minimum decibel value, to prevent noise diffusion, noise pollution reduction, the role of the machine sound screen, can improve the comfort of the workplace and production effect.


Shipping mark inaccurate, specific freight Advisory customer service, directly photographed freight not enough, not shipped oh.

According to the actual weight of freight!!! Because the system cannot according to the actual need to set the buyer specific size, number, thickness, weight, area specific freight template

Size cut, made to order! Any do not like, can not use, not imaginary appearance, do not wait, and so on, the reason is not refundable. Because the size of the return can not be reused, because the size of each person is different. Hope to understand!Before installation, do not understand the words, look at the picture below keel picture, blind indiscriminate installation useless

It smells fresh and disappears with time, but it doesn't disappear in one or two days, maybe ten and a half months, maybe one or two months or a few months... When you buy it, don't rely on your imagination!!! This smell, any soft curtain can not be avoided, such as can not accept, please consider buying, to avoid unpleasant transactions, thank you

The color is thick and classification categories, is a representative of each class over the radio. Ordinary door color is blue and green, hanging up transparent, the same color