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Zhengzhou hard Aluminum Alloy insulation installation fast shutter door worm screw automatic induction door of underground parking lot

Innovative products of drum type fast shutter doors, save space, Aluminum Alloy profiles, windproof, anti-theft, warm, more than PVC before the product progress, the price is high, worthy of your purchase!

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 40600.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Zhengzhou installed hard worm Aluminum Alloy insulation fast shutter door factory high-grade underground garage automatic induction door door insulation packing fast rolling door

Can the geomagnetic induction: a pressure on the car,

Radar sensor: people, cars in the past are open,

You can also manually open the manual button settings

Hard -- fast door turbineThe insulation, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, wind resistant seal, a new type of metal industrial doors, open up to speed per second1.5M, for frequent high-speed logistics channel in need.heat preservationThe thickness of aluminum door0.7mminBetween the polyurethane foamThe total thickness of the door40mmWide.185mmWeight per meter.1.63kg. Has the characteristics of good insulation, light weight, high strength, impact resistance, wind resistant grade≤12levelAnd theft. Fast channel of the gate type is suitable for indoor and outdoor logistics and production. The door type can by air circulation and loss of energy savings for the enterprise, than ordinary industrial sliding doors, shutter doors about energy saving80%About。 Quick opening and closing the door type so that enterprises have greatly improved in the production and transportation speed, the door is a necessary channel of enterprise logistics and production efficiency, use and selection of it directly affects the enterprise production and logistics. This product has the advantages of reliability, practicability, easy operation and fast repair characteristics such as high. Drive control in the stable, energy saving, accurateFast door hardSystem to ensure the reliable operation of the door body, to ensure trouble free operation of every yearMore than 250 thousand times.

Product overview:

The highest level of turbine hard on behalf of the world industrial fast door door, he has the reliability, high practicability, high speed against his strong convective wind and incomparable efficiency is the industry thriving, irreplaceable, reasonable design of the mechanism is its failure rate to a minimum.

The use of French technology large production lines, the design can completely cut off the indoor temperature loss, can effectively save energy. Both ends of the door hinge, door with a splice between bilateral seal connection, ensure that the seal, door replacement is also very simple, fast, without professional maintenance personnel.



A hard and fast door can prevent outsiders immersed and can resist changes in the weather, can partition the indoor air convection, so it is used for frequent access is the most economical choice, is the industry to save energy and reduce consumption of choice.

Configure the project product standard

1. Emergency opening device outage;                2. Infrared safety protection system;

3. The operating button box;                      4. The contact zone triggered safety base;

5. imported technologyElectric machinery           




Can be used outdoors, wind resistance, thermal insulation, anti-theft, fast.


Size range

The width of 1250mm~5000mm

The height of 2000mm~7500mm


Rated Wind Velocity

The wind resistant performance of 3.5kPa, up to 6 gb;That isThe wind level 12. (120km/h)


Open speed

The opening speed of 1.2M/S~2.5M/S, adjustable;


Closing speed

The closing speed of not less than 0.6M/S, adjustable.


Lifting rail

UseDouble spiral turbine guide rail, so that the door body running more quiet and smooth. The bearing capacity is greatly enhanced, reduce friction, run faster

Roll up at the door and connections are of no contact, no friction, wear. Switch smoothly and quickly, improve the service life of the door body


Guide structure

1, The guide wheel with polyurethane steel processing, bearings with domestic small bearing production experts, the bearing. The application of polyurethane category to run more quiet and comfortable, the hinge wheel can be opened and closed 1 million 500 thousand times without fault. ,

2, Hinge shaft surface treatment for QP, can increase axial self lubrication and corrosion resistance of galvanized shaft is 3-5 times

3, Sleeve: using PEEK (polyether ether copper) material, (price on gram) does not produce molecular changes in the zero temperature range of 60 degrees to 200 degrees below zero in. Abrasion is 10 times that of copper with self lubricating function, mainly used in military.


The door

A seniorEnvironmental protection in BaosteelGalvanized sheetAfter.Precision cutting, CNC bendingetc.Good molding process, the thickness of 3mm, protective cover10Do not rust, external appearance, dustproof, easy cleaning.


Bearing bearing

Bearing bearing adopts automatic alignment, double needle roller bearings, the bearing compressive capacity is 3 times higher than the ordinary bearing, bad deformation and construction in the daily application process structure does not affect the normal operation of the door body, bearing with self regulating function, rapid response and partial core transmission will not produce abnormal sound.


Door material

Not less than 43mm insulation thickness of doors Aluminum Alloy, surface after oxidation of organic coloring, filled with polyurethane(excluding CFC)Industrial insulation materials,By insulating the international advanced treatment scheme, to reach the domestic level 7 standard energy-saving doors and windows, do not damage the ozone layer.

Color gray, color Aluminum AlloyWhite, red, grey and beige colors are available;See the card

Tape to seal the door plate through the soft connecting part of the folding life of up to millions of times the soft connection;

Design of hinge bearing the curtain joint force, no contact between the door, long time can also keep smooth after use;

The door with three yuan cold sealant seal, can effectively isolate the temperature and reduce the energy loss, good sealing property, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

The door in the closed state, the insulation performance of at least K (M = 1.7W/? K)

Air tightness, 8.68m3/ (M2 - H) up to 3 GB; watertightness is less than or equal to 700Pa, reached the international level 6;


Visual window

Aluminum Alloy with frameDouble-deckPolycarbonate plate,Good transparency, scratch resistance, strong weatherability,The same height and the other door(220mm)


driving system

The motor drive systemIndustrial door: servo motor system of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor; Taiwan brand encoder; British brand brake system; large inertia planetary gear reducer; emergency manually opening mechanism;


Door control system

1, With steering protection: when the motor drive controller directly connected the wrong line error, door stop action;

2, The servo system with braking function, without external electromagnetic brake can make the motor stop at the specified position, the door is in the limit position stop when no less;

3, After power-off memory function, power manual operation, direct power on reset, no need to adjust again;

4, The motor is overload, overcurrent protection;


Transmission shaft

The telescopic shaft spline shaft, this scheme used in automobile transmission power, lifelong free maintenance, can effectively reduce the noise and is suitable for the change of the metal molecules caused by the temperature change and size deviation.


Emergency opening

The blackout, electric control system can be opened at any time by motor brake, the door body can hold the balance system, the door can not be solved effectively due to power failure or failure caused by opening.


Safety device

1) with infrared safety protection: door frame are arranged on both sides of the electric eye shot magic eye, fast door below the obstacle, the door remains open; when the door body decreased when objects through the door open to the open position, experience, to be under no obstacle to delay fall;

2) at the bottom edge of safety protection(optional)When the door body in the fall, because the object in infrared safety protection blind area, the door body pressure below the obstacle, the door quickly rebounded in the open position, below the object or pedestrian protection to avoid accidents.


Open control

The door next to the control button on the box lifting curtain optional;pretendControl radar, loop induction, Bluetooth RF, remote sensing, pull rope switch control mode.